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MEXICO CITY - World's Largest City by some measures:

On 23 April 2009 the world became aware of a swine flu outbreak in Mexico, but the the old swine flu we have known all of our lives, but a new strain: 'Swine Flu Strain H1N1'.

On 24 April 2009 the world awoke to head that hundreds of Mexicans had this new swine flu, and some were dying already, even though they had only had it for a couple of days.

On 25 April 2009 the world awoke to learn that cases were discovered in Texas and California, and the USA was being 'Officially Declared' in a National State Health Emergency.

On 26 April 2009 the world awoke to learn there were well-over 1,000 cases heading toward 2,000 with more than 100 dead. New cases were discovered in New York, Ohio Kansas & Minnesota.

On 27 April 2009 the world awoke to hear grave warnings of a possible world wide pandemic attack from nations around the world and grave pictures of police, businessmen and people on the streets in Mexico City all adorned in masks . . .

. . . to empty beaches from Acapulco to Belize, the tourists fleeing Mexico in droves, even though they had already paid for another week or two . . .

. . . with over 2000 cases world-wide, 100 possible cases in the USA, over 50 in New York City, and another 73 around the world already as far away as Japan with United Nations in a panic.

Why Is There such a Panic?

This new "swine flu" - H1N1 - is not really the 'swine-flu-we- have-always-known', and should not be called swine flu (more on this later).

Here's the cause of the panic. This flu is killing young, vibrant healthy children as easily as the elderly.

Most flu viruses kill those who are most elderly, sickly and weakest: children are rarely ever killed by the flu.

This is why the elderly are given 'Free-Flu Shots' by the government every year, while children in government schools don't even bother with them. Flus of all kinds, generally speaking - can't kill children, they are to vigorous, vital and strong.

One exception was called the "Spanish Flu" (because it originated in Spain) in World War-I which eventually killed 60-80 million and perhaps over 100 million in a world with a much smaller population.

[The number may have actually been twice this high because there was no way to track Asia, China, and India, well over half of Earth's population.]

For this new Mexican Flu to kill so many children so quickly has everyone alarmed.

Mexican Swine Flu - the Real Cause for Alarm

An even greater cause for alarm is that this Mexican Flu is a new combination of DNA.

[NOTE: A Virus is one of the strangest things in this universe. Viruses are commonly called a "germs", but are not a living organisms like bacteria, flukes, microscopic worms, fungi, etc., or something alive that can be killed.


A virus is simply a piece of DNA, that is "genetic information." Your "genes" are "books" and "your personal DNA" is vast "your personal library" of 100's of thousands of volumes that makes you unique: skin, eye and hair color, height, etc.


A virus is like a book of information - completely unique - and not surrounded by the library of a living organism. All by itself, a virus in no more alive that a real book of ink-on-paper. Such viruses can lie dormant in a dry Egyptian pyramid for 5,000 years. They do not consume food, nutrition or water. They do not produce waste, metabolize anything, respire - or induce photosynthesis.


A virus is no more alive than a words scratched on a rock . . . unless they get inside of a living organism, by food, water, air or sexual exchange of fluids. Then this scrap-piece of DNA ("book of information) overpowers our own DNA and uses our cells to MANUFACTURE ITSELF, rather than to make new skin cells red-blood cells, etc.


These viruses are so tiny that over 50-million will fit inside of one human cell, which is even to small to be seen without a microscope.


This is why condoms are of no value against HIV, as all plastic gloves, condoms, etc., have tiny holes (that's how plastic is made) and the virus is so tiny it can go through the smallest plastic glove or condom 500 at a time! Thus medical personnel "double and triple glove" for safety.


Thus the 'viral scrap of DNA' acts like a 'dry and dormant seed', lying in wait of the right environment of soil, sunlight and water.


Once the virus takes over the human cells and programs it to manufacture itself, the tiny viruses begin to multiply, and soon there are enough to make the host-person sick. This waiting period is called the 'dormant period' and varies for the different viruses, though the virus is NOT dormant it is multiplying like a wild prairie fire in high wind!


If human immune-intelligence doesn't figure out how to kill the virus, the virus will kill the human.

Mexican "New Flu" is "not a Swine Flu" and has never made a pig sick!"

The Mexican Flu is a combination of avian (bird) DNA, swine DNA and Human DNA that has become combined in a very unusual way.

Theory-I - Has conspiracy theorist saying the Muslims have genetically altered this as "Bio-warfare".

This has not been disproved, but is not likely the case given the nature and origin of all viruses.

Christian Creation Science Mystery! Why did God create Viruses since all they do is sicken, destroy, and kill?

Creationists have no answer for this and Evolutionists use their lack of any kind of explanation for viruses to "disprove Creation by God."

[NOTE again that viruses are as different from bacteria [though both are called "germs"] as you are from a rat, though both are called warm-blooded mammals.

Know that there are good bacteria which live and work inside of our body, the soil, and many aspects of life.

In fact, life that God has created would not function without good bacteria, and the good bacteria keeps back bacteria in check in healthy people who follow Scriptural practices. God definitely created bacteria by direct act and design.]


Ex 22:19 Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death.

Le 20:15 And if a man lie * with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast.

Le 20:16 And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

Believe it or not, this was an extremely common practice in all nations of those days, and is extremely common around the world today. Current research indicates that it is also becoming more common every year in the USA.

Of course secular humanists argue that people have a right to have sex with animals as long they do not 'force them' as it "doesn't hurt anyone", so it is like consenting sex between adults - same sex or not and whether for pay or not. These are considered by the modern secularist politically correct anti-God-&-Christ evolutionists as "victim-free", so such acts should not be a crime just because 'God says so in His Word.'

