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Greetings in the name of Cambridge Theological Seminary International. Beyond any dispute, Cambridge is one of the "Greatest Names in Education", now entering the "NINTH-CENTURY" with a superior reputation and global name recognition.

Though we are in no way connected with the modern University of Cambridge in England - which has chosen an ANTI-Scriptural, ANTI-Christian, "Politically Correct, secular-world-view of evolution, abortion, homosexual marriage, 'All-Religions-Are-Equal' . . . and a comprehensive ANTI-Christ Philosophy.

Neither is modern Cambridge University in England connected to the Christian Ministry, Goals-&-Purposes of it's Founding Fathers . . . or the Puritan-Pilgrims from England, who became Founding Fathers of the USA.

We of Cambridge Theological Seminary International are the "True Spirit of Cambridge" - as a Beacon-of-Light and Bastion-of-Truth of the Ages, shining the Light of Christ in a darkened world. We strive to be the Cambridge Educational Institution that carries on the Centuries-Old Christian Mission of spiritually educating those whom God has called into Ministry of His Inspired and Infallible Word . . . to carry out the Great Commission of His Son Jesus Christ.

Thus Cambridge is a Great Name to have on your your Resume! The Name of Cambridge will open doors and impress leaders of every genre. A Degree from Cambridge Seminary school will set you apart from your peers and competition. An Ordination from and/or association with Cambridge will cross all socio-economic strata and allow you to stand out in a crowd.


We also greet you in a Much, Much Greater and Much More Powerful Name than "Cambridge". . .

the NAME that is above every NAME: JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth!

Messiah-&-Master, KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords, LIGHT of Lights, the PRINCE of Peace-&-Prosperity, the Author-&-Finisher of our faith . . . the Shiloh of Israel . . . "HE" to whom all things belong! Gen 49:11.

In this mighty Name of Jesus, we extend to you the warmest welcome, and commend you wisely on a very shrewd decision to investigate . . . the best opportunity in all of Christian Education - world-wide - which will advance your life and career . . . sooner rather than later.

As Christ Himself commanded: "Be shrewd as serpents, and harmless as doves!" We are honored to have you consider getting your Education by our Cambridge System of Learning and/or your Ordination with us.

In choosing a "Great Name" known around the world . . . you also have chosen the "World's Largest International Conservative Bible Seminary with many Local Church Campuses on all major continents. Our roots go back to the very Ministry of Jesus Christ as He established the "FIRST CHURCH SEMINARY" to teach and train Ministers.

However we strive to be "Cutting Edge" in our approach to offering "Global Educational" by providing ABSOLUTELY FREE, thousands of Bible Studies online, for all denominations, to be used - "IF" desired - "BY" each Minister and Ministry's discretion.

Cambridge Theological Seminary International (CTSI) seeks to offer uniform Educational Standards with wide latitude as to doctrinal beliefs, covering the full spectrum from Baptists to Pentecostals.

CTSI also uses the Scriptural approach of Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul in TEACHING and TRAINING FIRST HAND, their ministers!

Jesus said, “I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH . . . and the Gates of Hell SHALL NOT prevail against it!” Matt 16:18

What Is Cambridge Theological Seminary International (CTSI)

CTSI is two major Philosophies:

So note first of all that Cambridge Theological Seminary is NOT A PLACE . . a BUILDING(S) . . . and ORGANIZATION or specific structured INSTITUTION!

CTSI is a PHILOSOPHY ONLY . . . the educational philosophy of the Holy Bible be used in [1] all nations and languages, [2] all generations, [3] all denominations and [4] all situations, from men in prison, to to working under cover in Communist China, North Korea or radical Muslim Nations.

CTSI is to be used in tiny secret HOUSE CHURCHES . . . of just a man and wife with a couple friends and neighbors . . . to the largest local Churches in the world in South Korea, Africa, South America and the USA.

PHILOSOPHY ONE: CTSI is a Philosophy of Educating and Training "God Called" Ministers, that focuses on "LOCAL CHURCHES" acting as the Seminaries!

> > > NOTE! "Seminary is NOT is Scriptural word - the modern-type seminary concept was developed hundreds of years after Jesus, IS NOT SCRIPTURAL AT ALL IN MODERN CONCEPT, and we ONLY use the term "seminary" because it "communicates" the concept of training Ministers.

> > > FACT! Jesus ONLY established the CHURCH! Thus the LOCAL CHURCH is the SOURCE of all MINISTRY! No Minister has any authority to establish any type Ministry OUTSIDE the local Church and their authority!

