Bro J.!

Thanks for reply. Still swamped, but here is a little of what is powerful on my heart for you.

***We know for sure that God has called you to "Lead!" and you are willing to lead and to even stand strong for Christ - enjoying this battle - when God has so few who will stand for him today.

Let me share with you a powerful truth, that hopefully you will see in a moment.

Jesus said "I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not stand against it."

I am sure you know, that this Scripture requires that the Church be on the spiritual attack, that in this "battle language used" - which ever "side" (portrayed as a City) is having "its gates" unable to stand, is the city under attack!

EXAMPLE: If President Truman had said: "I will build My Military with Nuclear Bombs and the gates of Japan shall not stand against it.

> > The President was responsible to build the nuclear Military Force

> > He was going to attack Japan,

> > The Military was responsible to carry out the attack

> > Japan, under attack, would not be able to withstand his onslaught, and it's defensive gates would fall.

* * [NOTE FURTHER, that a "city" having "gates" indicates that it has "walls" which house the "gates", and thus the city is "fortified."

* * This indicates "hell" is fortified - and that evil forces will strive to withstand our "Church-Attack" upon it

JESUS TEACHING:In this teaching Christ makes it clear that it is NOT the Church and His Holy City of Light that is under attack and on the defensive, but rather the City of Darkness - Hell - that is under attack and Jesus prophesied that the Gates of Hell WOULD NOT be able to stand against the mighty onslaught of the Church!

[You probably already know all of that]

Here is where the "Modernist Church Leaders" miss it!

[a] Modern Church Leaders will do anything to BUILT "their" Church - even turn it into e Sunday Morning Circus if need be

[b] Modern Church Leaders will do almost anything TO AVOID taking a stand against the sins of their day and the evil leaders

RESULT: in the USA, the Church - such that it is - lukewarm at best, weak and sickly and dying with no influence on society.

TRUTH: Here is what Jesus actually says:

[c] Jesus never said that we were to BUILD His Church - He said He would build it (add to it)

[d] Jesus said our job was to fight the battle, and stand against the evil day.

PROBLEM:So the vast problem in this modern age is preachers trying to do Christ's Job, trying to "build" His Church - while fleeing the battle: poor results.

Jesus said if we would fight the battle, wearing His armour and using His Sword, that HE would do the building.

That is His promise!

***Since you are willing to stand for the battle, you ARE the kind of leader Christ has promised to build through you - not the milk-toast wishy-washy types.


****************** You can start very easily, start a "Home bible study" and simply begin to lead.

[1] Begin to "See yourself as the Pastor (SHEPHERD) of your Township-County-City-Community,

[2] Care for the hurting, bind-up-the broken hearted, open the eyes of the dull-&-deceived, awaken those spiritually asleep,

[3] LOVE the people, PRAY for & with the people, go to the nearest jail weekly, the nearest rest home weekly

[4] Visit all of the widows and aged once weekly to see how you can serve and care for, having prayer with them,

[5] Find single parents struggling to raise their children for the Lord and assist if it's repairing a plugged sink drain or changing oil in a car.

[6] LEAD you city/community - be like Jesus - who stood looking over Jerusalem and wept in Matt 23 {I am assuming Jesus loved Rome, Antioch, Ephesus, and Babylon as well but He wept over HIS OWN CITY . . .

[7] He teaches us to START AT HOME (Acts 1.8-9)

[8] Visit the sick in the nearest hospital

[9] Go to the library each morning if need be, read the local paper and

> > see who suffered tragedy yesterday - contact, and offer to serve, pray with them at the porch step if need be, bind up the wounds as they allow,

> > See who is getting married and offer to perform their wedding - Check with them to congratulate and offer your services.

> > See who had a death in their family, contact, and offer to serve, do the funeral if they have no one

> > See who had a baby, contact, and offer to do a baby dedication in their home as a family event, put the new baby on your prayer list,

> > See who was arrested for a crime and offer to lead a new path

> > See who suffered from a crime, and offer God's promises to restore and work all things for their good and His glory

> > See who got a promotion and congratulate them

> > See what's going on in your community and volunteer,

> > See what's going on at the school and volunteer

[10] Start literally with your next-door neighbors: [SHOCKING NOTE: The greatest Earthly commandment is to love the NEIGHBORS] - let them know you are "answering the call" to "Minister the Gospel", that Christ has called you to serve, and if they will call on you for anything . . .