However, God certainly knows best and has good reasons for all that He asks or commands. Consider the amazing truth that follows:


Discover by a Barcelona physician, Rodrigo Ruiz de la Isla in the 1490's, reported a new disease brought back from America by some of Columbus's sailors, which after research it was learned that while exploring the Americas, the sailors took to having sex with llams, which led to the unique disease we call syphilis, a deadly bacteria.


You may be surprised to know that the leprosy so prevalent of the nations around Israel, has often be confused with syphilis down through the centuries, because of their many similarities and is presumed to have originated with the "cousins" of the llamas, the camels of the middle east.

The deadly Ebola virus is traced to human males having sex with gorilla, allowing for the unique situation whereby the "strange-scrape-of-unique-DNA" we call a virus develops, thus it is somewhat similar to the HIV virus


The gross truth is that HIV AIDS is likewise traced to human males having sex with chimpanzees, allowing for the unique situation whereby the "strange-scrape-of-unique-DNA" we call a virus develops. This was openly discussed back when homosexuality was still against the law in most States and considered a mental sickness and abnormality in the American Psychologists Handbook of Mental Disorders DSMV-III.

Today, the truth of HIV-AIDS cannot be discussed because it reflects negatively on the gay community.


Theory-I -

(stated earlier) as conspiracy theorist saying the Muslims have genetically altered this as "Bio-warfare" which we said is probably not the case.

Theory-II -

which is about 99% certain (due to the nature of how viruses got their origin originally - by direct sin and breaking God's Laws forbidding people and animal sex and male with male sex anally) is homosexual males having sex with swine.

Thus with this modern flu, we get the weird combination of human DNA, AIDS-like DNA, Swine DNA, and Avian 'bird-flu' DNA, the most complex viral DNA ever known, and thus very deadly.

[NOTE: Birds are in the dinosaur family (if you have a pet bird look at the legs and see they are covered with scales. From all known research it would seem that men were having sex with dinosaurs and allowed for perhaps the first virus ever to originate - thus killing off the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs would have been a natural for ancient perverted man, as it is simply a fact that human males have the largest penis-per-size-of-male-organism of all of the 33,000 species of mammals, and the dinosaurs being bigger mammals would have be more of a natural coupling.


[I apologize for the grossness of this truth, but a great factor supporting the Bible of God's Word is that the evils of the human lust are neither hidden or denied: God chose to tell us in His Holy Word!]

Eze 23:19 Yet she multiplied her whoredoms, in calling to remembrance the days of her youth, wherein she had played the harlot in the land of Egypt.

Eze 23:20 For she doted upon their paramours (lovers-partners), whose flesh is as the flesh of asses, and whose issue is like the issue of horses. {read this in a modern translation if you want a truly frank revelation)

Remember that none of the ancient nations had laws against bestiality (pronounced besh' - ee - ality), EXCEPT Israel as the people of God.

This practice without hardly any doubt led to the disappearance of the dinosaur species, and the evidence is as follows.

FACT-1: The dinosaurs are gone and the evolutionists don't know why. [The "asteroid theory is a stupid idea. If the heat, dust, etc., from the crashing asteroid killed the dinosaurs, why not the elephants, rhinos, and all other big bad-tempered animals?

FACT-2: Only the birds are left of the dinosaur family, and they are massive carriers of flus all over the world, all down through the ages.

FACT-3: Amazingly, "ALL" flus are some part "avian or bird flu" (which is really dinosaur flu) (this is easily verified on the Internet).

FACT-4: Explains why and how dinosaur-family birds are widely prevalent carriers of the flus that have human DNA, which can be caught from "chickens in the house, chickens as pets," etc., which is why the origins are usually in third-world countries.

FACT-5: The only theory that explains how and why modern birds are such carriers of human DNA flus

FACT-6: The only theory that explains how and what happened to the dinosaurs, without effecting any other species.

God's laws against bestiality, prostitution, incest, and even husband & wife having sex during menstruation, as well as frequent bathing in running water and male circumcision, are all supported by modern medicine more than ever, and show the great wisdom of God in His detailed laws, which many have scoffed for centuries.

More on God's Medical Wisdom

Know that there are several strains of HIV, of which the stronger lead to certain death, and the weaker, perhaps not. Know also that the truthful doctors still admit that the strongest forms are still approaching 85% homosexual males, and there is not a single case of having been passed heterosexuality from female to male.

Know that there are also several strains of syphilis, of which the stronger lead to insanity and an early death, and the weaker strains to dementia and debilitation before death.

Both are rampant in our world today. To see a list of famous people who died from rampant syphilis, see


God also in His wisdom


Perhaps to reward those who obey Him - made the traditional sex-act between a husband and wife as one of the best strengtheners of the immune system against all forms of virus cause by those who disobey His Laws from thousands of years ago.


Lastly, with any such respiratory type illness, realize "sneezing and coughing" are God's mechanism to get respiratory germs of all kinds out of the lungs.

Covering your nose and mouth with your hand when you cough, you are "rebounding" millions of live germs back into your system, to make you even sicker, and you now have them growing on your hands to further get them on many things you touch to contaminate you later.

Obviously you don't want to sneeze or cough in someone's face. Running to a door or window is best (get them out of the room!) If you can't get out of the room, cough into your elbow - not into your hand.


Sadly, because this information is not politically correct and is anti-evolutionists, and makes God and His people look very brilliant: all of this was known by them for nearly 4,000 years ago, [along with the law against incest marriage which close-marriage with relatives causes mental illness and birth deformities].

Remember, the Word of God is the greatest evidence for God's existence and being who He says He is!

If what the atheists proclaim were true - that there were no God - than what would be their explanation for the Bible's advanced scientific knowledge 4,000 years before the Space Age?

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