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Many of our Greatest Republican Leaders are Already Catholic! Consider:

Hannity, Beck, Jeb Bush, O'Reilley, A. Coulter, L Ingraham, Steele, Blackwell, Boehner, Dr. Laura, Scalia, Robets, Alito, Thomas & Palin!

Catholics are the most important factor In The Future of Republican Party!


Welcoming American Catholics into the Republican Party!

[A personal letter is addressed "TO" Republicans "ABOUT" bringing millions of Catholics into the Republican Party by 2012. The Lincoln-Republican Party is "Custom-Made" for Catholics & Orthodox Faiths - and can equally be said - Catholics et. al. are uniquely suited to join, influence and even dominate the Republican Party.

As a category of people, Catholics are the best-all-around. They are great neighbors, citizens, and soldiers - well represented in our American Military. They are goodly folk, hard working, family oriented, God-fearing, Christ-believing-loving-&-serving.There is an "Open Letter to American Catholics" at the bottom of this document.]


This author is neither a Catholic, married to a Catholic, nor have inlaws that are Catholic; was raised to be very anti-Catholic and heard the cliche a million times that 'All the problems in the world were caused by the Catholics, Communists and N _ _ _ _ _ " by family, friends and neighbors;

Further raised to believe they were a false religion, a Cult of Mary Worship, possibly the Anti-Christ, were idol worshipers for their statuary, did not believe Christ was resurrected - that's why they prefer the 'Crucifix to an Empty Cross'; was forbidden to date Catholics in High School, and would have been disowned had I married one.

This author - as a "Rocket-Scientist & Mathematician, first; Theologian & Bible Scholar, second - assess the Catholic Church as abstractly, rationally, disinterested as a stock market investment, medical treatment, the study of gravitation & relativity or black holes.

My statements are based on nothing but facts, logic, and reason: hopefully they will be read, evaluated and received the same way.Just truth - neither story-teller, comedian or interesting, just bringing to all Republicans a truth the Party needs: NOW!

* * * * * * * * * *

Dear Fellow Republicans!

This letter is about "Welcoming Catholics" into our Republican Party! For whatever reason, they are not a major base in the Republican Party, as of 1-1-2011, but they should be!

There is no reason for American Catholics to not already bea major factor in the Republican Party - except perhaps - they have never been given a great, enthusiastic, eager and official “Welcome!" with their name on it!

To all Catholics we say: "Our Home is Your Home!" "Welcome Home!”

Surprisingly to many Republicans, and perhaps to the Catholic Community as well - the Greatest Leaders of the Christian & Religious Right, Conservative Coalition & Republicans for some decades have been - and are still today - Devout American Catholics:

Consider just a few Great Conservative Catholic Leaders with powerful influence in the Republican Party & conservatism in general:

[1] *Sean Hannity,

[2] Bill O'Reilly,

[3] *Laura Ingraham,

[4] Ann Coulter,

[5] **Alan Keyes,

[6] Glenn Beck, Raised Catholic, now Mormon

[7] *Michael Steele, (Republican National Chairman!)

[8] Michelle Malkin,

[9] Dinesh D'Souza,

[10] Brent Bozell,

[11] Peggy Noonan,

[12] Ollie North,

[13] Dou Wead, (Evangelical Catholic)

[14] Michael Novak,

[15] **Pat Buchanan,

[16] Bay Buchanan,

[17] **William Bennent,

[18] Michael Reagan, (Evangelical Catholic)

[19] Dr. Laura Schlessinger, (Catholic)

[20] *John Boehner, Current US Speaker of House

[21] *Rick Santorum, former US Senator, (Evangelical Catholic)

[22] Alexis Novak,

[23] Hugh Hewitt,

[24] Phyllis Schlafly,

[25] *Ken Blackwell, former Vice Pres. & Professor of Xavier

[26] Chuck Colson, a strong Catholic Church promoter

[27] Tom Monaghan

[28] Jerome Corsi,

[29] *Juan Williams, (Jewish-Catholic)

