Embryonic Stem-Cell Research - THE BIG LIE . . . even Dr. Oz says so!

Michael Fox sat as a guest on Oprah's show in stunned silence!

Oprah was pretty shocked also.

What caused their astonishment was some truth-telling by Oprah's other guest, a popular physician named Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz is a cardiovascular surgeon at Columbia University.

Earlier this month, Dr. Oz, appeared on the Oprah Show and explained this amazing lie to Oprah and her other guest, Michael Fox -- the premier promoter of human embryonic stem cell research because of his Parkinson's disease.

Dr. Oz explained that human embryonic stem cells

> > are not the solution to the cure for Fox's Parkinson's

> > or any other disease.

Indeed, Dr. Oz warned them -- the millions of Americans who are so enamored with embryonic stem-cell research -- that these embryonic stem cells multiply at such a rapid pace, they cannot be controlled. (like cancer on steroids!)

This most amazing truth burst upon the American public April 22, 2009 - at 9:56 am, Eastern Standard Time - finally - by a Doctor who just couldn't live with "THE BIG LIE!" any longer1

Indisputable evidence proves without exception, that injecting such cells into mice have caused life-ending cancerous tumors.

The Good Doctor, Dr. Oz, was brave enough to warned Michael Fox face-to-face . . . that that would also happen if such human embryonic stem cells were injected into him.
We at Ministers-Best-Friend.com want you to THINK seriously about this for a moment!

The educated community has known for a decade, but people like us at Ministers-Best-Friend.com reaching a thousand new preachers a day,a few programs on Christian radio, and a handful of brave Christian doctors is of little effect against CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the Democratic party, the liberal Republicans, the Libertarians, the collective print and radio media, etc.

[NOTE! This article has a "Suprise ending!"]


The truth of this "BIG LIE!" exposed, should make you angry!

[1] The mainstream media has collectively "Lied to the American Public" for many years . . . with almost EVERY teaching doctor and medical college professor - and at least half of regular doctors knowing this . . . much of the modern media had to know this as well . . . but they just kept lying because it served their "communist agenda";

[2] Because the promise of "Curing many terrible diseases was so popular with the masses, . . . many politicians with no honesty - who will do anything to win - also used this "BIG LIE!" to get elected . . . hoping that if enough people kept telling the "BIG LIE!" . . . that the Average American would never find out or believe the truth!

[3] By lying so blatantly to the American Public, think how many media people, politicians, liberal communist-leftest organizations "raised money" from hard-working people . . . by selling them on a promise we all would like to believe was true (that is the soon and certain cure of many hideous diseases from embryonic-stem-cell research)

ALL of this money was WASTED!

ALL of this effort was a FRAUD!

All of this great campaign was strictly the "BIG LIE!"

Smear the Bible Christians

If the above was all there were to it, this "BIG LIE" would still have been a terrible crime lasting a decade, but there is more . . . and it is even a worse crime!

[4] Embryonic stem cells are taken from aborted babies. The lying media, politicians, and liberal communist-leftest organizations blasted Bible Believing Christians

> > for being of "dark ages" mentality . . .

> > of holding back science . . .

> > by causing the suffering and death of millions of innocent people

> > by holding to their "Bible Beliefs" of being against abortion and using their dead bodies for their stem cells,

> > Think how many young Christians in college - were told the "BIG LIE" by their non-Christian, anti-Christ, secular evolutionist, atheist, pagan Professors - turning them against the Word of God and the faith of their parents in the name of "truth and science".

Remember how President George W. Bush was scoffed mocked ridiculed and even hated - for his stand against embryonic stem-cell research . . . likewise V.P. Candidate Sarah Palin

Sadly . . . billions of dollars, most of it from private people - like Michael Fox, dying of such diseases - trying to buy hope for tomorrow. Much more of it provided by taxpayers, has been wasted on this highly controversial research already. Indeed, the state legislature of California, with the signature of the governor, appropriated a whopping $3 billion of tax dollars for useless human embryonic stem cell research.

Dr. Oz did not leave Michael Fox, and those who have diseases like him, without hope.

Instead, he told him and Oprah and her television audience that his own skin cells, just like the Bible Believing Christians have said all along - that can be easily achieved without killing babies - can be used to eventually cure Parkinson's disease, and other diseases.

[5] How can any American with a brain, NOT wonder what else they are being told that is a "BIG LIE!"

Actually, there are many things:

> > Evolution

> > Global Warming

> > Same-sex marriage is natural

> > Homosexuals are born that way

> > AIDS is a heterosexual disease

> > Pre-marital sex is healthy

> > Children of single parents do as good as others

> > The genders are exactly the same

> > Bible marriage is old-fashioned and out of date

> > The Bible is NOT inerrant

> > Stimulus money helps make jobs

> > Communism is better than Biblical Economy

> > Patriotism is bad! (Look at Apostle Paul's patriotism in Romans 9:1 and 10:1)

> > There are many ways to heaven

> > Jesus is NOT divine!

> > All religions are equal

> > Mother-hood is NOT worthy of a woman's purpose

> > Children should not be spanked

> > Crime can be prevented with "after-school programs

> > Sin can be corrected with counseling

> > Alcohol and drugs in moderation are fine

> > Divorce is healthy

And on and on it goes!

My friend: God's Word is ALWAYS correct and those who oppose it are ALWAYS wrong!

It really is that simple!!!

Americans need to watch this issue carefully and monitor what happens in Congress during the next few months. Business as usual means MOST of what you hear in mainstream media is a "BIG LIE!"


Many thought Dr. Oz would "destroy" his budding media career by going against the modern "BIG LIE!" . . . and he did lose some friends.

However, he gained the trust of SO MANY MILLIONS by his brave truth he was immediately deluged by appreciation and offered his own TV medical show which is making him millions more than he ever would have made as a heart Surgeon!

Honesty DOES pay and God blesses those who honor truth!

"Go thou and do likewise!"

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