Bro. David:

Thanks for your wise words brother David. Yes I can help you reach my Hispanic brothers. Right now we have 25 students in Puerto Rico and 14 in New York thru correspondence. I am in talks with my contacts in Mexico. I been studying Cambridge site to see what you offer and how we can reach my people.

Right now we are in the making of another sign for the School letting the people know we are a Cambridge affiliate.

We are training Chaplains and Bible Counselors so they will need to be Certified. That's why I am contemplating been certify first.

Brother David I believe you will be a real blessing and a very important piece in what the Lord want to do among my Hispanic people.

Surely we will reach the Hispanics together.

Blessings, Latin American Bible College Founder.


Greetings Cambridge Theological Seminary,

I am so happy to be among your graduates.

Also want to let you know that I received your Doctor of Ministry Degree, so beautiful, and it has been framed in a deluxe structure, and will go in a wall among other very special degrees.

God bless you.

Bible College President, New England, USA


Bro Paul,

As I review the many web pages on your site, I am gaining much knowledge and insight on the many opportunities Cambridge Theological Seminary has to offer.

I am going to be creating a Bible Study program at my house, and I will be contacting Cambridge Theological Seminary for advise on how to get set up and also the legal aspects that are going to be needed. The name that will be given to the Bible Study will be Maranatha Bible Study.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all ofyour staff and your family a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Day.

God Bless,

Dr. A., India

**[NOTE: We wold like to report he did this immediately, established a Bible College, was given a piece of ground and is finishing a brand, new building . . . doing great!]


Dear Father in the Lord,

I send greetings to you and the entire family of the Cambridge Theological Seminary in the name of Jesus our Lord. May the Lord continue to be your strength as you labor day and night in His Vineyard. Amen

1. I am using this medium to express my profound gratitude for your fatherly care in my ministry here in Nigeria. I am proud to have you as my spiritual father and mentor. May the Lord depend on you for the growth of His Kingdom. Amen

2. Thank you for all credential, both the Doctor of Divinity diploma and our certificate of accreditation that you have sent to us. I am glad indeed! May the Lord bless you and the ministry of the Cambridge Theological Seminary.

3. By the special grace of God, I will yield to your fatherly counsel in training and equipping our students for EFFECTIVE SOUL WINNING, bringing more sons and daughters into the saving knowledge in Christ Jesus. Please be praying along with us!

4. Dear father, as you required of me, I will be sending you some articles and pictures from this coming week for our website. Please let me have the website address once again!

5. We are praying for you and for the ministry of the Seminary here. May the Lord be with you and the members of your household. Amen

6. My father, I am promising to be a Godly ministers of the Gospel preaching and teaching the Word of God undiluted. It is my prayer all the time that God will help me to do His will, not the will of man. Please be praying along with me!

7. I am looking forward to welcome you to Nigeria very soon. Please pray on this issue and let me know when you will be able to have time for a trip to Nigeria.

Thank you, my dear loving and caring father.

Your son,

Dr. S., Lagos, Nigeria, Founder and Leader of one of the largest and great Bible Colleges in the World


Bro. Paul!

I have read the philosophies from your website. I marveled with my wife that they are near exactly the desires the Lord gave me concerning my school. I had always envisioned my school would be more like a vocational technical school; hands-on learning.

I see more clearly now the vision you have relative to education. I also see that the Lord has brought me to you so that our visions (which are remarkably similar) can merge in communion. Blessings on you!

Dr. Troy, [Missionary Honduras]


Hello Dr. David Paul:

I received my degrees on 4/23/10 when I went to the post office, and picked them up. The Doctorate of Sacred Literature is beautiful, and I also received both Theology Degrees.

I think it would be wise to raise the prices on degrees, and all the programs that you have to offer,

Bible College Dean, New York


Bro Paul:

Greetings and blessings in Jesus name.

I am so happy to be part of your graduates and also part of your Alumni.

Bro. Paul, please know that it is an honor for me to be your friend. Lately I have been more and more busy (just like you), our Ministry has taken a new dimension, helping many other achieve their goal in the work for Jesus.

I have read all of your special advise concerning the opening of our Seminary of New England, I have saved your e. mails and study them very close, I consider this information a Jewel. Thank you for taking the time and care to help me.


