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"IF" there exists any such entity as 'The Word of God'; [and there most definitely does!]

"THEN" by inherent definition - it must be: Holy, Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible, Indestructible, Inalienable, Immutable, Impeccable, Inexhaustible, Infinitive, Invincible, Impossible-to-Improve: and Eternal! NEVER FAILING and ALL CONQUERING!

"DEDUCTING" from the simple fact - that God equates His Word with Himself: "In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, . . ." John 1:1 (and other Scriptures), the 'Word of God' can have no lesser standard than stated above;

And "IF IT BE NOT" - Holy, Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible, Indestructible, Inalienable, Immutable, Inexhaustible, Infinitive, Invincible, Impeccable, Impossible-to-Improve and Eternal - whatever else it may be . . . it cannot be the Implacable, Incomparable, Indomitable Word of the Great Creator God!

The "Most Published Person in History"

(now approaching 400-Million copies said:)
The Scriptures must be made the infallible foundation of all teaching; the ruin, redemption and regeneration of mankind must be set forth in unmistakable terms.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Sermon on "Praying for Revival!"


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Are You Spiritually Asleep, Deceived, Blind, Lukewarm or an 'Old Wineskin?"?

“If you currently are in one of these conditions, do you want to know?”

QUESTION-1: If you are Spiritually Asleep, Deceived, Blind, Lukewarm, or an 'Old Wineskin' . . .

    How would you know?

QUESTION-2: Do you know spiritual leader - Minister, preacher, teacher, Pastor, elder, etc., - who admits to one or more of these conditions?

QUESTION-3: Have you ever heard any spiritual leader admit to one or more of these conditions in the 'present tense?'

QUESTION-4: How would you go about helping any fellow-laborer recognize one of these conditions?

QUESTION-5: How would you go about seeking to find out if you are in one of these conditions?

“Will you read honestly & carefully, asking God to speak to your heart?”

A Five-Fold Analysis of you in ministry!

[QUESTION-I] Are you 'Spiritually Asleep'?

How would you - or anyone else including us - KNOW - if one is 'Spiritually Asleep'?

God warns us in His Word about being Spiritually Asleep, and tells us that it is TIME, for God’s Leaders to ‘WAKE UP’! Time to see the need! See the danger! See the opportunities of the Hour! “Blow the Trumpet in Zion!” Sound the ALARM!

Are you doing this?

Do you see that our nation is at nearly an irreversible point of no return - as surely as the swimmer nearing that hopeless point of NO RETURN -near the edge of Niagara Falls. Surely you know God’s Word promises that when judgment comes, it will BEGIN at the House of God!

The USA being in such a spiritually disgusting mess is

> NOT the people’s fault!

> NOT the Government’s fault!

> NOT the Lay Christian’s fault!

IT IS WE MINISTER’S FAULT! My fault & yours!

God says clearly in Romans they shall NOT HEAR THE TRUTH of the Gospel of the Kingdom - EXCEPT - a God-Called- Preacher go to them and TELL THEM the GREAT NEWS!

What are we PREACHING??? Or should we ask: How are we ENTERTAINING? How well do we make people LAUGH? Do we preach for POPULARITY more than POWERFULLY changing lives & communities FOREVER!

To whom are we PREACHING - the CHOIR & ELDERS???

*** God CANNOT bless our two-bit ministries BECAUSE we do NOT do that which God is Pleased to bless!

*** God CANNOT give us more “Souls-to-Watch”, BECAUSE we are not “Watching the Souls we have now!"

We Ministers are NOT searching the wilderness for that ONE LONE SHEEP - LOST TO THE FOLD!

We Ministers do not GO after the “ONE LOST SHEEP” - hurting, struggling, wandering, & lost - BECAUSE we do not CARE about the LOST SHEEP!

Instead . . . . . WE GATHER WITH THE Ninety-and-Nine Safe in the FOLD! We EAT, we sing TO each other and CLAP for each other; we praise - even God - sometimes!


We worship [Worship is to SUBMIT, to BOW DOWN TO; it is NEVER mentioned with singing!!!] our DENOMINATIONS more than Jesus Christ! [See whose NAME is on the sign out front!]


Most of our congregations worship the PASTOR more than Jesus Christ! [See whose NAME is on the sign out front!]


Most of us worship [submit, bow down to the USA more than Jesus Christ! [See whose FLAG is flying out front!]

