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Charles Spurgeon's Tabernacle in London, England

Charles Haddon Spurgeon: Is He the "Most Blessed" of God's Reformation Era?
Spurgeon was Never Ordained, Never Attended College or Seminary!
Yet God Blessed him the "Most Published Person in History!"
(Writings Now Approaching 400-Million Copies!)
While Pastoring World's Largest Church!

Charles_Haddon_Spurgeon DARK SEATED

"Doctor of Evangelism"
For True Evangelistic Bible Ministers
"Great Scholarship!"
For ALL who "Make the Commitment!"

Spurgeon's Metropolitan Tabernacle: South Side

Spurgeon Theological Seminary Evangelism Degree:
One of a Kind!

Charles Spurgeon Portrait: Greatly Overwight, Died age 57;

Charles Spurgeon: A Legacy of 57 Volumes of Sermons!

Global Leader: Online Evangelism Degrees;

Inside Spurgeon's Tabernacle

Making "SOUL-WINNERS" out of Bible Scholars. . .

. . . and BIBLE SCHOLARS out of "Soul-Winners" WORLD-WIDE!


Radically Dedicated to Christ's Commission!

"Teach ALL People ALL things I have Taught You!"
- Jesus Christ, AD-33; Mat 28:18-20


Spurgeon Seminary Prayer

"Christ King of ALL Nations, Bible Law in ALL Governments!
"Christ Lord in ALL Hearts, Churches in ALL Homes:
"And Every Church, a Christian School!
In Our Lifetime!"
Worth Living For? Fighting For? Voting For? Dying For?


Dear Minister of Jesus Christ!

We greatly seek to teach, promote, honor and reward Scriptural Evangelism, in this day when it seems so lacking in most modern local Churches (by Ministers, Deacons and Congregation), as well as Bible Schools and Seminaries.

NOTE: In fact, if you know of even one Seminary who does as follows, that we can verify, we will compensate you monetarily! (The following is what we urge all of our 100-plus affiliated Bible Schools to prioritize):

To Be A Bible College or Seminary that;

    >> Requires ALL students to do personal Evangelism,

    >> In ALL Semesters (earning a 'Minor in Evangelism'),

    >> Being paired-with their Bible College Professors and Seminary Administrators,

    >> Who take Seminary Students out into the 'highways and hedges' 2-3 times weekly, and 'TEACH THEM' personal evangelism, by 'DOING it!'

    >> (Thus all Teachers and Staff MUST be Soul Winner also!)

      FOOTNOTE [1]

Spurgeon School of Evangelism

We carefully set-up the Spurgeon Theological Seminary as a Biblical Institution of Higher Learning using Charles Haddon Spurgeon as a "role-model" - teaching similar theology - but primarily as a School of Evangelism and Pastoral Leadership.

Though Spurgeon was a very humble man, with no education and was never ordained, God used him mightily!

So, no matter what your shortcomings may be - IF YOUR HEART IS RIGHT . . . God can use you mightily as well!

Please remember, that God in His Great Sovereignty, approved Spurgeon to be the most published Minister who ever lived (well over 300-million copies closing in on 400 million).

Since he parted ways with the Baptists and became a simple, "Community, Biblical, Non-denominational Ministry - with his teachings reaching many branches of Christianity - he seems a Minister that all of us can learn from.


As the World's Largest Conservative Bible Seminary System, we extremely want to do as follows:

    >> REWARD, enable and empower “The "Preaching Evangelist" with a Doctorate in Evangelism

    >> REWARD, enable and empower “The Personal Soul-winner" with a Doctorate in Evangelism

Sadly, many ministers who come to Cambridge Theological Seminary for a Doctorate, really do not qualify for a "Doctor of Divinity." They simply don't have the college, studies, expertise, or experience, for this time-honored and well-defined Degree and Title.

However, since we do want to enhance, enable and empower as many of God's true Bible Ministers as possible, we have set up the Spurgeon Doctorate in Evangelism Program as follows:

Spurgeon Doctorate of Evangelism

The D. Evan. is granted as follows:

    >> A "Call them to Future Commitment,"

    >> NOT A “Reward for Past Achievement!”