[30] G. Gordon Liddy,

[31] Neil Cavuto,

[32] Brit Hume,

[43] **John Kasich, Governor of Ohio

[35] Judith Regan, Conservative Book Publisher & Fmr FOX News Host

[36] *Jeb Bush,

[37] Richard Viguerie,

[38] *David Vitter

[39] **Bob Dornan

[40] Mel Gibson

[41] Paul Weyrich,

[42] William Donohue, President of The Catholic League

[43] **Rudy Giuliani,

[44] Robert Bork, Supreme Court Justice Nominee

[45] ***Anthony Kennedy, Justice of the US Supreme Court

[46] ***Antonin Scalia,

[47] ***Clarence Thomas,

[48] ***Samuel Alito, Justice of the US Supreme Court

[49] ***John Roberts, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court

[50] *Sarah Palin, Catholic Family, converted to Independent Bible church in teens

[51] Terry Randal, Operation Rescue

[52] Joe Scarborough,

[53] Chaplain of US House of Representatives

[54] Newt Gingrich, Fmr Speaker of House and Presidential Candidate

[55] Megyn Kelly, Attorney and Top FOX TV Show Host


* Indicates a dozen who could become President of the USA.

** Indicates a half-dozen who have ran for President, some more than once.

***Indicate current justices on the US Supreme Court, including its Chief Justice.

**** Tony Snow, recently deceased White House Press Secretary and fmr FOX News Commentator & Anchor who could have been President: cancer.

What an incredible list of Conservative & Republican Leaders including the very-possible first woman President of the USA!

In fact, it is fair to ask, would there even be a Republican Party without these tremendously powerful and vigorous Catholic leaders? Perhaps, but not much of one!

The just-stated list "Proves" Conservative Republican Philosophy is "Completely-Compatible" and in sync with Conservative Catholic belief and practice.

Thus we Republicans have many leaders who are Catholic, but to our great 'distress-disdain-&-disgrace', we have utterly failed to win the hearts and confidence of their "Blue-Color-Workers"!

We simply are NOT reaching 'Catholics-in-Mass!'
(no pun intended)

Truth is, we Republicans NEED to reach 'Catholics-in-Mass', and if we have to 'go-to-Mass' to reach them: SO BE IT!

Consider What We Protestants Owe Catholics in the USA

In general, Catholics are not the Republican Base, but rather the base is Jewish Conservatives, Politically-Active Fundamentalists, most of the Evangelical Right & Mainstream Protestant Conservatives make up of the Republican Right!

For some reason, however, we Protestants of the Christian Right, somewhat “snub” and/or do not fellowship with Catholic Christians: yet we Protestants owe Catholics our Spiritual birth as Protestant Denominations.

We Protestants owe Catholics our beloved Bible - from Catholics protecting Scriptures for well over 1,000 years, to the ancient Latin Manuscripts (from which most of the early English Bibles came - including key portions of the KJV)';

Erasmus the Great whom most modern Protestant scholars praise to the Heavens - the translator of the "Received-Text-the Textus-Receptus', was a Catholic Scholar.

Amazingly, he is nearly deified by the modern 'King James Version Only' crowd for his translation of the Greek NT. Thy will almost worship the Catholic Erasmus but wont even consider their Catholic relatives and neighbors, Christian!

We Protestants owe Catholics the whole "Right to Life Movement:" as they have, and do take the lead in all things "against Abortion". You'll hear the Pope and catholic Cardinals & Bishops on TV speaking out against abortion, same-sex-marriage and women clergy, but not Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, Robert Schuler, Joyce Meyers, or ANY Denominational leader: "COWARDS-for-CHRIST" - ALL!

We Protestants owe Catholics the still-lawful traditional marriage that does NOT include same-sex marriage.

We Protestants owe Catholics their whole Christian School & home school movement. Had not the Catholics stood against encroaching government for 200 years there would be nothing but government Christian Schools today!

