John Cornyn, the junior Senator from Texas has announced that he will attend a fundraiser held by the homosexual same-sex-marriage Log Cabin Republicans, whose mission is to support “favored status and special rights for gay and lesbian Americans.”

We urge all Texans to seek his replacement immediately. If he is this bold in public, what is he behind closed doors?

We urge you to seek a truly Texan, truly Christian, truly American, truly patriotic, truly pro-family and PRO-WORD OF GOD,. . .

. . A TEA PARTY CANDIDATE for the next election.

WE are sorry to see Cornyn fall off the wagon, but so far, none who have ever joined the gay-cause have renounced it and gotten straightened out.

As Jesus said, The last end is worst than the first!"

We will seek to help raise money for the Tea Party candidate and in every possible way.

Below is the email we sent Senator "Pro-Homo" Cornyn


Senator Cornyn:

We have a Ministerial Association of 21,000 Churches, from Baptist to Charismatic to Churches of Christ. We have hundreds of member Churches in Texas.

We have long supported you, but it appears we are going to have to oppose you vigorously in your next election.

You are becoming Pro-gay, and turning against the Bible and the Christian faith. You don;t even have a listing on your "drop-down-menu" for Pro-family and/or anti-same-sex causes.

We are quite surprised, and extremely disappointed. If you follow through with your "Pro-Homosexual Activities" you leave us no choice but to build webpages for all denominations calling attention to your flip-flopping on this issue.

We will urge scores of thousands of Texans to do as follows:

> Vote ONLY for an adamant anti-homosexual candidate,

> If none is running, DO NOT VOTE AT ALL, and let the state see what happens to their sons when homosexuals run the government.

> We will NOT vote for you as the lesser of two evils.

> That used to be the Christian position, but no longer - not since 2006.

> We showed the Republicans and McCain in 2008, and we will show you, Mr. Cornyn, in Texas.

> Our strategy, from James Dobson to the Grass Roots proved successful.

> We Bible Christians DID NOT VOTE, but rather we stayed home and prayed!

> IT WORKED! By allowing the Same-sex-promoting candidate like yourself to win (Obama) his rabid positions became known;

> See the depths of his sin gave birth to the Tea Party movement.

> It appears you have made your choice, Mt. Cornyn, so we are going to hire people to build webpages AGAINST YOU immediately, and raise money for you opponent, no matter who it is.

> Why, Mr. Cornyn, are you betraying your nation, Christ and His Word, and yore grandsons for "sodomizing, AIDS-causing homosexuals who molest and rape little boys?

We really don't understand!

You leave us no choice;

All For Jesus,

David Paul

COPYRIGHT (c) 1977 Cambridge Theological Seminary



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