This gives EVERY SERIOUS Bible Minister - of any and every station in life - an opportunity for the powerful, modern advantage of a Doctorate Title and Degree!

Does this make sense to you? Our requirement from you is one of the two following statements:

[A] "Call to Future Commitment" for Preaching Evangelist

    * We require a 'signed-commitment' under God, to call people to Salvation in Christ by preaching in every revival and Gospel preaching opportunity, so long as you shall live to preach the gospel, always proclaiming the Good News of Salvation by God's Great Grace, through Faith alone, in the Name of Jesus Christ alone!

OR . . .

[A] "Call to Future Commitment" for Personal Soul-Winner

    * We require a 'signed-commitment' under God, to call people to Christ in personal witnessing and soul-winning, at least once a week, and/or as you have opportunity . . . so long as you shall live to witness the gospel, willing to share the Good News of Salvation by God's Great Grace, through Faith alone, in the Name of Jesus Christ alone!

We also ask:

    o The completion of Five-Lessons on Evangelism;

    o And One Lesson on the Philosophy of Christ's Ministry

    o (These can easily be completed in a week!)

Fellow Ministers;

We have an old-time established Gospel Evangelistic Association Member who is so urgent to see this program come to pass . . . with a great burden for America and seeing the decreased emphasis on Evangelists, Evangelism, Evangelistic Crusades, and local Churches with Personal Soul-winning Programs . . .

. . . that they are willing to pay $51 on all applicant's processing fees (of the $151) . . .

. . . leaving only $100 for the Evangelist to invest in adding the Title of Doctor of Evangelism to their name . . . FOR LIFE!

This $100 will bring you a Doctor's Degree in Evangelism - D. Evan. - and a Beautiful Certificate to you door in Hard-Cover Confirmation Mail within a few days of receiving your application, and help us continue this ministry, that is 99% volunteer!

All for Jesus!

Spurgeon School of Evangelism

"Spurgeon's Tabernacle", and "Spurgeon's Tomb"



Spurgeon Seminary Statement On Scripture;


"IF" there exists any such thing as 'The Word of God'; [and much evidence proves such does exist:]

"THEN" by inherent definition - it must be:

    Holy, Inspired, Inerrant, Intrepid, Infallible, Infinitive, Invincible, Indestructible, Inexhaustible, Inalienable, Immutable, Implacable, Impossible-to-Improve: Eternal and Indubitable NEVER FAILING and ALL CONQUERING!
DEDUCTING from the simple fact - that God equates His Word with Himself:
    "In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, . . ." John 1:1 (and other Scriptures),

Thus 'GOD'S WORD' can have no lesser standard than stated above;


    As true in history, archeology, geography, Earth science, medical science, nutrition, gerontology, agriculture, botany, astronomy, physics, chemistry, climatology, government, law, psychology, sociology - and every subject it touches - as in Theology, Divinity and Doctrine:

And "IF IT BE NOT"- true in all subjects mentioned above; and And "IF IT BE NOT"

    Holy, Inspired, Inerrant, Intrepid, Infallible, Infinitive, Invincible, Indestructible, Inexhaustible, Inalienable, Immutable, Implacable, Impossible-to-Improve: Eternal and Indubitable in EVERY FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE:

Whatever else it may be, it cannot be ‘The Incomparable Word’ of the Great Creator God!


The "Most Published Person in History"

(now approaching 400-Million copies said:)
The Scriptures must be made the infallible foundation of all teaching; the ruin, redemption and regeneration of mankind must be set forth in unmistakable terms.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Sermon on "Praying for Revival!"


Free, Online, Same-Day Ordination for Genuine Bible Ministers
Largest Bible Ordaining Body of New Ordainees in the USA
Must Sign a Strong 'Doctrinal Statement' of Faith and Calling)
Same-Day, Online, Ministerial Ordination

Charles Spurgeon as He Usually Appeared;

Spurgeon "DOCTOR of EVANGELISM" Ranked No-1

(Put the following in Google and "Check it Out!")
Free Ordination and Honorary Degrees
(Thanks for making us Number-One!)