We Protestants wouldn't have the right to build churches, establish homes for unwed mothers, or senior citizens, had not the Catholics stood against encroaching government for 200 years!

We Protestants wouldn't even have the right to use the Name of Jesus in the Public Square, or TV & Radio ministry had not the Catholics stood against encroaching government for 200 years!

The truth is, we Evangelical, Fundamental, Conservative Main-streamers & Bible Christian Protestants owe Catholics a great debt from 'A-to-Z', that is from 'America-to-Zeal-for-Christ!'

American Catholics Are 80-Million strong, soon to be 100 Million!

The 'Conservative Sleeping-Giant' in the USA is the Catholic Church!

There are 75-80 million American Catholics, plus the 10-12 million who dropped-out in protest of the recent scandals over leaders-&-sexual-abuse-of-boys.

Obviously, if the morality of sexual molestation and homosexuality were strong enough to make these millions drop their Church, then if the morality of the Republican against sexual molestation & homosexuality is strong enough, many will become Republican Cultural Warriors!

Additionally there 2-4 million Orthodox and 2-3 million Anglican-Episcopalians - all denominations using 'Priests' - plus the 'unaffiliated-Catholics': all of which may be a 100 million total by 2012.

Furthermore, no one seems to agree how many illegal immigrants there are in the USA from Mexico & Latin America with numbers ranging from 20-30 million, but what ever the number, everyone agrees at least 90% are Catholic.

Who ever reaches this new demographic will control future elections, and whoever reaches the Conservative Catholics will reach this new demographic!

What Are the Key Issues for American Conservative Catholics?

Key Issues for American Catholics are as follows:

[A] 'Right to Life' - as Catholics are solidly against Abortion.
> > Only Republican RINO's with rabies would be insane enough to want to WEAKEN the Pro-Life Plank of the Republican Party!

[B] 'For Traditional Marriage' - with large families, going to Church as family, with the Catholic School, holy days &

> > Only a Republican RINO's with rabies & dementia would be insane enough to WEAKEN the Pro-Traditional Marriage Plank of the Republican Party!

[C] 'Against same-Sex Marriage' - and the whole homosexual agenda, with ensuing child molestation, etc.

> > Only a Republican RINO's with rabies & dementia on drugs would be insane enough to want to WEAKEN the Pro-Traditional Marriage Plank of the Republican Party!

[D] 'For Traditional American Christian Values' with American Religion: belief in God, prayer, church, respect of Priests-Bishops, & leaders, honor of the Virgin Birth & Mother of Christ, belief in 10-Commandments, the Lord's Day - all that the traditional Republican Party has stood for since Civil War.

> > Trying to make the G.O.P. to be the party of the "G"-Godless, "O"-Openly blaspheming and "P"-Perverted is to reject our greatest hope for tomorrow.

[E] 'For Catholic Schools' - as Catholics stand solidly 'for God & faith-Based Education' as they have for centuries.

> > Only a Republican RINO's with rabies, dementia & schizophrenia on drugs would be insane enough to WEAKEN the 'Christian & Private Schools' Plank of the Republican Party!

If any Republican believes you are helping the "Republican Cause" by supporting 'Public School Teachers & Administrative Unions' with the whole college-related industry, you are clearly unable to recognize - or unwilling to face truth!

The truth is the Government system is such an inbred-mess and rampant decay: there is no hope! The time has some to cease the compromise and DECLARE WAR!

From kindergarten to middle school to high school through college-graduate school they are ANT-American, ANTI-Christian, and ANTI-Republican.

Ivy League Schools wont even allow US Military Recruiters on campus and they discourage any from serving their country. The whole organism is a vicious cancer sucking the life from the USA as well as the Church & the Republican Party!

Republicans have no greater enemy than the NEA!

This Editor used to be a 'duly elected President of an NEA chapter decades ago' and I guarantee you: most NEA members would choose Radical Muslims over Republicans!

