The Importance of the Name Of Jesus in a Church Legal Name

Dear Brother Kirk,

I am your Elder in the Lord Jesus and have walked this road a little longer than you have and in Christ I am asking you, as my Brother in Christ, to please consider the following:

[1] I am glad you know that you don't need a 501(c)(3) from anyone to start a Church. That will save you some study time from having to learn that issue.

The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ should NOT but under the authority of any secular, godless, atheist, abortionist, evolutionist, pagan, anti-Christ, gay-loving government! The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ answers only to God and His called leaders! [Which is NOT denominations!]

[2] My Brother, I am going to assume you are a man who

> > truly loves God & our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ

> > truly loves and believes His Holy Word, 100% in all things

> > accepts the authority and teaching of Christ and His Word in all things

I am trusting these things are true about you.

[3] If these spiritual traits are true about you, as I believe, then I am confused by all true called-of-God Ministers who REFUSE to name their Churches as Scripture says. Why would anyone want to establish their Church and name it The "Baptist" Church, a word that Jesus never used except in reference to John the Baptist and he was the "forerunner" of the CHRIST - NOT THE CHRIST!

Why do ministers honor the "forerunner and ignore the Christ?"

Why do ministers name their Churches after Martin Luther, John Wesley, the "presbyters" and all of the rest?

[4] This amazes me, to no end and has to hurt the the heart of our Savior when we REFUSE His Holy Name, . . . REFUSE the Name above all other Names, . . . One and Only Name given under Heaven among men, whereby we must be saved Acts 4.12

Brother, are you ashamed of the name of Jesus? Are you ashamed to start a Church with His great and Mighty name?

***Why do we claim to be His called Bible-Believing Ministers and yet REFUSE to be called by the NAME that is above EVERY NAME: Lord Jesus the Christ! WHY?

[5] Scripture is so clear my dear Brother: Eph 3:14-15 “our LORD JESUS CHRIST, Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named,"

[6] "IF" we are part of His Great Church-Family, the "Born-Again-Brothers-&-Sisters" Family of Jesus Christ, of whom there is ONLY One Lord, One faith, One Baptism, One family One God and Father of All, why do we REFUSE to be known by His Holy Name?

[7] You seem to me like you would be a minister who is NOT ashamed of the Lord Jesus and would want HIS HOLY NAME on your Church sign, your business and/or calling cards, tracts, Church-checks, etc. (or what ever you have)

[8] I, too, am a "Bible-Believer" and I want people to know I believe His Word, but to name a Church been about the "Bible" and ignore the AUTHOR of the Bible, . . . or even worse, to exalt the homosexual King James by advertising your are a "King James Bible Only Church"

. . . and REMOVE His Name, and to call my Church family Name by ANY OTHER NAME THAN THE NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME, . . .


[9] My dear Brother! Surely you see that Baptist, Methodist and Lutheran are WRONG to remove the NAME of Jesus and REPLACE it with ANY other name - not even the Church of the Holy Bible -


That is the ONLY Name that saves!

[10] Do you realize my Dear Brother that the Moonies, or Hindus, or Muslims can have a "Holy Roller" Church but they CANNOT and REFUSE the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!

Do you realize that ALL Muslim groups claim to be "Assemblies of God!" in English?"

The Bible doesn't say Name yourself the "Assemblies of God" ! Why do they do this? Are they, too ASHAMED OF JESUS - the ONLY saviour, the ONLY Saving NAME?

[11] From reading your testimony and emails, you just seem like you would be one who "" WANTS "" to use the NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME - the "ONLY" SAVING name AND HOLD IT UP BEFORE THE WORLD . . . UNASHAMED OF JESUS!!!!

That is why My Spirit tells me about you!

[12] Instead, you have removed the Name of Jesus and replaced Him with a Name that is NOT in the Bible in over a thousand pages.

[13] You my Dear Brother have chosen a "Name for yourself" that OUR LORD JESUS NEVER UTTERED ONE TIME!!!!!