. . . they will be doing you an honor and a favor, and making it possible for you to fulfill your call!!!!!

[11] Visit the Chief of Police and offer to serve, to counsel any one he believes needs or could use a minister, - likewise the Sheriff,

[12] Visit all the funeral homes, offer to serve, off to do the funeral for those who have no ministers and sometimes have to money

[13] Look for opportunities to serve - if a storm blows a tree over in someone's lawn - help clean it up.

[14] EVERY WHERE YOU GO let the Love and the Light of Jesus radiate and shine THROUGH YOU!

[15] Become the "Community Servant" -

> > Jesus commanded "He who wants to be GREAT among you, LET HIM BE the Servant of all!!!"

> > Jesus Promised "He who is faithful in little things, I will see to it they have much to be faithful!!!"

[16] Go to Ministerial Meetings - with liberals and all - and be EVERYONE'S SERVANT: get their tea and coffee, open the door, help the elderly with their overcoat in winter time, get their car for them when it rains, and ask what you can do to serve THEIR needs, as the newest minister and as THE ONE WHO ONE DAY WANTS TO LEAD THEM ALL . . . SERVE! SERVE! SERVE!

[NOTE: Some of the cold and liberal your be able to "wake-up" and some set on fire again the fire that burned brightly years ago!]

[17] Go to all of the Republican Party Meetings and be "Mr. Republican" - Serve all you can! - letting all concerned know that you are a CHRISTIAN FIRST and a Republican second.

[18] Also support Independent Candidates if they are serious Christians

[19] Assist, help, or lead the local Right to Life

[20] In your heart "assume" the position of Shepherd (pastor), Teacher, Evangelist, Deacon (political-secular-civil-temporal needs - See Acts 6)

> > Firstly your Township (a neat history how "townships came to be Spiritually speaking that I'll share at another time) - and Township Trustee may be your first office

> > Secondly your Community (Basically a School District area)

> > Thirdly your Region (County-Sheriff)

> > Fourthly your Legislative District

By this time you will see how God is leading and where to focus.

[21] The point is clear: You are "Called" - you have that in your heart, and we have "Ordained" (affirmed, approved, etc.) You do NOT need your township or community to "Officially Designate" you "Chief Deacon" or or "Community Pastor" etc. - JUST DO IT!!!!!

[22] Legally set up your "Ministry Name & Account" and your "Church Name & Ministry Account" [We will help you with both of these, NO CHARGE, and they are fairly simple. Each can be done in a day!]

[23] Let your Ministry Name reflect your calling - (Like Billy Graham Evangelistic Ministries, Mike Murdoch Teaching Ministries,) - which will go with you all of your life where ever you may move, (so DON'T make if geographic) and soon open your Ministry Checking Account

[24] Let your Church Name reflect Christ & His Commission - and it is GREAT to have the NAME above all Names, of whom the Whole family in Heaven & Earth is Named . . . "Jesus" or "Christ" or "Lord" or "Christian" or "Gospel" (and DO make it geographic - Church [ekklesia in Greek is ALWAYS geographic. it is the full family & body of Christ that is Universal including those already in Heaven])

(NOTE! The Greek word for name & Title is the same word . . . this is why Jesus is "named the Word of God in the Revelation 19 . . . so while in Modern English "Jesus" is a name and Christ, Lord, the Word, and King are all "Titles", they are one and the same in the language of the Scripture)

and soon open your Church Checking Account in that exact Church name

[25] RECEIVE funds from all who will give - (they are TAX EXEMPT AUTOMATICALLY & IMMEDIATELY), Pay yourself - as the Laborer is worthy of his hire, and you are on your way!

Gotta Run. . . waiting to hear from you soon . . .

God Bless you greatly

David Paul

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