Dear Fellow-Laborer:

Thank you for such an excellent email about the uncertainty of your call to Minister

I will seek to answer your questions as if you were one of my four sons: You wrote in BOLD

[1] Is it OK my being based in the UK?

It is fine for you to be in the UK. We have a good response from there and some excellent leaders.

[2] Another thing...although I'm a passionate Bible Believer who writes creatively for the Lord, as well as Gospel songs, I'm not sure I'm called to preach. And am not certain what ministry might suit me; although I love to spread the Word in an uncompromisingly Biblical spirit; and would dearly love to win souls.

That you are 'passionate' and would 'dearly love to win souls' are good indications God is calling for sure!

[My good Brother: in the form letter below will be some webpages for you to browse,]

> In one sense of the word ALL are "called" to Minister [Romans 8:28-29] We ALL are "members" of the body and ALL are to supply something.

> By no means is Ordination only for preaching. Ordination is for singers, musicians, teachers, soul winners, youth and children's workers, deacons, elders, nursery workers, etc.

> Ordained to "minister" is to serve and that has many variations. There are 20 gifts of the Spirit - including one that is "government." That means David Cameron and Obama are to be "spirit-filled and "gifted by God to govern - NO WONDER our nations are in such a mess!!!

> Winning souls is the great calling and just a step removed from "training others to win souls" - the great need of our generation.

> Those you win will always look to you in a special way , , , and it is a natural to gather them around you in Home Bible Studies,, teach, train, teach to pray, fellowship, serve communion, sing praise and worship, pray for the sick, etc.

> A bit of paperwork and you are a "True Church" recognized by all, out of your house if you want or where ever you decide!

> > > My Brother . . . that fact that you are searching the Internet for "Ministries to Ordain Ministers . . . instead of what MOST MEN are browsing for . . .that this is what you are doing is GREAT EVIDENCE you are hearing God's "still small voice" urging you with in.

[3] I must admit I'd love to serve the Lord and be officially recognised as doing so, and would dearly love to be a professional worker for the Lord;

That you use the word 'love' - another word of passion - is NOT what the normal guy down at the pub or gambling casino is declaring his love for.

***I'd drop the "professional" worker terminology . . . this is NOT a Scriptural word or concept. There are only obedient and disobedient. Thee is NOT to be a separation of Professional Clergy and laity . . . NONE of these are Scriptural!

That you would love to recognized as such is also a great indicator you are being called . . . as most men would be mortified as being "recognized" as a Gospel Minister!

[4] but I'm frightened of being punished by God if I do it without being called.

Your fear is not necessary at all. We ALL have been commanded to win souls - ALL who follow Christ:

> > Jesus said FOLLOW MW and I will make you to be fishers of men!

> > From henceforth thou shalt catch men!

This is really all the call anyone needs to become a great soul-winner.

> > The great need in God's Kingdom is WORKERS. Jesus did NOT command us to pray for the sinners, He commanded us to to pray for the LABORERS to go forth into the harvest!

> > He guaranteed the harvest is PLENTEOUS . . . but the Laborers are few.

***** The great chapter in Isaiah 6 is one thousands have used for centuries for their call where God simply asks humanity:

> > > Whom shall I send???

> > > Who will go for us???

> > > It is a "Whosoever will go . . . let him go!"

[5] Is there any way of knowing if I'm being called?

Hopefully, the commentary above will help some.

If still confused, DO IT!!!!!

> > Far better to try and not have God's greatest blessing . . . than to not try . . . and find out when in Heaven . . . that God had wanted to bless your Ministry GREATLY . . . and you missed it because you weren't sure. . . and didn't try!!!

Go ahead and DO IT!!!

It is certainly not a sin to win souls in any sense of the word! . . . AND you will still be rewarded for volunteering and effort, and witnessing, and winning souls, and all that you do. . . . even if God does not intend for you to be Billy Graham.

* * * EVERYTHING in God's kingdom starts in "seed-form" starts small, (like Mustard seed) and grows.

JUST GET STARTED and SEE if God blesses, and how you sense His leading. He is FAITHFUL and just to lead those whom He has called!

[7] I hope you can help.

So do I . . . just let us know.


Below is a standard for letter to applicants . . . see if any if there is of help.

Hoping to hear from you soon, Brother.

All for Jesus,

Bro. David Paul

COPYRIGHT (c) 1977 Cambridge Theological Seminary



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