We FORGET the One Lost Sheep and GATHER WITH THE 99-Safe in the FOLD! Modern Ministry is all about 'FIXING up the FOLD' - rather than 'Finding the Lost Sheep!'

We fellowship, we talk about how we miss the Lost Sheep, we talk about the sins and burdens of the Lost Sheep, we put their name on a ‘Prayer List - basically to be ignored!

We do everything EXCEPT what Christ COMMANDED US TO DO regarding Lost Sheep! We don’t “GO GET THEM!”

Truth is, we Ministers TOTALLY misunderstand this teaching Jesus gave! We think it says the STUBBORN & REBELLIOUS Sheep is out in the wilderness! We think it says the STUPID & FOOLISH Sheep is out in the wilderness! We think it says the PROUD & UNWILLING-to-RETURN Sheep is out in the wilderness!

But Christ didn’t say ANY of those things! He said LOST SHEEP! The sheep is lost! Yet we ministers say “They’ll come back when they can’t take the hog pen any more - in reference to the Prodigal Son. But the Prodigal Son wasn’t lost - HE KNEW WHAT the answer was, WHERE the answer was and WHO the answer was.

LOST - by definition - means one, several, or ALL of the following!

[ A ] You don’t KNOW where you are!

[ B ] You don’t KNOW how you got there!

[ C ] You don’t EVEN KNOW how you got on the wrong path!

[ D ] You don’t EVEN KNOW how to get back where you started!

[ E ] You don’t KNOW for sure, now, where you are supposed to be going!

[ F ] You WOULDN’T KNOW how to get there, EVEN IF some one told you where to go for sure!

[ G ] And if someone gave you a PERFECT ROADMAP, you’ve been wondering SO LONG, the ENERGY IS GONE, and you have no means to travel.

[ H ] ***What you NEED, is a FRIEND & GUIDE - a SHEPHERD - someone who is EXPECTING you to “DO & BE” at a CERTAIN place, at a CERTAIN time; who comes LOOKING FOR YOU, searches until you are found, puts you in THEIR VEHICLE, and TAKES YOU to the PLACE YOU NEED TO BE!

However, we modern Ministers don’t do this! We COUNSEL those who come to us! We TEACH those who come to us! We ENCOURAGE those who come to us - but We don’t GO & GET ANYONE - especially if they have to be searched for as Christ commanded!

We’re Spiritually Asleep! nWe’re Resting! We’re Relaxing! We’re Comfortable! Yes . . . And WE’RE DREAMING! And it has turned into a SPIRITUAL NIGHTMARE!

Look at your community! Look at your nation! Look at your ministry! Look at YOURSELF in light of God’s Word & “W-A-K-E U-P” That’s what this message is all about! WAKING YOU UP!

So how does someone know if they are Spiritually Asleep? ANSWER Only by being awakened: THEN one realizes one has been asleep, and ONLY by checking references OUTSIDE OF SELF can one determine HOW LONG the sleep lasted!

Are you Spiritually Asleep?


Are you 'Spiritually Deceived'? How would you - or anyone else including us - KNOW - if one is 'Spiritually Deceived'?


EXAMPLES: > The Government School system continues to NOT get the job done! Dropout rates, illiteracy & ignorance are ON THE RISE!

> > Modern Methods of teaching children 'right-from-wrong' are NOT working! School shootings, violence, and teen-crimes are ON THE RISE!

> > > Modern Psychology dealing with domestic & child abuse is NOT working! Such is INCREASING GREATLY! Teaching children to 'hit a pillow', let out their anger, etc., ONLY INCREASES a propensity to VIOLENCE!

> > > > Modern Secular Sex Education is NOT working! All were assured that when BIBLE STANDARDS were removed and sexual freedom was embraced, that RAPE & sexual abuse of CHILDREN would disappear! They were 100% wrong and such crimes are ON THE RISE!

So, we at NewtonStein ask YOU to look at your personal ministry, your denomination and Christianity in the USA: Are YOU winning your town for Christ? How much INFLUENCE for God & good do YOU have in your town?

Likewise for your denomination in the land and Christianity in the "G-8 Nations", the "Ivy League", the "United Nations", etc.

[JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION - Leading voices are informing world leaders & policy makers that in JUST 35 YEARS, there will be NO RELIGIOUS INFLUENCE IN THE WORLD - except Islam!]

