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Low-cost Professional Program for Beginners and Advanced Folk

"S-B-I" is the Greatest Website Program on Earth! GUARANTEED!


It has the potential to "reach-the-Whole-World!" From your home . . . you can reach hundred's-of-millions-of-people!So you sit in your home, you build a page, . . . and you wait!

The world keeps right on going . . . and your "website" just sits there. You have know way of knowing how many millions . . . how many thousands . . . how many hundreds . . . of if ANYONE . . . EVEN ONE person . . . has EVER been to your website!


There are MANY places you can get "FREE WEB-SPACE!" especially from Christian groups. So if you can get a website for FREE! - why should you pay good money for it?

Well, if you are old enough to build a Christian website, you should know there is no such thing as others doing for you for free (unless they are "using you" . . . and getting something from you that you don't know about.

For example: On many of the FREE web-spaces, you sign away all right to your own articles (often without knowing it!) So if what you write is worthless - so what? No one will see it anyway, . . . but if what you write is good and draws readers, . . . they can "take it, repackage it and sell it on another website" . . . and you will never know!).


> > [1] "Free Web-Sites are best! Not in a million years! Please don't think something is the best deal because it costs you nothing. In fact, you would do better to have an opposite motto that "a thing is only worth what had to be paid to get it - including Eternal Life! (Look what Jesus had to pay!)

> > [2] Don't think you are going to get rich on "Google Ads"! Not in a million years! So many really believe they are going to make lots of money this way . . . and the fact that they believe this, shows how EASILY DECEIVED they are . . . as they believed the hype and didn't do any research!

Research, and see what percentage do make a bare existence - much less make much money - from Google Ads: you'll find that you have about one-chance in a million . . . to even make $1-a-Day!

See, you were misled and you didn't research and check it out!

> > [3] Don't think you are going to build a web-page and have a million readers overnight! In fact, check out Christian TOP 1000. They have about 15,000 - 20,000 total website listings and barely over 100 sites have even 100 readers a day, and this includes repeat readers!

"For you to become a "Disappointed Website Owner" is 99.9% certain!" If you build a website - it CAN succeed and WILL . . . but not if you don't get a good company who has the tools you need to build your site with.

It's almost like building your own new home "do-it-your-self" . . . can it be done? Certainly! Without any tools? NEVER! As matter of fact, one secret of Good Craftsmanship is in having the RIGHT tools and GOOD tools!

So is website building!


[A] We are saying that you absolutely MUST have a website, that it is a Great, GREAT MAGNIFIER of your Ministry, reaches many people you will never meet, and will double your present ministry no matter how big or small it may be.

[B] Yet you can talk to many Minister friends and most will tell you their websites are next to worthless, other than someone who already wants to come to their meetings, and looks on the website to see the time and find a map to get there!

How can this be?


Those not succeeding, do NOT have a website host with the "TOOLS" they need to analyze what is going on with their website! (if anything!)
In fact, dear friend, did you realize that to properly build a webpage and put it on a real "web-host" . . . is NOT getting it on the World-Wide-Web where it can be found? Each webpage must go through a sometimes long and torturous journey that can easily take a year to actually get listed on the Web!

[1] FIRSTLY, your webpage - AFTER YOU HAVE SECURED "SPACE" AND BUILT IT - with proper information, MUST be "Properly Submitted" to "Search Engines" - like Google, Yahoo, Live, and Ask, etc.

[2] SECONDLY, the "Search Engines" must then visit your webpage with a "web-crawler" - an 'electronic instrument' that "crawls" all over your webpage, looking for "key words", measuring their distribution (evenly spaced, all at the beginning, in links, in headlines, etc.,) checking your grammar, looking for HTML errors, looking at your content to see if it is worth-while, simply comes from another webpage, etc.,

[3] THIRDLY, they often wait a few weeks to decide, and then they may - or may not - "list your webpage" on their search engine web. Obviously, no Search engine is under obligation to "pick-up" anyone's webpage, and many people end up paying to get a listing. (Very expensive and rarely ever pays for itself . . . like lottery tickets: do they pay for themselves? Rarely)

[4] FOURTHLY, most Christians and Ministers build websites have no idea HOW to properly submit their webpages, whether ANYONE ever visits their site, whether any of their individual pages have ever been visited by a webcrawler, picked-up-&-listed, is still on the web or been dropped.

[5] FIFTHLY - and this is what nearly devastated me years ago in thinking that "Website Success" was impossible - is that if you build a good webpage, THEN make a single update, add a fact, thought, Bible verse, or even correct a miss-spelled word - you must RE-SUBMIT this page . . .

. . . to all of the Search Engines!!!
(Some people may be on 100 - 300 search engines . . . can you imagine the time factor . . . it is far more cumbersome than writing 100-300 emails . . . and we at "Ministers-Best-Friend.com" sometimes update 100 pages a day, and sometimes update a single page 2-4 times, correcting a misspelled name, adding a new date or picture, etc.

Can you imagine the immense time restraint? (This is one reason so many websites NEVER get updated!)


My friend, this great and grand company "S-B-I!" . . . does all of this for us - by high-tech equipment - from the first submission to Search Engines . . . to re-submitted updated pages, from many changes per day to many pages per day - ALL WITHIN SECONDS of your changes!!!

This full system - with the greatest of advice in every way - will cost you $299 a year ($25 a month). Now I don't want them to raise their prices, but I would pay $299-a-Month . . . if I had to . . . for these tools.


Beyond the situation above, these are the "TOOLS" you need with your website company to allow you to KNOW where you are succeeding - if anywhere - and failing, on your website.