[14] As one Brother to another, I simply do not understand why you refuse the Holy Name of of Jesus Christ!

[15] My Dear Brother:

> > [a] I accept your personal name and have so honored with re-issuing your credential.

> > [b] I will list the name of "YOUR CHURCH" whatever you wish it to be -

> > [c] I believe Scripture teaches us that the ONLY Saving Name of JESUS the CHRIST is the Name above every name of WHOM THE WHOLE FAMILY in HEAVEN and EARTH is NAMED.

[16] I would like to see you get HIS HOLY NAME on every thing you have . . . and TEACH YOUR PEOPLE - whether you have 5 or 5,000!

*****EITHER WAY - you are my brother, . . . God has led us together over many miles . . . and I want to be your friend until I leave this world.

***** I want you to have the Doctor's Degree and hope you will fill out the application with all of your experience and get the accredited degree and USE THIS TITLE FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

Whatever you do, I am on your side,

. . . but if you still CHOOSE to REPLACE JESUS with a non-scriptural word that He never even mentioned one time, - my dear bother . . . I do not understand.

God Bless,

In Jesus great and mighty NAME!

David Paul Dear Brother:

Let's say if your wife wanted to name it "New Life Ministries" . . . and you wanted to name it "Church of Jesus Christ, Park Avenue, Dallas."

"Christ's Church: New Life Ministries" would be the name of the Church and properly communicated this way.

It also lends it's self to the obvious "Categories" and would often be spoken of simply as"Christ's Church"

Some folk's in town would pick up on the "New Life Ministries" part and make references that way.

There are many variations. One large Church we have in Kampala is "Christ's Church: Doers of the Word Ministries"

Another in Ghana is "Christ's Church: Royal House Ministries" where they build upon the fact that Jesus is King and all who gather in his name make up the Royal Family. This is one of the largest churches in the world, by the way, and having a beautiful building, the public has picked up on this "King-theme and ll over the nation it is known as "the Palace Church."

"Christ's Church: the House of Prayer"

"Christ's Church: the Word of Faith"

"Christ's Church: A Full-Gospel Ministry"

"Christ's Church: A Baptistic, New Testament Ministry"

"Christ's Church of the Redeemer:

"Christ's Church of the Saviour:

"Christ's Church: Growing in Grace" [This is my wife's Ministry name]

"Christ's Church: Evangel Temple"

"Christ's Church: A Spirit-Filled Fellowship"

"Christ's Church: Where New Hope is Born"

Or any of the above could be "The Christian Church: A Spirit-Filled Fellowship"

Hopefully it will be a name you BOTH love . . . love to HEAR and love to SAY . . . I would hesitate to use a name one of you really didn't like . . . wait and pray for one that BOTH are well-please Remember that a Church's Legal name need not be the "Common Name" as most businesses in this country - from McDonald's to Microsoft - have a longer legal name than their common name.

Also keep in mind, that while a Church's legal name may never change, a Church's name can always be presented with a slogan , , , and a larger Church can use several slogans at a time . . . and any Church can change the slogans as new and different things are done.

For example: Creflo Dollar's Church is "World Changers Church" . . . but can be presented in the following ways:

"World Changers Church" (name) Altlanta's News Bible-Based Church (slogan emphasizing new)

"World Changers Church" (name) Full of Friends You Haven't Met Yet!

"World Changers Church" (name) A Christ-Centered Family Oriented Church

"World Changers Church" (name) Home of the Most Exciting Children's Program in Atlanta

"World Changers Church" (name) Where Everyone is Welcome and Everyone Get's a New Start!

"World Changers Church" (name) Where the Word of God is Still "ABSOLUTE!"

"World Changers Church" (name) Home of Atlanta's Newest Christian Day School

And an hundred variations over the years****

Or it can be Church of Chris the King! (slogan) A House Church, where the Fellowship is as as Cozy as a Kitchen Table

Slogans are often printed on Bulletins, Checks, stationary, Brochures, a sign etc., and can help "target the Ministry's focus."

In Christ,

Bro David Paul

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