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[VI] ... is authorized to visit Hospitals, Nursing Homes, etc., at any hour the patient requests - in emergency - according to protocol of establishment visited;

[VII] ... is authorized to "park vehicle in emergency parking" when making emergency visits at emergency room, "IF" the vehicle is properly marked "Clergy", and park in "Special-Parking" at hospitals at all times with marked vehicle; further authorized to conduct "Religious Services" in Hospital Chapels, and use Hospital Office with files of the patients as designated for Fully-Ordained Ministers;

[VIII] authorized to engage in "Spiritual Counseling" according to God's Word, to receive a "proper fee" - if so desiring - with "Right to Client Privacy Privilege" same as Lawyers;

[IX] authorized to use the "title of Reverend and/or wear a clerical color;"

[X] authorized to immediately seek the "Honorary Title Doctor of Divinity"; to seek as experience warrants, the "Earned Title Doctor of Ministry"; if-and-when other ministers are called under his ministry, and/or discipled, trained, and/or guided thereby - "Title of Bishop;"

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[XV] authorized to legally provide for a Spouse to be covered under Social Security, even if spouse is not working outside the home or Ministry;

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"Signed" this day by:

C. Marlene Glass, Registrar, CTS-USA


Dr. David Paul, Elder & Founder

"Cambridge Theological Seminary" USA
Bishop of "Churches, United for Christ" (USA & Global, in over 90 Nations)
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Cambridge Theological Seminary has nine Satellite Seminaries: Amazonas, Brasil; Strubenvale, South Africa; Lagos, Nigeria; Kampala, Uganda; Nairobi, Kenya; Shillong India, Accra, Ghana; Cote d’ Ivoire, West Africa, Zambia & Zimbawe, approaching 3,000 full-time students and over 15,000 part-time (Mostly Working Ministers) as of June 2009.

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Message from Dr. Adnan Younis

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

May peace be upon you all in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that it is the plan of God that you are here to join us to know a little about us. It is through the convincing of the Holy Spirit that you have enjoined us, and believe me brethren I am filled with joy every moment I think of the people whom God is gathering under the Cross of His Only Begotten!

My journey towards the will of God started when I was only 17. I believe that ages do not matter when God chooses people. David was also of my age when God chose Him. Oral Roberts and many more great men and women of God were chosen in their youth. I was staying with my relatives, in vacations.

There I came in contact with many spiritual people of God and felt my inner self bending towards the Holy Word of God. It was like I am not what I used to be. I came to know the real way to Life Eternal. I came to know Jesus Christ, I came to know Him as my Personal Savior.

The Holy people taught me about the new birth by "water and Spirit". To me it was a small beginning but for Lord it was a beginning for a Great Purpose. Remember my dear ones in Christ! Small beginnings for great plans, is the perfect start, because it is the way God works. Later when I came to my home, I prayed to God for His Holy Spirit. I used to pray the whole day.

One day the I encountered the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit. I saw burning words circling over my head, then a certain voice that was overwhelming, commanded m to speak the words and a mighty power into my body and I found myself in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and I was filled with the Holy Spirit.

From thence I started serving Lord Jesus. Since that day I started to witness His work of Salvation to all the people from all the nations. God has provided me after 5 years, with a small but God-loving team. And now we are serving God through our ministry.

Believe me my dear Brothers and Sisters! I have seen by my eyes, evil spirits screaming and leaving the people and the unbelievers coming to the Lord. God is doing His work mightily in our country. There are sorrows and dangers of persecution, but the Spirit of our Lord strengthens us and commands us not be "afraid of those who can kill the body".

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

We are serving the Lord as He called us to, and I believe that He did you too. May be to minister and may be to serve those who minister. Know your Divine Call now and wok according to it. Remember we are living in the end time.

I and our team urge you to support us as possible. Remember us in you payers and support us financially so that we can reach our whole nation in less time with best resources. It is only possible through your financial gifts and supports.

Many new converts need our support to live, because they are endangered of their relatives. Many Christian families are being mutilated over here and they hope for help and support.

We request you to understand the need of the time. Sow your gifts and it will bring forth many fruitful trees in the field of God.

May the Joy of the Holy Spirit and Grace of our Holy Father enjoins you in Jesus name. Amen

Rev. Dr. Adnan Younis D.Div. Founder and Director, Anointed Shepherds Ministries, Pakistan. (Note that the name "Masih", which is Arabic for "Messiah", is a common surname in Pakistan among Christians.)

From 1947 to the mid-1970s, the governments of Pakistan were largely secular in policy and judgment.However, with the Zia-ul-Haq's Islamization and forced implementation of Islamic Sharia law in Pakistan marginalized the Christian minorities and caused intense persecutions.

In 1971, East Pakistan became independent as Bangladesh, and a large chunk of Pakistan's Hindus and Christians were de-linked from Pakistan. Pakistan became a culturally monolithic, increasingly Islamic state, with smaller religious minorities than ever.

With the governments of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Zia ul-Haq, more stringently Islamic laws transformed Pakistan. While conversion to other faiths than Islam is not prohibited by law, culture and social pressures prohibit such conversions. Extremely controversial were the blasphemy laws, which made it treacherous for non-Muslims to express themselves without coming off as un-Islamic. Zia also introduced the Shariat as a basis for lawmaking, reinforced by Nawaz Sharif in 1991.

