FOLLOWING Ted Haggard's New St James Church in Colorado Springs

Haggard’s church moves to bigger localeThe PulpitReligion September 13, 2010

St. James Church in Colorado Springs has made its second move in three months. On July 26, Ted Haggard’s church, incorporated as St. James four months ago, moved from a barn next to the Haggards’ home to the Pikes Peak Center downtown. On Sunday, St. J... »

Haggard’s church is growingBox Turtle Bulletin July 13, 2010

At one time Ted Haggard ran the largest church in Colorado. Then came revelations about sex sessions with a male escort and methamphetamine usage and it all went away. New Hope, the church he created, promptly booted Haggard out the door. Well that was... »

Pastor Ted Haggard to move growing church to larger venueDenver PostNewsLocalSoutheastColorado Springs July 13, 2010

Pastor Ted Haggard is moving his burgeoning new St. James Church out of his Old Ranch Road barn in Colorado Springs to the city's Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts beginning July 25. »

Movin' on up: Haggards relocating to Pikes Peak CenterColorado Springs Independent July 13, 2010

"One more week in the red barn," wrote Ted Haggard on his Twitter site Monday evening, "then to the Pikes Peak Center." The exiled New Life Church founder stepped briefly back into the spotlight last November with a couple of inform... »

Daily Briefs: Tuesday, July 13, 2010gayzette - denver's gay blog! July 13, 2010

Here’s what’s happening in Denver and around the world: It is going to be a HOT SCORCHING DAY in Denver. Expect highs in the upper 90′s (possibly 100). Pool party anyone? Ted Haggard’s new St. James Church in Colorado Springs has grown to 230 people ... »

Haggard puts St. James move on holdThe PulpitReligion July 07, 2010

The original plan was for St. James Church, founded by Ted Haggard in May, to hold worship services at a Colorado Springs commercial site beginning this Sunday. But the move has been postponed, Haggard told me in an email. “We’ve decided to stay where... »

Was Haggard a hateful preacher?The PulpitReligion June 30, 2010

In my latest “Pulpit”column, which you can read at Saturday, July 3, I address blogosphere comments that contend that Haggard was a hateful preacher toward gays. But is this true? I’ve interviewed numerous longtime New Life members, an... »About


* Metropolitan Community Church

Haggard on the St. James congregation: “We are a gathering together of sinners”The PulpitReligion June 17, 2010

Talk show host Joy Behar recently interviewed Ted and Gayle Haggard about their planting of St. James Church in Colorado Springs. Asked why he feels he is qualified to preach again, Haggard told Behar: “I have become a different man. Now I realize tha... »

Haggard’s counsel effective, gay man saysThe PulpitReligion June 10, 2010

Ted Haggard’s launch Sunday of St. James Church in Colorado Springs included a brief talk by Mikey Manschot, a 22-year-old San Antonio, Texas, resident who is gay. At his Colorado Springs home, Haggard counseled Manschot on Saturday. Manschot said Wedn... »

160 attend Haggard's first church serviceDenver PostNewsLocalSoutheastColorado Springs June 07, 2010

COLORADO SPRINGS — What was supposed to be a launch party Sunday for St. James Church in Colorado Springs turned out to be much more. »

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