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Could you please share your State of Salvation that we may better serve our readers?

At this time, I do not believe Jesus is the Saviour!
I do believe Jesus is the Saviour; I know I have Eternal Life!
I do not believe it is possible to 'Know in this life' if one has Eternal Life;
In 'VERY FEW MINUTES' can Know for Certain if you're saved for CERTAIN ...or not! 1 John 5:13
I want to know with CERTAINLY what God's Word declares:
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A Second Most Important Question!

Can you explain to a Spouse, a Child or a Friend HOW "Eternal Life as God's FREE GIFT" - Unearned and Undeserved? Romans 6:23
If not, please read "Eternal Life as God's FREE GIFT!"
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PLEASE, will you name "" aloud . . .
. . .in Prayer Daily, or as often as you think of us? PLEASE?
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    We neither claim nor present ourselves as having perfect knowledge in all things. Thus views and articles posted on this website are those of their authors – who often insist their identities, denominational, and/or doctrinal persuasion be made known for various reasons – offered to you as wise people of God - Christian Patriots, whatever your nation - to discern for your own judgement and edification. Thus we trust, hope and pray, that ALL BELIEVERS who look to the Lord Jesus ONLY, to the Word of God ONLY, to "His will (ONLY!) being done on this Earth AS IN HEAVEN" In the NAME of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour: Be Blessed!

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