Are you Spiritually Deceived, just fooling yourself, simply PRETENDING that your "Church Activities Make an Eternal Difference" when truthfully, if YOU - and/or YOUR ministry -disappeared tomorrow, YOUR TOWN WOULD NEITHER NOTICE NOR CARE?

[It could be, that YOU & YOUR ministry is SO LAME, so compromising, so watered-down, so UNSCRIPTURAL, so ENTERTAINMENT ORIENTED, and so lightweight - that even God would neither notice nor care!!! THINK ABOUT IT!]

If you and your ministry are spiritually worthless to the Kingdom of Christ - more of an EMBARRASSMENT than an asset, UNPROFITABLE as Jesus said of the Servant who was faithful but DID NOT INCREASE his talents! If some Secular-Do-Gooder-Organization could do everything your 'Christian Social Club is doing: REPENT!!!!! CHANGE!!!!! DO THE FIRST WORKS!!!!!

Are you Spiritually Deceived?

[ QUESTION-III ] Are you 'Spiritually Lukewarm'? How would you - or anyone else including us - KNOW - if one is 'Spiritually Lukewarm'?

ANSWER Only by making oneself ACCOUNTABLE to the 'Scriptural Standard' of those who were 'Spiritually on Fire'!

Scripture says 'All who live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution' & Jesus said that 'we would be hated' for HIS NAME'S SAKE - "IF" indeed we are STANDING FOR HIS NAME!

It seems that instead of 'standing for Christ's Name', MOST modern ministers are 'bending over to appease', and MANY have already 'laid down in defeat & disgust! IF you are NOT being persecuted in the 'heat of the battle, MAYBE it's because you are putting up a battle!

CONSIDERATIONS: * When have YOU 'rebuked-before-All-that-others-will fear' like John the Baptist did to Herod for adultery? [one redeeming factor of our modern sinful generation is that it offers MANY OPPORTUNITIES for strong Christian LEADERSHIP!

To 'Rebuke-before-ALL-that-others-will fear': This is one of our commanded responsibilities, you know! (You do know this, don't you?)

I Timothy 5:20 "Them that sin, REBUKE before all, that others also may fear."

* John the Baptist, Jesus, Peter, James, John, Paul & fellow-ministers were ALL ARRESTED & IMPRISONED for Public Preaching in the NAME of Jesus, for rebuking secular leaders for sin, and/or obedience to Christ in defiance of secular law, etc.

> > > Have YOU ever been arrested for Christian ministry? < < <

> > > Have you even had your name in the paper for NOT OBEYING secular law?

> > > Do you do ANYTHING in the PUBLIC SQUARE & MARKET PLACE - as John B, Jesus, Peter, James, John, Paul & fellow-ministers did?

> > > Do you do ANY MINISTRY in the NAME of Jesus, standing AGAINST any sin, while NOT HIDING BEHIND THE WALLS of your Church-house? ANYTHING? < < <

For MANY of us - we ARE such 'piddling-playing-around-preachers' & 'miserly-mousy-ministers' - NOT AT ALL THE BOLD CHRIST-LIKE-KIND! We're COWARDS and COMPROMISERS! LUKEWARM!

You certainly know JESUS HAD HARSH DENUNCIATION for the Lukewarm: that He would 'SPUE them out of His mouth!' [We often forget Jesus is doing the direct-speaking in The Revelation chapters 1-3!]

Are you Spiritually Lukewarm?

[ QUESTION-IV ] Are you 'Spiritually Blind'? How would you - or anyone else including us - KNOW - if one is 'Spiritually Blind'? [NOTE that Jesus, after making His 'LUKEWARM' denunciation, informs them that they 'do not realize they are BLIND! Rev 3:17.]

[NOTE: IF you read every NT reference on 'spiritual blindness' it is confusing: saying God hath blinded, willful blindness, blinded by ignorance, and blinded by the god of this world. MOST of this is due to 'Translation Error' of Hebrew nuance from the Masoretic Text carried over into the Greek. This is greatly clarified by the Greek Septuagint Jesus & Paul used. Watch for this in the "MISUNDERSTANDING" page]

The point is, we can be spiritually blind, are warned against it, and Jesus had HARSH DENUNCIATION for the same!

