Even though you say - I am not a Believer - at this time, Will you consider our 'Careful Research' into the issues of the day?

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Will you consider the 'Claims of Christ on Humanity' as taught in God's Word?

Dear - I am not a Believer!

Thank you kindly for helping us know how we can serve you better, by identifying your present relationship with Jesus Christ - or lack thereof.

This website ministry is our whole life, and the "GOAL" of the website is "In Search Of TRUTH!" We trust YOU are in a 'Search for Truth yourself!

We note that you selected "I am not a believer in Christ at this time." We respect your position & your honesty. We also ask you to consider our comments.

Know FIRST OF ALL, that Jesus considers 'You-&-your-personal life' worth MORE THAN THE WHOLE WORLD!

THEREFORE . . . 'I am not a believer'

[1] PLEASE do not judge Jesus by His Followers!
ALL denominationalism is WRONG! ALL fussing & fighting by Christians over stupid little things is the GREATEST OF SINS! Most Christians are not anything near what they ought to be, and most have not been taught the priorities of Christ.

[2] PLEASE do not judge Jesus by Organized Religion. Most are self-centered 'political-type-organizations' and seek their own little kingdoms.

[3] PLEASE do not judge Jesus by greedy TV preachers or lazy local preachers. Jesus was neither greedy, grabbing, grasping nor lazy, slothful and always wanting others to serve Him.

[4] RATHER . . . PLEASE "DO unto Jesus as you want Him to do unto you on Judgement Day!" Judge Jesus by His own words & actions!

> > Jesus FORGIVES all who seek forgiveness, and NEVER gives up on a human being.

> > Jesus healed the sick, diseased, and the mentally tortured.

> > Jesus gave hope to the hopeless, and respect to the lowly.

> > Jesus fed the hungry, had time for little children, and spoke against POLITICAL ABUSE of power, POLITICAL GREED and OPPRESSION of the working class by the Wealthy!

> > Jesus obviously was neither Republican nor Democrat, black nor white, American nor Muslim.

Dear, 'I am not a believer' please continue . . .

You've Got to Admit, "Jesus Shook-up ETERNITY! - FOREVER!"

Jesus is the 'World's Greatest EVERYTHING!'

Jesus was born in the days of CAESAR AUGUSTUS [Augustus is the greatest word we have for 'Great'!]. Caesar Augustus Ruled-the-World for 58-years and that is VERY GREAT! Comparatively, Julius Caesar ruled just a couple years. No other Caesar for 500 years ever dared take the title "AUGUSTUS".

Yet except for being in power when JESUS WAS BORN - no one remembers ANYTHING about Caesar Augustus today! No one ever hears his name - unless they're a history major in college - OR - "The Christmas Story about JESUS" is being read!

At the same time, Jesus was born in the days of HEROD the GREAT, who also ruled his country for many years, and in many ways, Herod WAS the Greatest-King-ever of a regional nation. No historian has ever disputed his title - and even the Caesars (who ruled the whole world) addressed him as Herod the "GREAT".

Yet except for being the King when JESUS WAS BORN - no one remembers ANYTHING about him today - EXCEPT that he killed all the babies at Christ's Birth, because, the very name of "JESUS: KING of the JEWS!" struck terror in his heart!

Like Caesar Augustus, no one ever hears the name of King Herod the Great today - unless they're a history major in college - OR - "The Christmas Story about JESUS" is being read!

Jesus was Born into Profound Poverty & Difficult Circumstances

"The Christmas Story about JESUS tells us He was born into abject poverty. Joseph & Mary couldn't even afford the simple traditional offering given to the Temple when a Baby was born., and with embarrassment - had to give "TWO-PIGEONS".

