Don't Let Kids be "Left-Handed" Effeminate Men and Homosexuality

"Left-Handed" Effeminate Men and Homosexuality--COURSE-SOC-SCI-660

Ecclesiastes 10:2 "A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left."

Is left-handedness linked to homosexuality?

Dr. N. E. Whitehead, Ph.D

This study appears to show an overwhelmingly strong (biological) factor underlying both left-handedness and homosexuality.

In AD 2000 a review article from Canadian scientists appeared on left-handedness and homosexuality(1)

Following selection and collation of many studies it concluded that male homosexuals are about one third (31%) more likely than heterosexuals to be left-handed(2) and lesbians almost twice as likely (91%).

This appears to suggest an overwhelmingly strong (biological) factor underlying both left-handedness and homosexuality.


Left-Handedness of Presidents of the United States

The handedness of Presidents of the United States is difficult to establish with any certainty before recent decades. During the 18th and 19th centuries left-handedness was considered a disability and teachers would make efforts to suppress it in their students.[1][4]

For this reason there are few concrete references to determine the handedness of presidents prior to the early 20th century. The first president to be described as left-handed was Herbert Hoover,[5] though some dispute this.[2] Before this point, there is no evidence of any left-handed president, though it was said about President James Garfield that he could simultaneously write Latin with his right hand and Greek with his left.[3]

[5] However, documentation of this is unreliable. If true, it would place Reagan in the category of ambidextrous presidents.[2] The same was also the case with Harry Truman, according to the biographer David McCullough.[6]

As of 2009, three out of the last five presidents have been left-handed.[3] Counting as far back as Truman, the number is five out of twelve.

In the 1992 election, all three major candidates – George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ross Perot – were left-handed.[2]

The 1996 election also involved three left-handed candidates: Clinton, Perot, and Bob Dole, who learned to use his left hand after his right hand was paralyzed by a World War II injury.

Additionally, both major-party candidates in the 2008 presidential election – Barack Obama and John McCain – were left-handed.[7]

The percentage of the population who are left-handed is about 10%.[3] While some write this trend off as a coincidence, others have tried to come up with scientific explanations. According to Daniel Geschwind, a professor of human genetics at UCLA: "Six out of the past 12 presidents is statistically significant, and probably means something".[3]

Amar Klar, a scientist who has worked on handedness, says that left-handed people "have a wider scope of thinking", and points to the disproportionately high number of Nobel Prize winners, writers and painters who are left-handed.[5]

The left hemisphere of the brain generally handles language, but in left-handed people, this division is less pronounced.[3] One out of seven left-handers processes language using both sides of the brain, compared with just one out of twenty in the general (predominantly right-handed) population, perhaps because of a relationship between dexterity and language.

An increased amount of space dedicated to language could account for enhanced communication skills as seen in Clinton and Obama. Klar suggests that with both halves handling language, the left-handed and ambidextrous are capable of more complex reasoning.[5]

Michael Peters, a neuropsychologist at the University of Guelph, points out that left-handed people have to get by in a world adapted to right-handers, something which can give them extra mental resilience.[1]

The American trend, however, is not replicated in other countries; while only two British post-war prime ministers were left-handed (David Cameron[8] and James Callaghan)[3].

Winston Churchill has often been credited with being a left-hander, yet this is not true, though he does have many left-handed traits.[9]

No Canadian prime minister since at least 1980 has shown this trait.[1]

List of United States president by handedness since 1929

Pres. Herbert Hoover 1929–1933 Left-handed

Harry S. Truman 1945–1953 ambidextrous

Dwight David Eisenhower 1953–1961 Right-handed

John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1961–1963 left-handed

Pres. Gerald F. Ford 1974–1977 Left-handed

Ronald Wilson Reagan 1981–1989 Ambidextrous

George Herbert Walker Bush 1989–1993 Left-handed

William Jefferson Clinton 1993–2001 Left-handed

Barack Hussein Obama 2009–2012 Left-handed

Hugdahl et al. (1993) showed that left-handedness was present in 15% of 21-31 year-olds. Left-handedness was present in 1.67% of all those 80 year-olds or older

eutersPublished: April 04, 1991

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Left-handed people tend to live significantly shorter lives than right-handers, perhaps because they face more perils in a world dominated by the right-handed, according to new research.

Earlier studies also suggested that left-handed people do not seem to live as long as those right-handed.

In a letter in the current issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, researchers who studied the deaths of 1,000 Southern Californians report that right-handers, on average, live to be 75 years old. Left-handers typically die at age 66.

The trend was seen in both men and women. Right-handed women tended to live five years longer than left-handed women. Right-handed men lived 10 years longer than left-handed men, the report said.

The researchers, Dr. Diane F. Halpern of California State University at San Bernardino and Dr. Stanley Coren of the University of British Columbia, said the differences were striking.

Babe Ruth; Larry Bird; Pele; Sir Bobby Charlton; Ferenc Puskas; Sir Garfield Sobers; Dennis Compton; Arnold Palmer; Rod Laver; Mark Spitz and “marvellous” Marvin Hagler were/are all proud “lefties”. To be added to this dazzling list are more famous left handed people from more recent times, such as: John McEnroe; Jimmy Connors; Ivan Lendl; Martina Navratilova; Diego Maradona; Marco Van Basten; Jimmy White; Brian Lara and Alan Border.

There are countless numbers of famous left handed people in the world of show business, with legends like: Cary Grant; WC Fields; Steve McQueen; Peter Ustinov; Charlie Chaplin and Fred Astaire, plus present day actors such as Robert Redford; Tom Cruise; Robert De Niro; Sylvester Stalone; Bruce Willis and Jim Carrey, all favouring the left hand. Not to leave the ladies out, famous actresses include many of the greats: Judy Garland; Greta Garbo; Betty Grable; Marilyn Monroe, they were all “lefties”, as are current screen stars like: Julia Roberts; Angelina Jolie; Nicole Kidman; Emma Thompson and Demi Moore.

From the music industry, famous left handed people are well represented in the shape of: Bob Dylan; Jimmi Hendrix; Sir Paul McCartney; Sting; David Bowie; Phil Collins; George Michael; Marshall Mathers - Eminem; Annie Lennox; Celine Dion; Mark Knopfler; Paul Simon and Ringo Starr.

Some more famous left handed people from miscellaneous backgrounds include: Mr Micosoft himself - Bill Gates; J Edgar Hoover - the former Director of the FBI; Mark Twain, HG Wells and Lewis Carroll from the world of literature; and Prince’s Charles and William. First man on the moon: Neil Armstrong and his co-astronaut: Buzz Aldrin; fashion designer: Jean-Paul Gaultier and The Simpsons cartoon creator: Matt Groening are all left handed, as are/were American Presidents: JF Kennedy; Gerald Ford; Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Just to show that not all famous left handed people are, or were known for the all the right reasons, there have been a few bad apples in the shape of Billy the Kid; Jack the Ripper and The Boston Strangler.

Finally some of the most famous left handed people from yesteryear, are without doubt some of the greatest and influential individuals who have ever lived. The likes of Horatio Nelson; Leonardo Da Vinci; Michelangelo; Pablo Picasso; Julius Caesar; Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart; Ludwig Van Beethoven; Winston Churchill; Napoleon Bonaparte - and Josephine; Queen Victoria; Alexander the Great; Joan of Arc; Marie Curie

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