James the Just, the Brother of Jesus, MARTYRED - AMAZING!

The great Early-Church historian Eusebius quotes Hegisippus’ account of the martyrdom of James the Just, The brother of the Lord Jesus. (Eccl. Hist. 2.23).

The Scribes and Pharisees threatened James about the growth of the Church at Jerusalem (of which James was Bishop of the city). urging James to "renounce Jesus", under literal threat of limb and life. They persuaded James to address the crowds from the pinnacle of the temple, expecting him to discourage them from believing that Jesus is the Christ.

They challenged him, ‘Thou just one, in whom we ought all to have confidence, forasmuch as the people are led astray after Jesus, the crucified one, declare to us, what is the gate of Jesus.’ James replied, ‘Why do ye ask me concerning Jesus, the Son of Man? He himself sitteth in heaven at the right hand of the great Power, and is about to come upon the clouds of heaven.’

Realizing that they had miscalculated, in great rage, the Scribes and Pharisees threw James down from the pinnacle of the temple. It didn't kill him. Bleeding and dying, James was crawling into the Temple top pray at the Holy Altar.

The Scribes and Pharisees attacked him literally in the temple, and he was finished off with clubs, literally having his skull crushed with a hammer.

What’s significant is that Hegisippus connects this event with the immediate beseiging of Jerusalem by Vespasian. Eusebius underlines the point by saying that Hegisippus is in agreement with Clement about this, and also quotes Josephus: ‘These things happened to the Jews to avenge James the Just, who was a brother of Jesus, that is called the Christ.’

This shows the New Testament Church saw in the destruction of Jerusalem the fulfilment of the vision of the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven and a vindication of one who suffered as Jesus suffered.

It makes a lot of sense to think that James was saying in effect,

‘It doesn’t matter much what I say. Soon you will experience an event that will demonstrate that Jesus was right in his announcement that God is acting decisively in history to judge Israel and reign over his people.’

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