Jesus said Mat 15:14 Let them alone: they be BLIND leaders of the BLIND. And if the BLIND lead the BLIND, both shall fall into the ditch. Mat 23:16 Woe unto you, ye BLIND guides, [ministers are guides!]

Mat 23:17 Ye fools and BLIND: Mat 23:19 Ye fools and BLIND: Mat 23:24 Ye BLIND guides, [ministers are guides!]

Joh 9:39-41 And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made BLIND. And some of the Pharisees which were with him heard these words, and said unto him, Are we BLIND also?

ANSWER To know if we are 'Spiritually Blind', we simply need consider Christ's PARABLE:

Luk 6:39 And he spake a parable unto them, Can the BLIND lead the BLIND? shall they not both fall into the ditch? How is the COMMUNITY surrounding your ministry headquarters: repenting like Nineveh - or 'Sinning like Sodom' - in the ditch?

Likewise for our nation. We don't need to hire a polling firm to see how we are doing: Most of the USA is in the Hollywood, Sodom-&-San-Francisco DITCH, with modern Las-Vegas-Laodicean-Churches 'Crashing-&-Closing' right beside them!

Are you Spiritually Lukewarm?

[ QUESTION-V ] Are you a 'Spiritually Old Wineskin'? How would you - or anyone else including us - KNOW - if one is an 'Old-Wineskin'?

Obviously, if one is over age-40, one must certainly be aware of taking positions on issues that are simply 'Generation-based' - how me & my cohorts came up - rather than 'Scripturally based'.

Much preaching in all ages is simply 'an older generation trying to get a younger generation to be like them - CULTURALLY SPEAKING - and Christ, His Commission or spiritually has NOTHING to do with it!

EXAMPLE: This editor went to Bob Jones University (about 100 years ago I think! :) Any way, the EMPHASES on a tapered haircut, no beard & no mustache

[when God commanded men NOT to shave like the Egyptians. “IF” God wanted men to have a smooth face like a woman he would NEVER HAVE DESIGNED, ON-PURPOSE, for the male-beard to grow! So who are they following?]

Additionally, there were no footballs allowed on campus [but basketball was OK], no Billy Graham on the radio, or non-classical music [mostly written in MINORS by depressed, alcoholics who were NOT worshippers of God].


"Preaching culture is 'CULTISH - that's what a 'CULT' is - everyone doing all things the same!" TRUTH is above culture, encompassing & pervading all things!

TRUTH transverses many cultures: we know this for SURE from God's use of two huge paradigms: Hebrew for 2000 years & Greek for at least 2000 years, plus Paul's ministry to Asia and other cultures, teaching CHRIST and declaring: "All things are lawful unto me ...", "Let each be fully persuaded in his own mind", "Let no man judge his brother", etc.

The point is with 'Old Wineskins', Jesus gave us a very sad teaching. Just when we are getting old enough to be our WISEST - and should be our best - we RUIN IT ALL with 'Pig-headed-Attitudes'.

Christ chose 'NONE of the older-&-wiser generation' for His 12 disciples! BEWARE that one can be a 'WORTHLESS old wineskin by age 29 - especially if raised in a 'CULTISH-CULTURE-CENTERED-CHURCH'

OR . . .

One can be iconoclastic at 70-plus, like Luis Palau, the great Evangelist, or Tommy Barnett at Phoenix, or Jerry Falwell before his passing.

[Personal Note - I knew Dr. Falwell quite well over many decades, and ONE OF HIS GREATEST SECRETS - was his ability to keep the 'SAME OLD TRUTH' wrapped in 'brand new ribbon', generation after generation. Thus as one-little-country-boy, his personal ministry exceeded that of most denominations and still THRIVES TODAY. Falwell NEVER became an Old Wineskin!

Paul said "I am ALL things, to ALL people, that by ALL means, I may save many!"

Denominations say "We are ONLY ONE thing, done ONLY ONE way - regardless the 'people-or-place', and regardless the 'situation-or-circumstances', with ONLY ONE SIZE, reaching almost NO ONE - and closing Church doors faster than new ones can be opened!

Are you a Worthless-Old-Wineskin?

Be sure to come back EVERY WEEK for a message JUST FOR MINISTERS!

Weekly Message for Ministers, who truly want to "Change Their World" - THROUGH CHRIST JESUS!

Be Challenged! Be Motivated! Be Stirred, Be Restored to FIRST LOVE! Make a New Commitment - TODAY!

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