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Starting a Website Ministry:

Please allow us to Minister by helping you Minister!

Truly, "Well-Begun is Half-Done!"


[NOTE! Our expert in this field is a bit straight-forward, light-hearted at times, tries to keep your interest and is somewhat blunt at other times. Please don't be offended. Just let him help you. He is one of the best in this field - NewtonStein Editor

Have a Website Ministry?

Want a Website Ministry?

Don't know anything about website ministry?

Regardless your answer to any of the questions, you definitely do need a website ministry!


Because it is the "Most Effective Tool" to get inside the homes and hearts of those in your community, who have not invited you into their homes - literally - and who have visited your place of ministry.

God's Inspired Word lauds and applauds the "Son's of Issachar" for they were men who understood their times!

Are "You!" a Son of Issachar, or a Son-with-a-Hardhead, a Stubborn Soul who is withering in a stagnate ministry BECAUSE you have become an "Old-Wineskin" - set in your ways (even at age 30!) - and NOT WILLING to "use what is in your hand" as God told so many to do? Have a Website? You need a thriving website!

Do you realize the only people Jesus considered hopeless, were the Old Wineskins - "just like concrete: All mixed up and permanently set!!!"

Just leave them alone, Jesus sadly admonished. Just leave them alone. Have a Website? You need a thriving website!

You needn't be an Old Wineskin - or a stubborn old goat - and if you are (most people are, that's why God really can't bless us much, we are unwilling to listen and learn!) you can REPENT, and mend you ways in time to profit.

("Repent" means to CHANGE your mind, your whole way of thinking - repentance is NOT "Godly Sorrow!" Scripture is very plain, that when one learns the truth, realizes how wrong they have been, IF THEY HAVE GODLY SORROW over their sins and wrong ways, " the GODLY SORROW LEADETH TO REPENTANCE!" and "GODLY SORROW WORKETH REPENTANCE" (II Cor 7:9-10 Check it out in the Greek). Have a Website?

[NOTE: One can have great sorrow that a thing failed, or that their sin was found out, without having "repentance" that is changing their ways about that sin. However, it is rare that we ever completely change our things on a matter, without suffering sorrow first.]

NOTE: That's why most Christians fail to lose weight and control their diet over 50 years: there is no real Godly sorrow. They do not see it as a serious sin, or believe that is very offensive to God: if they did see the deep sin and sorrow of it, they would "repent"]

Back to Website Building


FACT: The world we live in lives online! Most people have a computer on their desk, and many do most of their communicating and interacting with others online. Most of the younger chat online with each other and send email rather than snail-mail. Have a Website? You need a thriving website!

[At least, most of the "Younger Generation" lives this way, . . . you know, . . . the ones our Churches EVERYWHERE are failing to reach in droves? ]

QUESTION: May 14, 2009: Did you ever think you would see the nation's largest and oldest newspapers go bankrupt and close their doors, having lost most of their readers, and Congress debating to make them Non-profit Corporations, like Churches, 501(c)(3) to help them survive?

FACT: The younger and business generation gets their news online!Have a Website? You need a thriving website!

QUESTION: Did you ever think you would see the nation's largest video stores go out of business and whole chains close?

FACT: The younger and business generation get their most of their entertainment online! Have a Website? You need a thriving website!

QUESTION: Did you ever think you would see Daily Devotional's like "Daily Bread" going out of business, and losing most of their paying customers?

FACT: The younger and business generation do much of their daily devotions online! Have a Website?

Did You Know

You do know that there are millions of pornographic sites on the World-Wide-Web the modern media keeps us reminded of this gross fact, but did you know the words "Salvation", "Heaven", "Eternal Life", "Prayer" & "Healing" are among the most-searched-words on the Internet?

Did you know that more people are looking for these topics online than 'how to get rich quick' and the latest porn sites? Have a Website?

Did you know

There are lay-persons, retired, with "Online Devotionals" offering blogs, inspiring stories and simple-but-serious print messages, with over 100,000 readers - not every year, not every month, not every week - but every single day? Have a Website?

Did you know

There are "Online Churches" offering video, audio & print messages - not once a week, but "Every-Day" - with scores-of-thousands-of-readers who visit every day faithfully? Have a Website?

Did you know

There are "Online Churches" offering video, audio & print messages with nearly a THOUSAND employees and OVER A MILLION-in-average-ATTENDANCE-EVERY-DAY? Have a Website?

Can we even conceive OVER A MILLION-in-average-ATTENDANCE-EVERY-DAY?

Did you know

Millions and millions of people do Daily Devotions online and READ long messages with scores of full-length Scripture passages in single messages: Have a Website?

WHY do millions read long messages with many, many Scriptures in them? Because they can't get this kind of simple, Scriptural teaching in most local Churches!