> > > FACT! Most modern seminaries are established like secular colleges, where Ministerial students are TAKEN AWAY from the local Church, and away from LOCAL CHURCH Ministry, and are NOT SCRIPTURAL!

> > > FACT! Jesus did NOT establish "seminaries" as separate ministries, established like secular colleges, NOT UNDER AUTHORITY to a local Church: thus NONE of them are Scriptural!

> > > FACT! All modern seminaries (and Bible Colleges) established and/or organized separately and NOT UNDER AUTHORITY to a local Church, and the LOCAL CHURCH ELDERS are NOT Scriptural!

> > > FACT! All modern seminaries NOT owned, operated by, controlled and administered by a local Church, Pastor, Elders and Deacons are NOT Scriptural!

> > > FACT! All modern seminaries established like secular colleges, with separate campuses, boards, incorporation papers and/or constitutions etc., thus NOT UNDER AUTHORITY to a local Church, are NOT Scriptural!

> > > THUS CTSI is NOT a campus, a corporation, a separate organization, or specific educational institution at all - EXCEPT - AS IT IS LOCAL CHURCHES . . . ALL OVER THE WORLD!

> > > THUS CTSI is NOT a "singular institution" of any kind, but rather a GUIDING SCRIPTURAL PHILOSOPHY as Jesus and Paul applied it through the LOCAL CHURCHES they established.

> > > THUS CTSI is NOT a place you can visit or buildings you can see, has no classes you can take or attend - EXCEPT - AS IT IS LOCAL CHURCHES . . . ALL OVER THE WORLD!


PHILOSOPHY TWO: CTSI is a Philosophy of Educating Ministers, that focuses on teaching the "BIBLE ONLY" . . . in Scriptural authority of the "LOCAL CHURCH" - and doing PERSONAL, "HOLY SPIRIT-GUIDED" STUDY, of the whole Bible. You MUST recognize the HOLY SPIRIT is the Only TEACHER of the New Testament Church . . . thus the ONLY TEACHER of Cambridge Theological Seminary, world wide!

> > > FACT! The Cambridge Theological Seminary System of Educational and Training programs for God-Called Ministers are whatever the local Pastor and Church decides they are to be, as they understand the Holy Scriptures!

> > > FACT! The Cambridge Theological Seminary System of the Educational and Training programs for God-Called Ministers uses ONLY the Holy, Inspired, Inerrant Word of God to TEACH FROM!

> > > FACT! The Cambridge Theological Seminary System of the Educational and Training programs for God-Called Ministers use NO TEXTS - NONE - as no matter how distinguished the Scholar, they pale in comparison to the Holy, Inspired, Inerrant Scriptures!

> > > FACT! If the Educational and Training programs for God-Called Ministers adopt the TWO PHILOSOPHIES established as the Cambridge Theological Seminary Philosophy of Learning, using ONLY he local Church as the "Seminary" and ONLY the Bible as a text book, they are welcome to use the name Cambridge Theological Seminary to describe their system of education and to award whatever certificates, diplomas, degrees or whatever they see best.


[2] Please understand that Cambridge Theological Seminary International (CTSI) is as follows, technically speaking, WHATEVER, and HOWEVER, any BIBLE BELIEVING local Church interprets the Holy Word of God in training God Called Ministers.

[2] Thus at any given time, there will be considerable differences between those operated by Baptist, Pentecostal, Bible Community, and Christian-Churches of Christ local Churches.

[3] Please also realize, that we - the founders of the CTSI Philosophy of LOCAL CHURCH training Ministers Only - and using nothing but the WORD oF GOD as TEXT - have no authority over any such local CTSI Seminary Ministry.

[4] Furthermore, realize that at any given time, we can not be certain as to the following:

> > > How many local Churches world wide have adopted CTSI Philosophy;

> > > How many Ministers are being trained by CTSI Philosophy;

> > > Mb>Or how many ministers are on a PERSONAL, HOLY-SPIRIT GUIDED study of the whole Bible, fro which they will claim an Honorary Doctor of Divinity.

PLEASE digest this information well, before proceeding with your plans for education and credentials with CTSI!


BIBLE CHURCHES UNITED FOR CHRIST! (BCUFC) is the ministry of one man, known by the web name of NewtonStein, the son and grandson of ministers, and himself a minister for 50+ years, as evangelist, pastor of a local Church with 5,584 members, missionary to 50 + nations on all major continents, and now in retirement, internet ministry.

