Pastor Silas Malafaia, Victory In Christ Ministries

Get to Know Pastor Silas

Defend the Christian faith and ethic, moral, and spiritual values of the Church of Christ are very present ideas in pastor Silas Malafaia’s story.

Ever since his youth, when he started his ministry, pastor Silas Malafaia announces clearly and consistently the Word of God. His eloquent, direct, frank, questioning and non-legalistic style are characteristics that mark his preaching and standings. For him, there are no mediators when the subject is teaching the truth of the gospel.

These traits are what have made his ministry secularly recognized, fruitful and expressive in Brazil and outside of Brazil.

Pastor Silas Malafaia is the Brazilian evangelical leader that most sells videos, CDs, DVDs and books that propagate and explain the Word of God to Christians and non Christians.

Pastor Silas Malafaia directs and presents Victory in Christ program, formerly called Impact, which has been on air for 28 consecutive years. The program is transmitted all over Brazil, from Sunday to Sunday, reaching a high rate of audience. In the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Africa Victory in Christ program broadcasts on INSP, INI, and TV Manasat.

Pastor Silas is the coordinator of national events that occur yearly, such as Fire for Brazil Pentecostal Conference, Revival Awakening Conference, and the evangelistic crusade Victorious Life for You, with a purpose of preaching the gospel to the most number of people possible.

These events have been counting on the participation of international preachers such as Dr. Myles Munroe, Dr. Morris Cerullo, Dr. Mike Murdock, Bob Harison, Rob Thompson, and much more in which pastor Silas holds a great relationship with.

Among other attributions, pastor Silas Malafaia is the vice president of the Interdenominational Council of Evangelical Ministers in Brazil (CIMEB), entity that aggregates more than 85 hundred Brazilian pastors.

He also leads Victory in Christ Assembly of God in Rio de Janeiro that has had a substantial growth and, currently, has about 20 thousand members.

Pastor Silas is the preacher that has been more and more known by evangelicals and non-evangelicals in and outside of Brazil. As an example we can mention his participation in pastor and Dr. Morris Cerullo’s 39th Annual World Conference in Orlando, Florida in January of 2010.

His challenging message caused a great impact and was received with much appreciation for such a time as this by the participants and coordinators of the conference. He accredited the growth of his ministry to God’s direction in his life, his faith in the Word and obedience to Biblical principles, which lead him to maintain firm in his convictions as a servant of God.

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