Jesus was born in a stable, and wrapped in 'swaddling-clothes' - which were simply 'old-rags-torn-into-strips' and used to wrap new-borns in: used only by slaves, as when Israel was in captivity in Babylon. [Eze 16.3]

The swaddling rags were so rare in Jesus' day that 'they were to be a "SIGN" to the shepherds - that when they found such a baby: HE was the one! HE was the Messiah they had been praying for over the centuries. HE was the KING of Kings who would not only 'Over-throw-but-CONQUER-the Roman Empire' HE was the one everybody was looking for every day. [Luk 3.15]

There was a strange star in the heavens when HE was born, but nobody paid any attention except those 'kooky-astrologers-from-the-East'. Some who were wealthy with nothing to do with their money or time actually followed the 'strange star' which somehow led them to Jesus - whom they worshiped and gave expensive gifts: including GOLD!

His father died while he was a child. As the eldest Son of a single Mom he worked hard to feed four younger brothers and several sisters - plural: at least two, and maybe six or seven).

Jesus never wrote a book, formed an army, or had wealth to spend - yet He changed the Future of the whole World.

Jesus never joined the political organizations of His day, never even joined the Religion of His day, was neither a Pharisee, Sadducee, Herodian, Zealot or Essene.

Jesus, though educated as a Rabbi, never became a Lawyer, Scribe, nor Elder in the Jerusalem Counci. He never became a full-time Minister of the Temple, much Levitical Priest or High Priest. He wasn't born 'into the right families'!

He never traveled more than a couple days journey from home [by horseback]. HE only TAUGHT TRUTH to common people - and He didn't have very long to do that. Some say one year, some say three.

The Bible gives us bits-&-pieces of His ministry of which only 'parts of 40 days are known'.

Because He never rose far enough sociologically, He was even a Roman Citizen. Thus when He was found guilty of 'Presenting Himself as a KING in opposition to Caesar', and 'Proclaiming a Kingdom from Heaven' apart from the 'Kingdom of Rome' - he was not put to death in a dignified way, but CRUCIFIED: the death of a slave.

[NOTE! If One of his 'Secret Disciples - a wealthy man named Joseph of Arimethea - had not have gone to Pilate and BEGGED to take the body of Christ down from the Cross and bury Him in his personal Arimethea Family Tomb - the dead corpse of Jesus would have been taken just outside the city of Jerusalem and cast into the 'garbage dump.

This was no ordinary garbage dump for 'old furniture and worn-out-shoes'. This was the dumping ground where all the entrails & waste from the continual offering of sacrifices at the Great Temple. It was called the 'Valley of Hinnom'.

Citizens didn't really want packs of wild dogs congregating there looking for morsels to eat. Neither did they want the stench of the rotting entrails & animal waste. Their solution, was to keep it on FIRE, burning constantly.

The valley of Hinnom was a gruesome place, with it's stench of rotting flesh, where the maggots and WORMS NEVER CEASE to BREED (dieth not), and where the fires were NEVER QUENCHED (if anything they were continually re-lit).

"Hell!" Jesus called it, and used it metaphorically to teach what kind of 'eternal ending' those who lived 'worthless-lives' would have in the eternal king: as they had earned no place of honor! It was not the fire and 'eternal worms, but the position of 'WORTHLESSNESS' in His Kingdom. There is no literal, eternal hell-fire, OBVIOUSLY!

Here, in this stinking, rotting, Valley of Hinnom Jesus would have been cast to be burned by fire, torn by wild dogs, or eaten by maggots.

Yet up from the ashes of this garbage dump, the Philosophy of Jesus came to Rule the World!

Can you consider the IMPACT of Christ on this Planet!

And now, Dear 'I am not a believer', here we are 20 centuries later:

[ 1 ] The whole world divides all of History into 'Before Christ' was born and 'After Christ' was born.

[ 2 ] The whole world operates on a '7-Day-Week' in Honor of His Claim to creating Earth in 6-days, and resting on the 7th Day!

[ 3 ] The Nations claiming Christ's Teaching as the basis for their law rlead the world!

[ 4 ] One in three persons claim Him as their Saviour!

God Bless You Greatly!

NewtonStein Editor!

God Bless You Greatly!

NewtonStein Editor!

I would LIKE TO KNOW for CERTAIN that I have Eternal Life

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