(Hopefully, your Church is NOT one of the modern ones offering little 15 minute "sermon-ettes" with some k=jokes, sad stories, funny stories, quips-&-quotes based on a single Scripture - usually taken out of context, designed to give people a fell-good-while-falling-asleep spiritually> Hopefully, your Local Church does read and present much Scripture each sermon.

IF NOT . . . Change your church or CHANGE CHURCHES!!!)

FACT: Did you know if you put your own sermons on your website, ALL of your sick folk, elderly, and shut-in's can get every message, every week? Have a Website?

FACT: Did you know you can get many people in your region to come to YOUR website instead of Joel Osteen's or Joyce Meyers - even though you don't have a site as big and fancy as theirs - BECAUSE you can target you messages to local events and situations and they can't? Have a Website?

OUR EXAMPLE: This website started out 100% for Ministers, hence the name: "Ministers-Best-Friend.com".

> Our new, fresh "Message-of-the-Week!" is always geared to Ministers.

> The Emergency Funds we give are only to Ministers.

> The Scholarships we give are only to Ministerial students.

> The Honorary Degrees we give for "Life Experience are all to those in Ministry

> The free-movies we give are only to Ministers

> The free Income Tax returns we do are only for Ministers

> In the beginning we even recommended lay-persons go else where, as to not be bored or burdened down with Ministers stuff.

** After just three months in this Website Ministry we did dome polling to see what kind of Ministers were visiting.

** Over 3/4 of the visitors were NOT Ministers!

** About 10% said they were not saved!

** About 17% said they didn't think it was possible to know for sure if one had eternal life in this life!


** One of my personal greatest hesitations in joining a full-time Website for Ministers only - "Ministers-Best-Friend.com" - was that I'd be reaching almost no one, ever, with the gospel the rest of my life! I struggled for nearly a year trying to decide how to focus this ministry.


If we made the website for salvation, the Ministers wouldn't come.

If we made it for Ministers, the unsaved wouldn't come.

However, I never could get away from the burden that we were to HELP MINISTERS IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY! Sadly, then, my days of "Winning souls" seemed nearly over.


We now have 80% non-ministerial visitors - even though all of the Ministerial focus above still applies (Emergency finds and scholarships given only to Ministers, etc.,)

After listing some Eternal Life Pages and asking people about Eternal Life, we are now averaging just at three converts a day and often have "SIX-CONVERTS-A DAY!"

Have a Website?

I invested my whole life in Ministry and did not average winning EVEN ONE soul-a-day until I had been in ministry for 15 years! Have a Website?


We have a webpage that asks the simple question: "Is Rush Limbaugh a Born Again Christian?"

Many people come to read that page and in discussing the pros & cons about Rush, we go into a very in-depth discussion with many Scriptures of "Works" vs. "Grace", what Scripture teaches about being Born-Again, and knowing for sure that one has Eternal Life. I John 5:12

People are getting saved everyday through reading about Rush Limbaugh! Have a Website?

My Dearly Beloved Fellow Laborers


Many of you will say: "But my Church has a Website and it doesn't help a bit!!"

No, "Mr. Wishful-thinker", you wont win souls by posting a picture of your building, listing your address, service times, and your name! Even adding your picture wont help win souls. Have a Website?

Here's how it works!

YOU are the Minister - not the building, so YOU do the Ministering! (Christ called YOU, not the building! He didn't even call you to rent, build or buy a building (which takes much of your funds, while only using it a very few hours a week!)Have a Website?

Christ called you to Minister as he did . . . "to walk in His steps" . . . to meet the needs of people in the Market Place, the Public Square, and where ever we FIND THEM - NOT where they find us, (HIDING IN A CHURCH MAUSOLEUM or Counselor's Study?) Have a Website?

Are you getting the picture yet?

Don't invite people to your "Church Theater Building" to watch you "Perform Stand-up-Comedy", play "Jay-Leno", or serenade them like you're Kenny Rogers (or some other singer)!

Hurting-Hearts and souls-needing-saved don't need a comedian, entertainer, a singer, or a "life-coach" to tell them how they can make more money, and buy an even bigger house!

Don't compete with Leno & Letterman! They do stand-up better than you do! Have a Website?

Don't compete with Osteen & Myers! They entertain better than you do! Have a Website?

Don't try to reach only the "yuppies" like Hybels and Warren. They admit they have wasted decades of time and millions of dollars (If you haven't already, you really need to read "Bill Hybels & Willow Creek Repent!"

Be a minister! Be a real minister! Be an old-fashioned, Bible-based, God-called, meet-the-needs-of-you-community as they exist minister!
Have a Website?


If you will Minister to the needs of your community - THROUGH your website ministry - you will win more souls than EVER, and will double your Local Church Ministry in a year, whether it is 25, 125, or 1,025 right now. Have a Website?

On your Website, forget your idol (your building!)

You've got to have serious Daily Devotions!

List Scriptures on the site that YOU are reading that day - even have the Scriptures to prepare your people for the next message!