Your daily Visitors:

> > daily new visitors
> > daily repeat visitors
> > total daily visits
> > monthly averages, yearly averages
> > The ranking of all of your pages in number of visits daily, monthly and yearly

Entry Pages

> > which pages people are using to enter your site?

Exit Pages

> > "exit pages" - those on which they are leaving your site

Search Words

> > Does it give you "key words" people use to find your website?
> > Some will give you 10-or-20, but a good website company will give the top 100-300 "key words"

Search Engines

> > How are visitors finding you and coming to you?
> > Is it Google, Yahoo, a private search engine or a targeted promotion company?

Pages Listed on the Web

> > Does it tell you which of your pages have been visited by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Live!" and "Ask!" web-crawlers?
> > Does it tell you which of your pages have actually been "listed" by the search engines, etc.

Who are Your Visitors?

> > Does it give you the web address of every page that comes to your site besides, Google, Yahoo, etc.,

Page Building analysis

> > Does it have an automatic page-analysis when your are building a page to get several factors set up right before "building the page" . . . so it will pass the "web-crawler test"?

Pages Listed on the Web

Sadly, we began with a "free site" on one of the Church services . . . with almost NONE of the tools needed to know what was working, and what wasn't . . . my most regretful error in 40 years of Ministry. If you are serious about website ministry - and you should be - I beg of you as if you were my child to "PLEASE get started RIGHT!"

Don't get 50 to 100 pages onto a "free website" . . . then be forced to upgrade. Sadly, for most hosts, there's no way to simply "transfer whatever ages you have to another domain" - it's starting over time with nothing left to show for all the work but sad news! We had 140 some pages done than had to up-grade - redoing EACH PAGE - and it is a terrible experience!

It remains the worst error in judgement in of 40 years of Ministry, and I still lament it EVERYDAY . . . wondering how much further along we would be . . . HAD WE FOUND "S-B-I!" FIRST!

Maybe your host has all of these things: if so fine.

If you do not have these tools, you have a much better chance winning the "Super-Lottery" . . . than succeeding with your website: Give it some thought.

The really great news is, you can get most all the analysis tools you'll ever need - VERY easy to USE - for about $25 a month . . .

. . . and if you have to, [for ministry sake], use tithe to do it. I believe in this company and what they can do to HELP YOU SPREAD THE GOSPEL . . . as you spiritual elder . . . I give you permission to "USE TITHE" - if need be to do this - and if God is not pleased with it, I take full responsibility and the chastisement thereof.

This is HOW CERTAIN I personally am that this is something you must do for your ministry!

Anyway, give it some thought, and if you have a question, let me know. 740.685.2159

Following are several pages on SBI

Look over as many as you want, and if you decide to order SBI for yourself from our site, our Ministry will get a little commission for recommending fellow Christians.

Hopefully, you will be glad for us to have it - but if not - order from them how ever you must: "In the Name and by the Blood of Jesus, if you want your website Ministry to succeed, we know of no better guarantee than SBI . . . even at 10-times as much money.

SBI is truly a God-send to our generation, and there are not words to recommend it highly enough.

Order Page for the SBI Program

Several "S-B-I" Webpages for you to read over (some are video's of their company)

[1] How to do Website Building: "GUARANTEED!" The best deal in the Internet world!

SBI! The Best Deal in Website Building: GUARANTEED!

[2] Learn not just how to build a "website" . . . but learn how to make a living from it!

[NOTE! Dr. Ken Evoy, a Medical Doctor from Canada, has discovered a way to build your own website without having to learn "computer language."]

GUARANTEED, in the Name of Jesus, this is the best system, and the best website building deal in existence: GUARANTEED! Fellow Christian, you are REALLY short-Changing yourself if you don;t try it for at least a year.

Learn how to Build a Website from Scratch & Make a Living!



[4] Our testimony from "Ministers-Best-Friend.com is not here, but we deeply love the SBI system. read why so many people are PASSIONATE about SBI!

Why so many people are PASSIONATE about SBI!

[5] Learn why the vast majority of SBI owners wind up in the "TOP 3%" of webpage builders . . . this is NOT just advertising, this is true research

Make sure your Webpage is in the TOP 3% with SBI!

[6] Take a quick video tour, to see how YOU can build your future IN Website Ministry!

This will be the best investment you ever made for the Kingdom of Christ!

[7] Now you can have your own Website, be in complete control, and earn a living while working on it from home in the evenings, weekends and at odd moments!

Have a WEBSITE MINISTRY that allows you to earn an Income from Home!!

[8] SBI is NOT magic, but the technology is so great . . . it is almost as good! It allows you to build a site that will live on for and decades!

SBI is NOT magic, but the technology is so great . . . it is almost as good!

[9] Here is a simple page that explains what makes Site-Build-it NUMBER ONE!

Read how the SBI Program works!

[10] Take a look at the SBI - Site-Build-It Home page. Everything you need is right here.

Here is the SBI Home Page

[11] Find out how you can "make a Business" and earn a good living from your website. It is all here!

Build your Business and build your life - not just a website!

[12] Have a Website Ministry? Why You "ABSOLUTELY" Must Have One!

[NOTE! Were not saying you must have "just a website with your Church picture, Church address, map, schedule and your picture, on it!" We're saying you need a website "MINISTRY" - with none of the just mentioned "advertisements!"]

GUARANTEED to double your ministry in a year, whether you have 10 people or 2,010 people today! GUARANTEED!

Why You Absolutely Must Have a WEBSITE MINISTRY!

[13] If you are absolutely "NEW" - even to the Internet - start here!

Completely New To The Internet? Start Here

[14] If you do not have a Web, but are ready to get started.

Don't have a Web - but "Ready to get Started!"

[15] If you would like to make a living from a Christian website, you MUST get started correctly.

Starting a Website Ministry:


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