Michael Steele, New Chairman of National GOP!
Michael Steele is the First African-American ever to Hold that Position!

Michael Steele Wins Chairman Of Republican National Party

Michael Steele is Finally Elected RNC Chair: 1-30-2009

It took six tries, but finally devout Catholic Michael Steele, won over Katon Dawson, South Carolina Republican Party Chairman: vote count was 91 to 77.

Michael Steele is the first African American chairman.

Steele was elected today by the Republican National Committee in Washington, a victory that came after a long and difficult series of votes with much drama - more than is usually seen in national politics.

Current RNC Chair Mike Duncan declares: "The winds of change are blowing at the RNC!" He finally stepped aside after losing votes on the first three ballots.

Michael Steele, previously served as Chairman for the Maryland Republican Party, Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor, and Maryland’s GOP nominee in the Senate race 2006.

After voting all afternoon, the race came down to Steele and Dawson. The voters openly expressed concern about the possibility of electing the effective SC Chair Dawson, who had admitted membership in a Caucasian-only club of some kind.

Since the USA had just elected Obama the first black American President, what kind of message would send to all Americans in general and African Americans specifically.

In a great display of statesmanship, Ken Blackwell - the former Ohio Secretary of State - ultimately influenced the race for Steele by dropping out at the fifth ballot and endorsing Steele.

Blackwell was considered by many as the most socially conservative candidate in the race, while Steele had to work to expel rumors that he was not as conservative as was necessary.

Steele said after winning: "It's time for something completely different and we are going to bring it to them. This is our opportunity."

The good news for all Republicans is that Michael Steele is African American, which should be worth one-million votes from their community.

Michael Steele is also a Roman Catholic. If you have read the Talk-Radio Republicans' Blueprint: 25 FACTS, you know the great potential for Christian Conservatives to take the dominant political role in the USA and hold it for a century!

See also Catholics, Republicans and Power! Steele being Catholic is the best news we've heard since Sarah Palin forming "SarahPAC" getting ready for 2012!

Read more about Steele: what he said when campaigning some months back, who he is, what his goals are, etc.

See "The Michael Steele Files" on the NavBar.

"Talk-Radio Republicans" Founder & Editor:


Steele is also "Conservative Catholic" just when 30-Million Catholics are being "Ridiculed-&-Rejected" by the Gay-Secular, Baby-Killing Democrats!

Michael Steele! What Convenient Truth! Steele is Conservative, Catholic & African American!

Michael Steele, the new Chair of National GOP is certainly the 'Right Religion' at the Right Time as 30 Million Catholics are given nothing by the Democrats except the right to vote - and that opportunity they are being given 'multiple times!'

Michael Steele is certainly the 'Right Color' riaht at the time Ameria decides it can hel some wounds and put salve on a national conscience that has been troubled for so long - bu electing more and more African Americans to accompany Barack Hussein Obama into High Office.

The Good News is that 10 Million African-Americans ARE Religions, believe the Bible to be the word of God - are clinging to their guns - are against baby killing and same sex marriage: Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage & Pro-Military. They also want the advantage of better school choice for their children.

Michael Steel is also the right man to bring 10 Million RINOS back into the G.O.P. fold: liberal, progressive, socialism has NEVER worked before and it will not work now.

Thus Mr. Steele will lead America's Conservatives in support of Sarah L Palin to a LITERAL LANDSLIDE VICTORY in 2012!

Is he destined & LUCKY - or Blessed and working hard to be prepared?

I can hear Obama now saying to Steele - "You da' MAN, MIchael! You da' MAN after Palin wins by landslide!

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