Besides the NEA issues at large, a vast number of teachers have been EDUCATED by the Liberal-Left so that is the only positions most of them can articulate for any given position.

Thus HALF-of-THEM are 'evangelistic toward secular-state values and multitudes them spend more time trying to turn their students into Democrats than they do teaching the "Three-R's".

The NEA hates the "Three-R's"
> > > Right-to-Life,
> > > Right-&-Responsibility-to-Work
> > > Republicans"

Thus to allow any students to be under their example & instruction is to guarantee that 8-of-10 high School graduates will NOT be Republican when they reach voting age!

The inverse is also true: Private Christian Schools graduate 80% Conservative Republicans!

[Not to mention this saves the US Tax Payer Billions in tax dollars needed if all private school students came back to the terminally-ill Government Schools!]

The NEA and Government education are as sworn to destroy the Republican Party as Muslims are the Jews!

Appeasement fails - and HAS ALREADY FAILED! IT'S OVER! Government workers at all levels vote 80% AGAINST Republicans! With the NEA it is closer to 90%. We HAVE NOT succeeded by appeasing and/or compromising and we WILL NOT!

Somebody needs to be brave enough to "Call the Republican Troops to War!" In fact their definition of the word is: W.A.R - Wage Against Republicans!

WHO will be our Champion? Who will stand up for us?

Why do Republicans have NO Courage to Come out Strongly for Catholic, Christian & Private Schools?

If you don't get this Section BE SURE to Read "The USA is not GAY"

FACT-1! Gentiles Christians - who came out of the Jewish faith - were told to remember and respect their Roots: that if the Roots were 'Holy' so were the Branches that grew from the roots;

Like wise if the Root was not Holy - was sickly, diseased or dying - so would the Branches be.

We are also warned to remember that it is the ROOTS that bear the BRANCHES - not the Branches that bear the Roots!

[This important teaching is recorded in the Scripture near the bottom]

The principle is equally applied to the Catholics & Protestants. We Protestants are the Branches of the 'Same-Lump', of the 'Same-Root', coming out of and evolving from the Catholic Church as did Christianity the Jewish Covenant.

FACT-2! How disgraceful and disrespectful for Protestants to be judgmental and condemning to the Spiritual Parents who bore them!

FACT-3! It comes as a terribly rude shock, but Martin Luther & the early reformers never rejected the Doctrine of "Purge-a-tory", but only the acceptance of money to pray people out of purge-a-tory.

FACT-4! Martin Luther was a proper Catholic Priest, though leaving the Catholic Church, he always believed the Bible taught "purge-a-tory" as clearly as it taught "Salvation by Grace through faith". He was a tremendous Scholar of the original languages and understood the Scripture as follows:

Scripture clearly teaches in Peter's Letter, "He that suffers in the flesh, ceases from sin." This is either true or not true. If one were cast in Hell-fire, they would certainly suffer in the flesh and cease from sin. Many of the early reformers so believed.

Thus they taught people were only cast in hell until all sins of the heart were finally renounced by their suffering in the flesh, upon which time they were awakened to Jesus Christ the One-and-only-Saviour!

FACT-5! Is purge-a-tory true? Doesn't matter!

FACT-6! Paul preached Jesus his whole life, in many nations, on two continents - maybe three - wrote over half the New Testament and NEVER USED THE WORD HELL!

NOT EVEN ONCE! Thus it is an unimportant, irrelevant doctrine!

FACT-7! All of us Protestants MUST REMEMBER: Jesus NEVER said anyone was saved by believing in 'Hell' - or the devil!

Jesus guaranteed people are saved by believing in Him - Jesus Christ of Nazareth: Virgin-born, Son of God, Crucified, Resurrected, Ascended, Reining at the right-hand-of the Father and certain to Return to Earth.

FACT-8! All branches of Catholicism all over the world of all ages believe - and have believed these things.

FACT-9! ALL of the early Church Fathers from Christ & Paul forward, who mentioned the doctrine of suffering of the damned after death, believed in some type of temporary'purging-by-being-punished' for their Earthly sins.