List your favorite Scriptures

List Scriptures for every occasion and emergency in life.

List your favorite illustrations.

Post several examples of How to be saved! Have a Website? You need one, one that works!

You've got to do Daily Blogging!

You've got to do Daily Blogging!

Not really daily - although that is best - but at least 2-4 times a week. Simply comment on local and national events.

[NOTE ASIDE: Some brave souls gain incredible readership "over night" . . . by holding City Council and School Boards accountable. HAVE COME COURAGE!

Some do like John the Baptist and name the Political Leaders who are with "somebody else's wife!!

Some do like Jesus and brand the "Worst-Public-Official" . . . "AN OLD FOX!" [I dare you to look that up in the Greek - (it's a female fox-dog-wolf!) Can you believe Jesus speaking so strongly?)

Obviously you wont go this far - and you don't have to - but please

> > strive to be courageous,

> > strive to be Scriptural,

> > strive to be spiritual,

> > don't strive to be "politically correct!"

If you have struggled in your town for some years, you may want to consider taking a more-bold position: Jesus said there was no one ever born of woman who was greater than John the Baptist!

John the Baptist, the greatest in Christ's Eyes:

> > did no miracles,

> > started no Churches,

> > pastored no Churches

> > wrote no books of Scripture,

> > wrote no books of any kind

> > led no armies

> > built no kingdoms.

> > He did even have years of faithfulness with such a short ministry (about 6-months!)

How could Jesus say John the Baptist was "the equal of" (if not superior to) to Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Samuel, David, and the greatest prophets?

All we really know is that John the Baptist preached strongly against sin, and called out the King of his district and named his sin publicly, and would not recant - even to the point of death!

This is who Jesus said: "There was NONE GREATER!" [Where do you and I rank on this scale?]

Anyway - this is a different subject - but please don't waste your ministry as a coward and a crowd-pleaser, seeking to be loved and praised by people, craving applause and popularity.

Please don't hide behind a "false image of Christ" thinking Jesus walked around whispering "bless you" to one-and-all.

Jesus never preached a message on Grace! He never even used the word Grace! rather, Christ cleansed the Temple three times (read the chronology carefully!) - with strong words, a whip, and violent acts!

NOTE! - If you have any leading to take your ministry this direction, please research the Life and Ministry of Dr. J. Frank Norris, who used this to build the "Largest Church in the World" in Ft.Worth Texas, and the "Second Largest Church" in Detroit Michigan, and pastored them both for years . . . riding back-&-forth weekly by train!

If the "Nations that bring their Glory into the Holy City" (The Revelation 21) are ranked according to number of martyrs as a percentage of their population, we in the USA will be at the bottom - with Canada and the Figi Islands!

Back to Website Ministry

Either way, we are very willing to help one-and-all who preach-&-teach Jesus CHRIST, to help you all we can to reach SOME SOULS in your area, and you can do this better by website ministry! Have a Website?


Have a Website? You've got to do Prayer Requests!

List those in urgent need! Establish Prayer Chains!

Have a Website? You've got to do Card-Showers!

Choose names of shut-ins and personal needing to get cards from many people.

Have a Website? You've got to do gift-and-or-money-showers i for local tragedies!

Do this for the sick, tragic, weddings, babies and all kinds of things!

Have a Website? You've got to do Testimonies to Salvation and answered Prayer!

Have a Website? You've got to do Stories, Illustrations & Poems

Have a Website? You've got to do Teen Pages and Pages for Children!

Have some Bible games and quizzes and all kinds of things.


do you realize there are MANY YOUNGER PEOPLE - just the kind you are NOT reaching now (and have nothing for them to do!) who will LOVE TO HELP YOU WITH A WEBSITE MINISTRY!

Have a Website?

We at Ministers-Best-Friend.com will help you greatly, and will even allow you to post your first website on a branch of ours for free for even year, if need be, until you get going.

Whatever we can do to help you, we will.

However you go about it, YOU MUST get a website ministry going. Get your kids and grand-kids to help you - they'll love it! God WILL bless good-seed-sown! Have a Website?

We will post on this theme for some time, to advise how to start if you have money to do so. Have a Website?

God Bless,

Ministers-Best-Friend.com, NewtonStein director

Starting a Website Ministry:

The Greatest Deal in Website Building: You must do it!

Website-Building: I would like to know how to get started from scratch!

Website-Building: How to get your website Ranked NUMBER-#1 by Google: GUARANTEED!

Already have a Ministry Website? Need Some Graphics?

Get an "abortion counter" that begins when your page is opened and tells your reader how many babies are aborted while they are on your site!

FREE "PRO-LIFE" Web Page Images by NewtonStein

Get some Beautiful Crosses and graphics for Easter-Passover -Resurrection Day

FREE Crosses and graphics for Easter-Passover-Resurrection Day

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