Cambridge Theological Seminary is the Ministry Training Philosophy of BCUFC, just like a Sunday School is the Children's Teaching Ministry of any local Church.

[1] BCUFC is a broad title of which a a full spectrum of ABSOLUTE, BIBLE-BELIEVING CHURCHES seek identity, world-wide: from Bible Baptists and Bible Presbyterians to Pentecostal, Evangelical and Fundamental Churches, to Churches of Christ, Bible Christian ad Bible Community Churches.

[2] Christ and His word COMMANDS UNITY in the highest degree - (1 Corinthians 1:10), yet there are over 60,000 denominations and splinter groups world wide. Sadly, all LEGAL DENOMINATIONS, seeking ownership, control and authority over other local Churches are ALL NON-SCRIPTURAL.

[3] BCUFC seek to pattern the Southern Baptist Convention of the USA in STRUCTURAL PRACTICE, somewhat and as follows:

> > [a] Any local Bible Church or ministry can associate and use the title BCUFC simply by so declaring!

> > [b] Any local Bible Church or ministry can disassociate with BCUFC simply by so declaring.

> > [c] Each local Church ORDAINS their own ministers, using BCUFC guidelines, according to the discretion of each local Church.

> > [d] Each local Church TRAINS their own ministers, using BCUFC guidelines, and using the name CAMBRIDGE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY . . . if they use the Cambridge System of Learning, using the Bible only . . . according to the discretion of each local Church.

> > [e] Each local Church STARTS their own local Churches, or satellite local Churches, using BCUFC guidelines, according to the discretion of each local Church.

> > [f] Each local Church ESTABLISHES their own doctrine, using BCUFC guidelines of the ABSOLUTE and FINAL AUTHORITY of the HOLY BIBLE, according to the discretion of each local Church.

> > [g] Each local Church CARRIES PUT their own ministries, as they see the need in their areas, using BCUFC guidelines, according to the discretion of each local Church.

> > [h] Each local Church and ministry is STRICTLY AUTONOMOUS, answering to no one but GOD alone and GOD'S WORD alone for themselves and their own ministers, using BCUFC guidelines, according to the discretion of each local Church.

> > [i] There are no dues or fees to associate - EVER- and there are no tithes or offerings required at any time - EVER - and no allegiance asked for - EXCEPT to the ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY of the WORD of GOD . . . with judgement day honesty!

> > [j] BCUFC will never hold property or real wealth beyond office equipment and simple necessities to minister.

> > [k] Upon the death of the founder, NewtonStein, it is hoped that BCUFC and the Cambridge Theological Seminary system of Learning . . . will continue as a NAME and a PHILOSOPHY much like the concepts of DEMOCRACY, LIBERTARIAN, CALVINIST, ARMINIAN, CONSTITIONALIST, etc., with no organizwtion whatsoever beyond the beliefs based on Scripture.



The founder of "Bible Churches, United for Christ" and the Cambridge Theological Seminary International "SYSTEM of LEARNING" - the Philosophy of ONLY the Local Church training God-Called Ministers, and using ONLY the Bible as the ONLY text - was first a teacher, then principal of Cambridge Christian Academy, founded by his father and their local Church.

[NOTE: There is NO CONNECTION - legal, philosophical, doctrinally or otherwise - between the two ministries

While principal of Cambridge Christian Academy, he did much research in Scripture as to HOW ministers were to be trained and educated, and also much research as to how the MODERN CHURCHES follow the world in establishing MODERN SEMINARIES much like any secular college, far removed from the authority of any local Church.

Though the "Cambridge Christian Academy",
was a 501(c)(3) authorized, recognized, registered & approved Tax-Exempt Educational Organization in the City of Cambridge, in the State of Ohio, IRS Own Website of Approved 501(c)(3)Corporations

. . . . Bible Churches United for Christ (BCUFC) decided NOT to go that route and never filed papers with the IRS for tax exemption.

Though it is possible to have a legitimate 501-c-3 organization as a Church WITHOUT filing for that exemption with the IRA, Bible Churches United for Christ prefers that local Churches NOT claim tax exemption for their members contributions.

WHY . . so many want to know?

Because, as local Churches use city police protection, fire department protection, state roads, city sidewalks state snow removal, schools for children, and many other things - PLUS Jesus paid taxes!

Thus Bible Churches United for Christ (BCUFC) urges local Churches to support local communities and local government - and the local schools - in many, many ways, helping build good strong communities, including, NOT giving members tax exemption for contributions!

FROM: IAIA Accreditation TO: Dr. D. James Kennedy: Can you be as Bold as Him?

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