FACT-10! On one in Church history ever mentioned an eternal punishing in hell-fire for human sins until the 5th-Century - longer after Christ than our country has been a nation - by a factor of two!

FACT-11! Nowhere in your bible does it require "Believing in eternal Hell Fire to be saved!"

FACT-12! Nothing is more blasphemous against the blood of Christ than to make believing in a dark-ages myth equal to Christ, His Cross & His Blood!

FACT-13! Believing in Christ as Saviour, His Cross & His Blood: THIS IS WHAT SAVES!

FACT-14! "Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God."

The truth about 'Purge-a-tory' and 'Hellfire is EXACTLY this: it doesn't even matter!

FACT-15! So let's all work together to get everyone believing in, living for, loving & serving Jesus Christ as Saviour . . .

. . . and stand together "UNITED FOR CHRIST" against the mighty Muslim threat approaching 2-billion people . . .


FACT-17! It is time, for us rebellious Protestant-Bible-Christians - and stubborn traditional Catholics to quit acting like "Beavis-&-Butthead";

FACT-18! It is time for us to unite against the terrorists who have "SWORN ON THE DEATH OF THEIR SUICIDE-BOMBED-&-BOMBER- CHILDREN TO DESTROY US!"

FACT-19! If you don't AGREE IMMEDIATELY - remove head from deep sand, re-read, and let's all get with the Program: It's called Christ's GREAT COMMISSION!

FACT-20! If you still don't get it, take a vacation in search of bin Laden in Afghanistan - stay until "Head Clears" and you FINALLY GET IT!

We can 'Unite & Survive' or 'Cease to Exist' - Period.

"U.S.A" not "G.A.Y" - LAST CHANCE? Three Options and Three Years to Decide!

It is "U.S.A" not "G.A.Y" - Note that U.S.A. in this modern world of sin & sodomy: USA is now UNITED STRAIGHT AMERICA

As Scripture clearly showes there are not 500-different-kinds-of-Churches. There are not five-different-kinds-of-Churches. There are not even two-different-kinds-of-Churches.

there is only ONE faith, ONE Lord, ONE baptism (in His Name}, ONE Family (with His Name), ONE Future - and it's ALL JESUS!

Furthermore: there are not multiple kings of Churches!

* * * There is NO ROMAN Church!

* * * There is NO GREEK Church!

* * * There is NO PROTESTANT Church!

* * * There is NO INDEPENDENT Church - or Churches!

* * * There is ONLY CHRIST'S CHURCH!

* * * If you don't AGREE IMMEDIATELY . . . you may as well order some turbans & burkas . . .

So my Fellow-Republicans: we have three options:

[ I ] We can "Stay-Stupid" - and allow Radical Islamic Muslims to destroy us from the face of planet Earth!

[ II ] We can ignore religion & values - "Talk-only-about-Tariffs-&-Taxes" - and allow the Radical "Dam-O-Crats" to turn everything from San Francisco to Georgia into Sodom & Gomorrah!

[In case you hadn't noticed they are half-way-home!]

[ III ] "Give-up-the-ignorance-that-Politically-Correct and go for simply being "Correct! Scripturally Correct!"

REMEMBER that all Catholics [a] believe in, [b] love, [c] serve, [d] worship, [e] praise, [f] thank, [g] are baptized in the Name of, [h] and take Communion in Memory of, [i] read the Testament of THE SAME JESUS WE PROTESTANTS DO!

We can join with them under ONE BIG TENT - Neither-Protestant-nor-Roman-Catholic . . . but CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN!

We can SAVE our beloved nation, FINISH the Great War President Bush was brave enough to start, making the world SAFE to Evangelize the sane Muslims by stopping the insane Muslims.

Three options to choose from, and three-years to make the choice. [Consider carefully! It make be our last opportunity!]

Let Each Republican take a 'Holy Vow' to bring an American Catholic into the Republican Party!

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