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EXAMPLE: Over the last 400 years, the KJV Bible has been altered as follows:

> deleted several books completely (that Jesus Himself - as well as the Apostles from Peter to Paul - had in their bible),

> added over 26,000 italicized words to help you understand better (or make it say what they want it to say?)

> left out over 1500 words that our Lord Jesus, Paul, John, etc., actually spoke and wrote, simply because they do not make 'acceptable English Grammar'.

> Furthermore, King James-I of England in the early 1600's, ruled at the end of the 'Bloodiest-Christian-Century' - the 1500's - as Protestants broke away from the Roman Catholic Church. Multitudes were stoned, hanged, beheaded, burnt-at-the-stake, and imprisoned for life, of both Protestants & Catholics.

> This century is the focus era of the famous "Foxes Book of Martyrs." The Nations of Europe fought Religious Wars as Protestants or Catholics: sometimes even Kings who were brothers or queens who were sisters leading the war - such as 'Bloody Mary' of England who slaughtered many protestants in mid-1500's.

> King Henry-VIII was determined to end this killing in the name of Christ - at least in England - so he abruptly left the Catholic Church and started "The Anglican Church", which was a careful, purposeful design to make a religion that was Catholicism & Protestantism combined: which they still advertise today in the 21st century!

> However, the Anglican Church creation didn't succeed greatly, initially, mostly because of his two daughters! His eldest who succeeded him, became 'Queen Mary' - had been raised strict Catholic, and was determined to end every Protestant in England! She ruled a long time and did kill-or-convert-a majority of them.

> However, Blood-Mary was succeeded my a nearly 40-years-younger half-sister Elizabeth, who had been raised by super-strict-Puritan-like-Bible-Christians who was determined to make England all evangelical Christians and stamp out the Catholic Church! She was succeeded by King James.

> King James was at first King of Scotland, then usurped the throne of England when Queen Elizabeth died, forging the United Kingdom. He was not in the least sincere about religion, but was "very sincere" about ending a century of bloodshed between Catholics & Protestants.

> Thus King James revived Henry-VIII's 'Anglican Church', anf made it the "AUTHORIZED CHURCH OF ENGLAND", imposing fines, job losses, etc., on those who did not join enthusiastically, attend regularly, and support financially.

> The 'Puritan-Pilgrim-types', however, would not join King James' Church, even when it cost them jobs, credentials, licenses, etc., just as it does modern Americans today if we Christians insist on using the name of Jesus in the workplace, urge people to become believers, witness to our co-workers faithfully, etc., especially if we are managers, in authority, or in government. We Americans have LOST our freedoms and have come full circle from what the Pilgrims came to the New world to escape from!

> So King James persecuted the Puritans all the more, stripping jobs, credentials, and licenses, confiscating houses & lands, whipping the men, the police-military abusing the mothers & daughters as they wished, imprisoning lesser leaders and killing the main leaders.

> The Puritans, however, would not break. They insisted on 'Obeying the Word of God', which for them was the Geneva Bible, the major translation of the the Reformation) no matter what the cost of obeying the Word of God even if martyrdom. Alas, the religious violence in England continued.

> King James got an idea. He already had made the Anglican Church his own AUTHORIZED CHURCH OF ENGLAND, why not translate a new Bible, and make it the AUTHORIZED BIBLE OF ENGLAND, forcing all licensed ministers to use it.

> He did, named it after himself the King James Authorized Version and enforced use of his Bible with British soldiers who literally CHAINED KJV Bibles to desks in every Church-house in England.

> Few private citizens owned Bibles in those days. Early Bibles had to be copied by hand, took about a year, and so required a year's-pay for the copy. Those made by the earliest printing presses were also very expensive. Thus Church-houses were left open so parishioners could come in to read the Bible and visit the 'reading rooms' which some church-houses still have.]

> King James decreed HIS AUTHORIZED BIBLE match HIS AUTHORIZED CHURCH. Since he was using 'Government Funds'- an he was an author and person of poetry and literature, he personally hired top-name persons from Oxford & Cambridge to 'make-it-poetic, sound-pretty' and translate it according to his '15 stipulations'. Sadly, only one person of fifty hired to translate was a language scholar, a Greek expert ordered to work on the Old Jewish Scriptures.

> Their major goal, however, was to make the King James AUTHORIZED BIBLE OF ENGLAND 'merge-&-blend' Protestant and Catholic Doctrine, so as to end the religious differences and violence in due time. They did, and it worked quite well!

> The Pilgrims, however, being people who would die for truth - obviously would not accept this perverted-work-of-fiction-devoted-to-and-named-after-a-most-wicked-and-ungodly-King-who-was-a-rabid-HOMOSEXUAL-and-molester-of-teen-boys-and-a-vicious-murderer, etc., etc,.

> The Pilgrims first fled to Holland, which was open to all manner of sin and debauchery as a libertarian state. So they decided to leave all - houses, lands, families and friends of a lifetime, come to the New World and start a Christian Biblical nation

> The Puritans settled the Northern States, what is still called New England, and their Churches became the'Congregational' movement where all authority and law, were embodied in the 'congregation: all could speak to the issues at hand, all could vote on laws and as juries, all lived under the law by the same influence - one person = one vote.'

> For the Pilgrims, the Church-house on Sunday, was the school-house on Monday, the Court-house in evenings as needed, the Town-house/hall as needed to discuss issues, the Legislative-house when laws needed changed [which is where we get calling our modern legislature the House-of-Representatives], and the community-house for weddings & social events on Friday evenings & Saturdays - and even the hospital when illness swept communities from time to time, and even the Opera House for musicals, holidays or other such events.

> The traditional English settled the Virginia-Maryland-region - who were AUTHORIZED CHURCH OF ENGLAND [Anglican] of which the KING was the Pastor [essentially the 'pope', pastor of the nation], to 'Bishops' [pastor of pastors] to priests [pastors of local parishes] etc. - of which our Founding Fathers Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams-I & II, etc., were ALL Anglican, and had to be, legally, to be allowed to run for office. They are used the King James Bible.

> Thus here we are today, 400 years later, in a nation basically put together by ANGLICAN-AUTHORIZED-CHURCH-OF-ENGLAND who used the King James Bible, so it became the dominant bible of the nation, the bitterness of the Revolutionary war long gone - albeit it Americans during the heat of the war changed their church name from Anglican to Episcopal.

> The Puritan-Pilgrim Congregational descendants wanted to leave the colonies independent of each other because of their differences [with Puritans in the North, Baptists in Rhode Island, Quakers in Pennsylvania, Catholics in 'Mary-Land'(after Bloody-Queen-Mary) AUTHORIZED CHURCH OF ENGLAND in the Virginia, French-Protestant-Hugonauts in the Carolinas, etc.].

> Thus founding 'One Nation' as a 'Confederate' - which is why the first USA Constitution was called "The Articles of Confederation" forming a "Perpetual Union" seemed to be the best way to form the new nation..

> Amazingly to many, it was the First-Founding Constitution Abraham Lincoln referred in his administration often - bypassing the renegade 1787 Constitutional Convention [illegally called-convened-administered-approved-&-instituted, causing some to declare the new US Constitution "America-Betrayed-1787"

We don't have original manuscripts

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