"Jesus Christ was an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!"

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FACT-1: God ordained Mary be told privately, that she would bear the Christ Child in a miraculous, Virgin Birth - God knowing full well that no one would believe her story, and the unspeakable pain it would cause precious and truly innocent Mary - ALL the days of her life! Please note that Jesus was accused of being a bastard by the Pharisees and religious leaders over 30 years later! (See the Fourth Gospel, John).

Mary's 'Virgin Birth Story' was NEVER believed and she lived with rejection and false accusation ALL the days of her Earthly life!

FACT-2: For a few months, Mary's story of the Angel's Annunciation of her "Virgin Birth" was not believed by her Joseph, her legally-betrothed husband! Can you imagine Joseph's pain at believing his sweet, innocent, precious and beloved Mary - the love of his life - had been sexually unfaithful? (Perhaps only those who have been sexually betrayed in such a manner can truly understand Joseph's grief!).

FACT-3: Can you imagine Mary's pain at Joseph - her beloved betrothed not believing her most important statement she ever would make - choosing to rather believe she had been sexually unfaithful? Mary's whole life and being, her spirituality, her testimony, her love and devotion to God - all that she was and would ever be - was "accused of being a lie, and her precious innocent life of favor in God's eyes, now accused of immoral filth in the eyes of all who knew her and whom she loved!

FACT-4: Joseph could not make himself believe, and his pain so great, he decided to divorce Mary - though privately - to spare his own shame and embarrassment (Matthew 1).

FACT-5: Can you imagine Mary's parent's pain at their precious, thought-to-be-spiritual daughter Mary - their pride and joy, so precious, so nearly-perfect, so beloved daughter; whom they though so sexually pure, now found to be sexually immoral and unfaithful to them and Almighty God (also betraying Joseph!), by behaving as a common woman of the streets - then trying to 'hide her sin' by claiming a supernatural event and even claiming her obviously 'bastard child' was the Promised Christ of God?

FACT-6: Can you imagine Mary's pain at her beloved parents not believing her at all - choosing to rather to accuse her of vile sin - believing she had been sexually sinful and unfaithful?

FACT-7: Can you imagine Mary's pain at her beloved parents not believing her - to the point of driving her from their home, casting her from their presence, and literally leaving her as a 14-year-old innocent girl, as 'prey in the streets' left to fend for herself like an unwanted stray dog?

FACT-8: Can you imagine Mary's pain at not being believed by her Synagogue (Church family), cast out to the immoral and degenerate, forbidden to return to their community and fellowship: ever!

FACT-9: When the Synagogue learned that Joseph was not the father and was not going to marry his unfaithful betrothed Mary (they had assumed the baby was Joseph's, in which case they would marry immediately, after a public whipping for both!), the Synagogue determined to stone Mary to death for her adultery!

FACT-10: Can you imagine Mary's tremendous pain at her beloved 'Church family' and her Shepherd (rabbi) and Elders not believing her at all and casting her out of their midst - and the people she loved and trusted most - now were determined to stone her to death!

FACT-11: With no where to turn, without food, shelter and income, Mary remembered her aging, elderly aunt Elizabeth and uncle Zacharias, far to the south (even below Jerusalem), and she fled in a torturous 125 mile journey from Nazareth by foot - probably alone, probably cold and hungry - risking life and limb to wild animals, criminals and rapists on the road.

FACT-12: Amazing to contemplate: God could have avoided ALL of this pain for all concerned, had had He ordained the Angel appear to Mary and her parents, with Joseph, perhaps at the Synagogue 'Hour of Prayer' (See Acts 3) and ALL would have known the Christ was soon to be born!

FACT-13: Eventually, God did reveal truth to Joseph, who believed and obeyed God, and took Mary as his wife, which negated the stoning to death for Mary. They were however, in greatest probability, flogged for their sins - especially Mary's terrible disrespect for the truth and "bearing false witness against her family and neighbors".

FACT-14: Furthermore, because of their sins and the people neither believing Mary's story, nor that Joseph was the father - (but believing rather that he covered for Mary's sin, feeling sorry for her!) - the whole community withdrew from them, and Joseph had no one to work for, to buy from or to sell to, whether for his business or personal needs. Joseph and Mary became very poor and needy, very quickly.

FACT-15: Also, because of the Jewish withdrawal from Joseph and Mary (see Paul's same command to Christians in I Corinthians 3 and Thessalonians), there were no "baby showers" for her bastard child (assumed to have been conceived by an immoral, Roman soldier!) or "wedding showers" - thus Mary's Baby received not even hand-me-down baby clothes from family and friends (just as common people still do today!).

FACT-16: Therefore Holy Scripture tells us "Jesus was wrapped in 'swaddling clothes' and lying in a manger" (that is clean strips of rags) - used only by Israel when they had been conquered and taken into slavery to Babylon (See swaddling clothes in Ezekiel).

FACT-17: The long-term Jewish withdrawal explains why Mary had no where to turn for help after Joseph died (when Jesus was still a youth, began immediately to support His Mother and at least six-siblings!) - after Jesus was crucified - He could no longer support her. Thus Jesus took care of her new living arrangements even while He was hanging on the cross, assigning her care to His most beloved disciple.

FACT-18: God only chose one young lady in all the world to bear His Son and raise Him, so we must assume that Mary was perhaps the purest and finest young lady ever! To then live her whole life as a sexually immoral outcast - when she was 100% innocent - would have been en emotional pain to bear perhaps second only to the rejection of Christ Himself!

[Perhaps only someone who has performed a great and Godly task of greatest intent and devotion, only to have it completely and falsely accused and misunderstood, the motives turned to be evil and wicked, can understand Mary's pain!]

FACT-19: Joseph and Mary were further asked by God to "leave their home, carpenter shop, and their business" (most of which would have been in nearby Sepphoris, a large Roman City perhaps just 4-5 miles from Nazareth in Galilee, which is why Scripture often refers to "Galilee of the Gentiles." Here Joseph, and then Jesus surely applied their carpenter's trade, especially after withdraw by the Jews).

However, God asked them to leave all that they had, and flee to a strange land - immediately!

FACT-20: Miraculously, God had provided for this "flight-by-night" by having distant Wisemen travel for months to bring GOLD among their gifts as they came to worship the King of the World!

FACT-21: No one knows how long Jesus lived in Egypt, as a stranger and foreigner in the land of Israel's former slavery, the land of pre-Muslims - but He did spend much of His early youth as "A Foreign Immigrant" in a foreign land.

FACT-22: Joseph, Mary and Jesus had neither passport nor permission to (a) leave Israel, or (b) enter Egypt!

FACT-23: Joseph, Mary and Jesus - like millions of Hispanic-Latinos to the USA - fled under the 'cover-of-night' from the oppression of their homeland to the land of hope and opportunity - as Joseph, Mary and Jesus did . . . in the OBEDIENCE, WILL and GRACE of God! (See Matthew 2)

FACT-24: Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world, got His start in life and earliest education by the will of God, AS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!!!

FACT-25: If God can bless His Own Son as an illegal immigrant, He can surely bless you too, my Brother!!!

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