J.D. Hayworth Talk-Radio-Christians “NEWS FLASH!” OBAMA PROTESTED

font color="red"> NEWS FLASH!” Obama "Protested by High School Students". . .

while Super-Sheriff "Joe Arpalo is cheerd with chants: "We Love Joe!"

J.D. Hayworth - former Republican Congressman - now a “Talk-Radio-Republican Program Host” - Super-Conservative, Bible Christian extraordinaire - the “GUIDING LIGHT of the SOUTHWEST”, “Supreme Guard of the Border” takes Obama's “Make-America-Communist” battle to him & his “anti-American”, “anti-Christian”, “anti-Work” Democrats as they visit the Phoenix-Mesa Arizona Dobson High School.

Barack Obama! “anti-Prosperity President!”

Wonderfully, an Advanced Placement group of Seniors at the Dobson High school have some basic understanding of economy and openly “challenged Obama’s principles to their classmates” even as he spoke.

The students were not assembled in the gym, but stayed in their home rooms for security, etc. Almost all of the Advanced Seniors OPPOSED Obama’s COMMUNIST PHILOSOPHY which is as follows:


> [1] Anyone - including nations and YOU - can BORROW your way out of debt!

> [2] Anyone - including nations and YOU - can SPEND your way into wealth!

> [3] Any nation can TAX its way into PROSPERITY! [Private business can add-more-fees until prosperous]

> [4] Any nation can PRINT-MONEY - and YOU can write CHECKS - UNTIL younget all you need

> [5] Any Government has the right to take from those who work and give to those who won’t & don’t: the druggies, fatties, lazies, alcoholies, spend-money-you-don’t-have-loonies and buy-what-you-can’t-afford-ninnies - & - those determined-to-never-life-a-finger-in-honest-labor: the non-workies

These students realized the truth of these “Obama-Errors would only lead to “Obama-Trauma” for all working Americans. The students greatly opposed Obama [who spoke to them over their high school TV monitor system] to their class mates as he spoke, and the school was soon convinced Obama was going to destroy the American economy and way of life!

Former Congressman J.D. Hayworth - “Talk-Radio-Republican Program Host”, informed the listening public and called for a protest which quickly formed: in almost no time a massive angry and noisy crowd gathered.

Many of the protestors quickly made posters. Following were some of the signs:

“You can’t Spend your way out of debt!”

"Don't tread on me,"

"Spend all you want, I'll pick up the tab,"

"I'll keep my freedom! You keep the change!"

"Free fertility drugs now."

"B.O. smells and so does Socialism."


A FEMALE DEMOCRAT, a bikini-wearing-woman named JoAnne from the nearby Gilbert, was there to claim her rights from the new president who promised to meet everyone’s needs shouted to one and all LOUDLY, that she is entitled to the beauty treatment!

JoAnne said "It's a self-esteem issue and hygiene issue, which makes it a health care issue. I think we're all entitled," said the woman in jest.

Her placard - sign read, "Fund bikini wax now," said

If she was a sincere claimant and truly believed this, why would she not give her last name?

Like a true Democrat she answered: ‘Because I’m skipping out of work!’

And who said Obama supporters weren’t brilliant!


Real life beats fiction every time: Can you believe the following?

While the Bikini-wearing-woman-skipping-work-begging Obama to pay for her beauty treatment bikini-wax because it affected her self-esteem . . . and she was doing a good job of convincing Obama-meatheads that she had a valid point . . .

[If she just could’ve talked to Rahm . . . She’d have convinced him . . . In fact. He’d pay for her bikini wax himself . . . If he could do it . . .! ]


Anyway, while all this is going on - the president is driving by very slowly in a parade of limousines . . . with hundreds protesting along the road with more signs than a campaign convention . . . With the “Bikini-wearing woman” getting far more than her share of attention . . . here come prisoners out-of-jail!

Fifteen jailbirds in stripped-uniforms were part of the “Chain-Gang” of the SUPER PATRIOT, SUPER SHERIFF, SUPER HERO “SHERIFF JOE ARPALO” of Maricopa County of Phoenix. They are picking up litter, etc.,

As they came in to view the REPUBLICANS protesting Obama began chanting “WE LOVE JOE! WE LOVE JOE! This went on for some time! The “chain-gang plyed up to the crowd loving the attention.

Besides the “Bikini wearing-work-skipping woman” who couldn’t give her last name, there were some Republicans there who could give their last name!


"I'm out here to exercise my First Amendment rights while I still have them," said Tim Guiney, 52, a Phoenix sales manager. "Everything that man stands for is the antithesis of what this country was founded on. Obama's a Marxist, fascist."

Lee Bauer, 53, a non-bikini wearing female proudly a social and fiscal conservative, said she “doesn't believe in the $787 billion stimulus package signed by Obama Tuesday in Denver“ "Obama's stimulus package has help us mobilize the opposition," she answered


Some angry man shouted over a megaphone, "I want to see if the president is driving a (Toyota) Prius or an electric car." He was disappointed!

“Hey!” the unknown energy-geek shouted! “Where’s OBAMA’A LAMA? All-green, all natural, non-oil-burning, methane producing, multicultural, multi-religious, creates new jobs (street cleaners, manure pitchers, lama farmers, . . .)


Also was in attendance, smiling was J.D. - former Republican Congressman - now a “Talk-Radio-Republican Program Host” - Super-Conservative, Bible Christian extraordinaire - the “GUIDING LIGHT of the SOUTHWEST”, “Supreme Guard of the Border” Hayworth:

He was explaining to all who would listen that Obama’s Drama Porkulus Bill was nothing more than a "trillion-dollar boondoggle."


Here’s the final point! The local news tried to high-light the dozen protestors FOR Obama, and say there were “a few more protesters against Obama, perhaps a hundred!”

The police said there were well over 1,000 protestors not counting the hundreds of students.

The national media? Ignored the whole thing and talked about President Obama getting his daughters a puppy and how Michelle was not nearly as fat as Jessica Simpson!


Thanks for visiting Talk-Radio-Republicans! Stay awhile! Lotta’ crazy news going on such as:

Obama‘s senatorial replacement Senator Burris in trouble for bargaining with Blago for his senate seat.

Obama going after Republicans with money in Swiss Banks,

Rahm-a-don now with a Tax Problem like the many others.

Eric holden calling All Americans cowards

Michelle-O-Mouthy calling all Americans ignorant

And the Prez? He’s stickin’ with Americans clinging to ‘God, their Guns and their Bibles! And you thought the “W” wasn’t doing a superb job of avoiding all this nonsense of seven & one-half great years!

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