Hormones of Aging Men

[Hormone profile in the aging man].

[Article in German]

Maier U1.

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During male ageing

  1. serum levels of testosterone, 
  2. free testosterone,
  3.  DHEA, 
  4. growth hormone and 
  5. melatonin decrease

in contrary to the increase of

  1. FSH, 
  2. LH, 
  3. SHBG. 
  4. Estradiol

  1. Prolaktin and
  2. dihydrotestosterone show no significant changes.

The terminus "andropause" is not correct, because there is no sudden decrease in sexual hormones, which is seen in the female (menopause). We should characterize the hormonal changes as "partial endocrine variations of the ageing male" or "partial androgen deficiency of the ageing male".

Wether hormone replacement therapy leads to delay of ageing or increase of well being in ageing males can only be demonstrated in long term studies over ten years. Otherwise an evidence is required to demonstrate that long time hormone replacement therapy will not lead to tumour induction or increase of tumour growing.