How to Teach Basic English Classes

[1] I would love to teach english to latinos/hispanics, where can I get the material to teach it?

My Brother: the "materials" would have to be determined by the students in the class

> [a] First, decide with your wife, elders, and whomsever, to have a class and when, and what to charge for it - in anything

> [b] Find someone who has an ACE School which offers 144 PACES from knowing no English through the High School level.

> [c] They are structured to "self teach" . . . once the person can read a little bit [say second or third grade level]

> [d] We could get them for you from here . . . but the postage would be more than the cost of the Booklets, . . .

. . . and for sure you can "pick them up in person locally."

[2] The great advantage of "Teaching by PACES" are as follows:

> [a] They are cheap, . . . there are no expensive texts to buy.

> [b] You can buy them as you need them [about $5 dollars each], perhaps you'll need 5 PACES one month and 100 PACES the next month.

> [c] They "fit" any situation of class students.

> [d] You teach kids, parents, and grandparents all in the SAME class, at the same time!

> [e] If you have a class with 10 people and all at different levels, you put each one on the PACE level they can self-teach . . . and you act as a "Monitor" and Guide" to them all.

> [f] Additionally, each person can progress as fast as they wish! ONE may do a PACE a DAY . . . another may do a PACE a MONTH!

> [g] The PACES are re-usable and can be used again and again.

> [h] Your students can get a set for themselves at home.

> [i] Because they are very conservatively Christian, they will help your students spiritually as much as in English.

[3] Would I need teaching credentials for this?

NO! Not in the least! You would be teaching as "one friend to another" as a pastor to disciples! You could, however, grant them credit toward Diplomas, Certificates and/or Degrees - we will help with that!

**You could start within 10 days!

My brother, it would be good if you could take these PACES, and make some basic worksheets as YOU BELIEVE is appropriate and we would put them on the web for others, world-wide!

Let me know what your decide

All for Jesus,

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