Dr. M.V., Founder and President


Dear Cambridge Theological Seminary

We received our Doctor of Divinity Degrees and Ordination Certificates today. They look GREAT !!!!!

All is perfect.

What we really like is the wording, scriptures with every specific Degree and just ABOUT EVERYTHING!

Professor Christelle, College Curriculum Writer


Bro. Paul;

I have sent you my commitment letter and am very thankful for a Bible believing seminary that sees on the job training as credit worthy. For years I have met young Dr.'s right out of school that had good intentions, but no clue how to oversee a church and who fail and leave the ministry.

Our seminaries have become big money makers and are failing some of our young preacher boys. I hope that I can help this seminary to grow and that we maintain a high standard so that a Degree from Cambridge is more valuable and is sought after more then a degree from any other school

I know that Cambridge cares about Alumni succeeding in their work for the Lord!!!!!!!

In Jesus Name

Dr. Z, N.C.


Bro. Paul:

I am really grateful for all that God has done through you. We are praying for you and Cambridge Seminary. Many, many people are visiting the site of Cambridge and I have made introduction to many Ministers here.

I hope there will be more openings this coming year. Have a blessed New year 2010.

Dr. Waningu, Bible College Founder & President, Nairobi, KenyaCambridge Theological Seminary


Dear Brother David;


I just received the package about 2 hours ago. Everything is wonderful! I feel so blessed and I am very happy to be part of CTS Alumni list.

Thank You so much. This will benefit our ministry, our Lord's Ministry!

Beautiful Diplomas Indeed!

Dr. John, Bible College President, San Antonio, TX


Dear Bro. David,

I have gone through your ministry philosophy and have understood the contents. I truly support your endeavours and the meaning thereof.

Your ministry philosophy is so profound in a sense that you have brought out the true meaning ministry.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning even more

Rev. Dr. Ted, Zambia


Bro. David,

My package arrived in the mail today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My wife was very touched and honored that in your thoughtfulness, her contribution to this ministry was acknowledged with credentials as well. I also appreciate the additional Bishop's Ordination you sent along. It will be a useful tool to me.

I will follow up in a few days with answers to your previous questions. I'm most interested in your offer to assist me in forming a training center/school in Central America.

Bless you,

Pastor Missionary from Latin America


Gods servants,

Having joined the Cambridge theological seminary family my life and my ministry is constantly getting challenged, changed and blessed to be a blessing.

There is so much information on your website to minister again and again to ministers of the gospel real, fresh and anointed materials for ones balanced spiritual diet.

I find that I have so much in common with what you stand for and what you believe. There is a deeper working of God and transformation taking place in my life and ministry.Even though I have been ordained before after my Doctorate in Divinity by your honorable institution .

I FEEL VERY STRONGLY IN MY HEART THAT I SHOULD GET ORDAINED BY YOU SERVANTS OF GOD. kindly grant me this request in my personal quest to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The article by Bro David Paul on the reasons for the need to confer the Doctorate of Divinity are so powerful and revealing. I am truly blessed.

In God's service,

Bishop Dr. I.S., Zimbabwe


Greeting in Jesus name.

I am delighted and glad to read your wonderful work and ministry of Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am also thankful for bringing you here to partnership in doing God's business. we are here to help our faithful servant who are in the ministry of Jesus Christ. We truly believe that our sincere effort and service will bless you personally and your ministry to the great extent. We can enjoy together the mighty work of the Lord has done for us.

Let me highlight our view of mission and vision of Cambridge Theological Seminary. this is the Ministry of Jesus Christ, Solely teaching of the Scriptures. God's recognition and appreciation is heaven and as well as on this earth by the faithful servant of God. CTS is the seminary who truly carry the teaching and principles of Scripture (The Holy Bible). The most of the information will be available through the website

We will be honor to recognized your contribution to the ministry of Jesus Christ. I am taking this opportunity to introduce you as my faithful friend who is the founder and Elder of the Seminary Bro. David Paul . He will explain you the details of the requirement and know you more.


Dr. T., Philppines


Bro. Paul:

Your email was VERY insightful and I will definitely keep it in mind.

Dr. Johann, College President, South Africa


COPYRIGHT (c) 1977 Cambridge Theological Seminary



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