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An Honest Question to All Muslims

What Does the Qur'an Really Teach about "Jesus, Son of Virgin Mary?"

The Qur'an, Surah 61:14

    O ye who believe! Be ye helpers of Allah:

    As said Jesus the son of Mary to the Disciples,

    "Who will be my helpers to (the work of) Allah?"

    Said the disciples, "We are Allah's helpers!"

    then a portion of the Children of Israel believed,

    and a portion disbelieved:

    But We gave power to those who believed, against their enemies,

What is The Qur'an saying?

In this Surah, Allah is clearly saying, that those who believed in Jesus as the disciples did, . . .

. . .were the ones whom Allah empowered to prevail.

The Qur'an acknowledges strife and enmity, that all true believers indeed had - and continue to have enemies.

However, Allah guarantees, the true believers were - and are - those who prevailed. This not by human means, since it is Allah himself who gives this power to the true believers.

Looking at this teaching of the Holy Qur'an, I wonder why My Fellow Muslims seem to completely disregard it - instead declaring that true Christianity and Allah-given gospel of Jesus became corrupted: thus Christianity developed wrongly.

"Corruption of Christianity?"

Does this Islamic teaching of the "corruption of Christianity" not mean that the true believers, those which followed and believed the true message of Jesus did indeed NOT prevail?

How then - can "Corruption of Christianity?" even possibly be considered at all - since the Great Allah GUARANTEED the Disciples of Jesus WOULD Prevail by His own power?

Church History Reveals:

Church history reveals there was much battle over the right doctrine and correct faith between the different interpretations taken by various groups.

Especially in the early fourth century the theological battle between those whose spokesman was Athanasios and the large following that Arius had at this time. This debate went on for centuries.

    [SIDE NOTE: Though a majority of Catholic 'Trinitarians' defined the Godhead as a 'Trinity', their teaching - was and is - obscure, ill-defined, self-contradictory, and should be rejected by true Bible Believers of primitive Christianity.

    Mohammad was certainly correct to rebuke the Catholics and muddle-headed protestants for believing in "Three-Gods" or One Three-Headed-God!]

Jesus and Mohammad:

Most Muslims believe that Jesus preached in essence the "same Islam" as Muhammad did. But we have NO record at all of any group believing similarly to what we find in Islam.

We have record of many different groups which claimed to be Christians. Some were very small, some were very large. Some had only minor deviations from orthodox Christianity, and some were totally heretic.

However, not only did no "Islam-like" group prevail, there didn't even exist such an one.

Or, if Muslims still want to claim the existence of such a group, it was so insignificant as to not leave any trace of its existence at all, not to speak of "prevailing" or "being uppermost" [as the Shakir and Pickthall translations render it].

Jesus Claimed:

Furthermore, Jesus said basically the same as the Qur'an:

    I will build my Church!(democracy, Church is "ekklesia in the Greek!)

    And the gates of Hades will NOT prevail against it! Matthew 16:18

This means clearly that even though the powers of Satan and Hell will try to overpower Messiah's Church, but Jesus prophecies that they will not succeed, and the true church [HIS church] will not be overpowered . . . but stand secure in these attacks.

Inherent Claim:

Inherent in Messiah's Claim that NOTHING would prevail against His Church, includes a guarantee that corruption will not prevail against His Church!

Thus as

    >> Jesus prophesied going forward for His Church to prevail,

    >> And as Allah declared looking back that He had empowered the Disciples of Jesus to prevail;

    >> There is perfect harmony in these two great scriptures, from two Great Spiritual Books!

There was never a hint and neither Scripture allows for The Messiah's Church to become corrupted and dissolve . . . and for Allah to then send a new prophet . . .to reestablish a new community of new believers.

Allah Knows ALL!

Muslims and Christians agree that Allah is All-knowing and wouldn't make such mistakes.

    [A] Either the Muslims are wrong with their theory of a corrupted Christianity,

    or, . . . if that is indeed necessary for Islam,

    [B] Then the Quran in Surah 61.14 is wrong and therefore didn't come from the omniscient Allah, but from a less well-informed source.

But if (this part of) the Qur'an is not from Allah, how do you know the rest of the Qur'an is and what do you base this confidence on?

Yusuf Ali's Commentary,

And even Yusuf Ali's commentary, footnote 5448 says:

    A portion of the Children of Israel - the ones that really cared for Truth - believed in Jesus and followed his guidance.

    But the greater portion of them were hard-hearted, and remained in their beaten track of formalism and false racial pride. The majority SEEMED at first to have the upper-hand when they thought they had crucified Jesus and killed his Message.

    But they were soon brought to their senses. Jerusalem was destroyed by Titus in A.D. 70 [as Jesus prophesied] and the Jews have been scattered ever since.

    "The Wandering Jew" has become a bye-word in many literatures. On the other hand, those who followed Jesus permeated the Roman Empire, brought many new races within their circle, and through the Roman Empire, Christianity became the predominant religion of the world until the advent of Islam....

I.e. Yusuf Ali interprets this verse clearly as referring to that Christianity which permeated the Roman Empire, not some unknown other group of Christians.

Christianity Prevails:

Again, you just can't disregard those who prevailed!

It can only refer to those who are the victors in the end. And to this day, though there are small minorities who hold heretical views but call themselves Christians, the vast majority of Christian Churches firmly believes Jesus is Allah's Son, . . .

. . . even though the Son SUBMITS to the Father who conceived Him by his Spirit of Holiness.

This was clearly the case at the very time the Qur'an was preached by Muhammad.

NOTE: Even though arguments for truth (quality) from numbers (quantity) are fallacious, Muslims bring it up ever so often.

Until this day [AD 2000+], Christianity has at least 50% more adherents than Islam (2.4 billion Christians and 1.2 billion Muslims).

And though Islam has become strong to a certain extent - through violence rather than prosperity - it is still, after 1400 years, far, far away from prevailing over Christianity.

If we believe that Allah is the author of these words in Surah 61.14, then there seems to be a real Muslim problem.

My Fellow Muslims:

The previous are my thoughts on the issue, trying to find an explanation for the observations.

Feel free to completely disagree.

But do you have a better explanation?


    Was Allah uninformed about the kind of Christianity that would prevail . . . or that had prevailed?

    Or was Muhammad uninformed about the Christianity that had prevailed, and unable to separate it from the portion that failed?

Either way, this is a "difficult" verse with quite some consequences.

Or do you see a way that is able to view this verse both in line with historical reality and with divine omniscience?

The only solution seems to be that the TRUE Christians and the TRUE Muslims are ONE, and only differences of understanding divide us.


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