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State Employees Seek to Maintain ELITE STATUS!

State Employees force all NON-STATE LABOR to be their slaves . . .

So STATE EMPLOYEES Can retire after 20 years with outrageous pay and benefits!

"BUCKEYE BAD NEWS HEADLINES! - Ohio Voters Have 90 Days To Help Gov. Kasich’s save Ohio Working People from the STATE EMPLOYEE ELITES!

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) signed the bill to stop the monopoly on Government Jobs by the ONE-and-ONLY-ONE GOVERNMENT UNION.

While Kasich seeks to balance the budget and bring some equality with Ohio's Non-Government Employees, the Government Employee Elites strive to keep Ohio Citizens as their WAGE SLAVES!

This is literally a war on NON-GOVERNMENT LABOR workers, by the GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. The state’s increasingly burdened voters have the power to end it and thanks to Governor Kasich, we are going to.

Ohioans opposed to the STATE EMPLOYEE MONOPOLY vow to keep STATE EMPLOYEES from making Ohio Workers remain their slaves!

Under Ohio law, opponents of any law, have 90 days from the time the governor signs the legislation to collect 231,149 signatures to get a referendum on the November ballot.

If they collect enough valid signatures from half [44] Ohio counties within that time frame, the law wouldn’t go into effect until voters approved as much, assuming it won a majority of the vote in November, which now seems like a pretty big assumption.

While the more than 230,000 signatures required under this process may seem like a lot, it is a relatively low threshold compared to the amount required to fight back against anti-worker governors in other states.

To trigger a referendum, Ohio voters only need to collect 6 percent of the number of voters who voted in the last gubernatorial election. In other words, if only a little more than one in eight of the 1.8 million voters who voted for Kasich’s opponent sign the referendum against Kasich’s bill, then the law will not go into effect until after voters have a chance to veto it.

There are early signs that this effort will be successful.

A recent poll found that 80% of Ohio voters would vote to SUPPORT Kasich’s Laws to stop STATE EMPLOYEES from their wasteful and extravagant salaries, pensions and benefits, while the NON-STATE-EMPLOYEES work 45-50 years to retire, with LESS than half the benefits, and mush less retirement!

State employees retiring with full benefits after 30 years, are BREAKING the state financially, and making SLAVES out of the rest of us.


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