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Have you ever read a quote which seemed to show that our Founders weren't Christians? Some of these are twisted, and lifted from context to make a point of view to promote an "anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Christian, anti-Biblical point of view."

The truth is - if seeking of truth matters - is as follows: America's founding Fathers 'in general':

> > despised denominations, period!

> > despised denominations fussing and fighting,

> > despised denominational leaders living "high-on-the-working-man's labor",

> > despised denominational leaders trying to manipulate and control other's lives, by false religious demands

If you take many of the vitriolic statements by the Founding Fathers that initially seem to be "anti-God, anti-Christianity, etc.," and inspect them carefully, you will find virtually 100% of them are against "organized religion and its many vices.

Personally, this NewtonStein research team - which is quite vast and experienced - is not aware of a single statement by even one of the Founding fathers that is "against Jesus Christ!"

Thomas Jefferson, for example, said more against all phases of organized religion than most any other 10 presidents: yet Thomas Jefferson by his own words

> > Loved and adored Jesus Christ!

> > Was a sincere and dedicated Christian in the first degree,

> > Believed in Jesus Christ and His writings to be far superior to all other writings of humanity - saying Christ's words were like 'diamonds' standing out brilliantly among all other great writings which he called 'dunghills'.

> > Jefferson took the time to learn the Greek language just to study the New Testament,

> > Studied and owned Scriptures in several languages and studied them all - from French to Latin - besides the original languages,

> > Believed in an "afterlife" of heaven and hell,

> > Believed in a final judgement, where all would receive judgement,

> > Believed in the judgement of God upon Nations, upon earth, and said that he, personally 'trembled for fear when he realized God was just, that He had punished other nations, and that if the USA continued decadent ways, He would have to judge the USA also,

> > These things being true in his own words, Jefferson had some some strange beliefs, such as, he didn't believe God performed miracles today but simply meted out sowing and reaping according to ones deeds,

> > Jefferson also didn't believe Christ was resurrected just after the Crucifixion, but would be when all other Earthlings were resurrected at the Last day.

> > Jefferson also didn't believe the Virgin Birth or that Jesus was God's Son in a supernatural way.

**Admittedly, these were strange understandings, but then Pat Robertson has some strange beliefs too!

Yet Thomas Jefferson believed Jesus was the Christ, died for our sins, provided eternal salvation, and was the Saviour - not as a "divine being" . . . but as "a perfect man" . . . as the "Second Adam" perfect in every way, living the sinless life Adam did not live.

This was a widespread belief at various times over the centuries, based on the following Scriptures:

> > Paul's teaching that Jesus was the Second Adam (Romans 5)

> > And Jesus himself continually calling Himself "Son of Man"

In spite of the 2,000 years controversy - some times called "Arianism" and mostly promoted by the Jehovah's witnesses today - either belief does not nullify salvation. Scripture very clearly says:

> > Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ,

> > Is born of God

As precious as is the Virgin Birth, neither Jesus nor Paul EVER even mentioned it - much less preached it or made it a matter of salvation - thus it does not prevent Thomas Jefferson's salvation.

This could continue to fill a book, but suffice it to show Thomas Jefferson - as her personally claimed - was a "true Christian" . . . the "VERY kind Jesus wanted men to be!"

Jefferson's Amazing Priorities:

Perhaps his zeal and devotion for Christ can be shown in this example, and all I personally have pointed this out to as college professors have been shocked to learn.

(a) As President of the USA, with Islamic War, Tripoli, etc., the Louisiana Purchase, etc.,

(b) And ALL that being president of the USA involves (with hand written letters etc.,

(c) It was while Jefferson was President - that HE TOOK THE GREAT AMOUNT OF TIME - to personally translate the Whole New Testament!

(d) He did this from the original languages, oldest versions and Latin and French Versions (so he did so very seriously!!!)

(e) He also did a special version for the American Native Tribes for their understanding,

(f) Which version, popularly called the "Jefferson Bible" - is still available today.

Thomas Jefferson was also sincere enough that he never smoked tobacco, never indulged in alcohol, never told off color humor or used any profane language - no vices, no time at any age. In fact, Jefferson was quite pleased that he held his high Christian standards all though college . . . sowing no wild oats: just deep studies!

Jefferson was a man of fasting of prayer, held preaching services in the US Capitol Building that he faithfully attended, saw to it the Marine Band was paid out of tax dollars for playing there each Lord's Day meeting.


No matter how one sees Jefferson with his different understanding of Christ and Christianity, it must be conceded he was a sincere learned and follower of Jesus Christ, and was a sterling example to the highest degree, better than many TV preachers of the modern generation.

To greater and lesser degrees, each of the Founding Fathers had unique beliefs, just as Baptists, Methodist, Catholics, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Lutherans all have different beliefs today, though all study the same Scriptures.

With this back ground, perhaps a better understanding can be gained about what the Founding Fathers truly believed


Realize, the Founding Fathers were human beings, and as such were like people today. Some were very irreligious and agnostic when very young, indifferent when older, somewhat concerned when mature, and seriously reverent when aged: especially Franklin, Lincoln, Hamilton, etc.

Today, consider Ted Turner of CNN fame. He was president of the American Atheist Association for decades . . . now in his seventies,

> > Ted Turner has become a believer

> > His wife Jane Fonda an open Born Again Christian,

> > Ted Turner declaring he "prays when his friends are sick"

> > And tells the world he believes "God is speaking to America through the BP oil spill in the Gulf, and the WV coal mine disasters.

As was stated before, most have some strange beliefs!

Most who want to manipulate your thinking will not admit to "all" that the Founding Fathers said over their lifetime.

> > Evangelicals like to ignore the agnostic statements of early years, or the strange beliefs,

> > Modern God-haters hate to admit that all of the Founding Fathers became more God-fearing and reverent as they aged.

Keeping the small-minded prejudices of weak modern scholarship in mind, perhaps you can gain a truer picture of what our Founding Fathers really believed after they thought about spiritual things for a life time!



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