Spurgeon Theological Seminary Evangelism Degree:
One of a Kind!

rotating star SPURGEON MARBLE BUST rotating star
Marble Bust of Charles Spurgeon

Welcome to Spurgeon's Doctor of Evangelism

Founded by an Ohio 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Educational Corporation
Issuing God's Ministers the Finest of Credentials for 34 years
Managed by North Carolina Educational Corporation 28th year


Spurgeon Theological Seminary™, Office

Global Leader: Online Religious Degrees
64561 Arrowhead Road, Cambridge, OHIO 43725
Telephone: Office Telephone 1.740.432._ _ _ _
Please See "Before You Call"

Spurgeon Theological Seminary™

Cambridge Christian Academy of Schools
Genuine Christian Ministry of four-decades, Registered in State of Ohio
With a Non-Profit Educational Corporation 501(c)(3) in 34th year
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Our Online Religious Degrees "Application" is Pages Long - Not an "Email"
You must sign a "Statement of Faith"
You must sign a "Statement of Commitment"
You must sign a "Statement of Experience in Ministry"

Young Charles Spurgeon in 6th Year of Pastoring: Age 23!

Spurgeon's "Costs-Only" Online Religious Degrees Program

We receive Tithes & Offerings from those who want you to have a Doctor's Title
Volunteers work in this program to allow "You" this Reward. . .
Sincerest prayers are prayed, for you to avail this opportunity!

"Doctoral Degrees" not 'awarded' to non-Christians;
"Doctoral Degrees" not awarded to PRO-GAYS, Homosexuals;
"Doctoral Degrees" not awarded to those who reject Authority of God's Word!

"Doctor of Divinity" is awarded in the tradition of Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. Jerry Falwell, and Dr. D. James Kennedy, etc.
(For list of 100 such well-known ministers, see)
Well-Known Ministers using/used our "Doctoral Degree-&-Title-Premise"


Dr. of Evangelism Application Doctoral Degree Programs
General Enrollment

For Other Online Religious Degrees & Doctoral Programs see

Cambridge Theological Seminary

Spurgeon Urgent: Old-fashioned Doctrine

We want a revival of old-fashioned doctrine.
I know not a single doctrine which is not at this hour
studiously undermined by those who ought to be its defenders.

There is not a truth that is precious to the soul
which is not now denied by those whose profession it is to proclaim it.
To me it is clear
that we need a revival of old-fashioned gospel preaching
like that of Whitefield and Wesley.


>> Requires an "EXHAUSTIVE, personal research project" of the Holy Scriptures, studying every single time anyone in the New Testament witnessed to anyone else: who witnessed to whom, the results, how the witnessors' messages were different, what they had in common, and draw conclusions.

>> Also requires an "EXHAUSTIVE, personal research study" of the Holy Scriptures studying Jesus, Paul, and Peter, determining their priorities of (a) time, (b) preaching topics, (c) ministry focus and emphases . . .

. . . and (d) determining the many things they did NOT do, (e) did NOT emphasize and (f) did NOT even mention: then doing a comparative study to "modern Ministers" and their priorities.

>> Lastly for each Seminary Student to "intern" their last year with a local congregation overseeing their "evangelism plan" to (a) focus the Ministry, (b) train the people coordinating as many events as possible, and (c) reporting on the "project": what worked, what didn't and what changes will be made when the "Seminary graduate" goes out into their first Ministry!

>> Also requires Seminary Students to "TRAIN NEW CONVERTS" they have won, to become "Soul-Winners themselves" . . . by taking them personally into the 'streets and lanes' of the city just, as their Bible College Professors trained them.

>> Further requires students them to "PREACH EVANGELISTICALLY" every week they are in Seminary - preferably every Mid-week, Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights;

>> Preaching - NOT straining at GNATS as most seminarians do - but as Apostle Paul who insisted: "for I determined to know NOTHING among you except Jesus Christ and Him Crucified!"

COPYRIGHT (c) 1977 Spurgeon Theological Seminary



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