Coerced conversions to Islam from Christianity are a major source of concern for Pakistani Christians, and the minority face threats, harassment and intimidation tactics from Islamic extremists[1]. Often, converts to Christianity from Islam face the death penalty [2] The 1990s

In the 1990s, some Christians were arrested on charges of blasphemy, and for protesting that appeared to insult Islam. John Joseph, a bishop in Faisalabad committed suicide to protest the execution of a Christian man on blasphemy charges. Discrimination in the Constitution

Christians, along with other non-Muslim minorities, are discriminated against in the Constitution of Pakistan. Non-Muslims are barred from becoming the President[7] or Prime Minister [8]. Furthermore, they are barred from being judges in the Federal Shariat Court, which has the power to strike down any law deemed un-Islamic.[9] Faisalabad Riots

The English Daily Telegraph published reports on November 14, 2005 claiming that Christian churches and schools (in the city of Faisalabad) have been destroyed "when Muslim preachers urged people to 'take revenge' after a Christian allegedly burnt pages of the Koran."

The newspaper went on to say: "Hundreds of Christians fled the town as a crowd thousands strong, wielding axes and sticks, set fire to five churches, a dozen houses, three schools, a dispensary, a convent and two parsonages."

The incidents and the reports were published just as the English cricket team was touring Pakistan and preparing to play a test match in Faisalabad, a major city in the province of Punjab. Conflicts Blasphemy Laws

Pakistani law mandates that any "blasphemies" of the Quran are to be met with punishment. On July 28, 1994, Amnesty International urged Pakistan's Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto to change the law because it was being used to terrorize religious minorities. She tried but was unsuccessful. However, she modified the laws to make them more moderate. Her changes were reversed by the Nawaz Sharif administration.

Ayub Masih, a Christian, was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death in 1998. He was accused by a neighbor of stating that he supported British writer, Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses. Lower appeals courts upheld the conviction. However, before the Pakistan Supreme Court, his lawyer was able to prove that the accuser had used the conviction to force Masih's family off their land and then acquired control of the property. Masih has been released.[10]

On September 22, 2006, a Pakistani Christian named Shahid Masih was arrested and jailed for allegedly violating Islamic "blasphemy laws" in the country of Pakistan. He is presently held in confinement and has expressed fear of reprisals by Islamic Fundamentalists.[11]

(Note that the name "Masih", which is Arabic for "Messiah", is a common surname in Pakistan among Christians.) Christian Muslim conflict Cathedral church of Resurrection, Lahore, Pakistan

On October 28, 2001 in Lahore, Pakistan, Islamic militants killed 15 Christians at a church, three weeks after U.S.-led War in Afghanistan to topple the Taliban.

On September 25, 2002, unidentified gunmen shot dead seven people at a Christian charity in Karachi's central business district. They entered the third-floor offices of the Institute for Peace and Justice (IPJ) and shot their victims in the head. All of the victims were Pakistani Christians. Karachi police chief Tariq Jamil said the victims had their hands tied and their mouths had been covered with tape.

The All Pakistan Minority Alliance said, "We have become increasingly victimised since the launch of the US-led international war on terror. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the international community to ensure that the government protects us."[12]

In November 2005, 3,000 militant Islamists attacked Christians in Sangla Hill in Pakistan and destroyed Roman Catholic, Salvation Army and United Presbyterian churches. The attack was over allegations of violation of blasphemy laws by a Pakistani Christian named Yousaf Masih. The attacks were widely condemned by some political parties in Pakistan.[13] However, Pakistani Christians have expressed disappointment that they have not received justice. Samson Dilawar, a parish priest in Sangla Hill, has said that the police have not committed to trial any of the people who were arrested for committing the assaults, and that the Pakistani government did not inform the Christian community that a judicial inquiry was underway by a local judge. He continued to say that Muslim clerics "make hateful speeches about Christians" and "continue insulting Christians and our faith".[14]

In February 2006, churches and Christian schools were targeted in protests over the publications of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons in Denmark, leaving two elderly women injured and many homes and properties destroyed. Some of the mobs were stopped by police.[15]

On June 5, 2006, a Pakistani Christian stonemason named Nasir Ashraf was working near Lahore when he drank water from a public facility using a glass chained to the facility. He was assaulted by Muslims for "Polluting the glass". A mob developed, who beat Ashraf, calling him a "Christian dog".Bystanders encouraged the beating, because it would be a "good" deed that would help them in heaven. Ashraf was eventually hospitalized[16][17].

On August 2006, a church and Christian homes were attacked in a village outside of Lahore, Pakistan in a land dispute. Three Christians were seriously injured and one missing after some 35 Muslims burned buildings, desecrated Bibles and attacked Christians.[18]

Based, in part, on such incidents, Pakistan was recommended by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) in May 2006 to be designated as a "Country of Particular Concern" (CPC) by the Department of State.[18]

In January 2008 a Christian medical superintendent in Bannu was kidnapped and held for 25 days, according to the Barnabas Fund.[citation needed]

A tense calm returned on July 15 to the outskirts of Pakistan's largest city, Karachi, after several Christians, including a pastor, were injured when Muslim militants stormed a Protestant church during a prayer service, officials said.[citation needed]

The 2009 Gojra riots is the most recent series of violent pogroms against Christian minorities by Muslims.[19]


The 15-year old son and 14-year old daughter of an underground missionary couple in northern Pakistan were brutally murdered and their dead bodies were burnt by the terrorists a northern districts of Pakistan in September. The boy, Shalom, and his sister, Sharon, were high school students. Police and military forces are supportive to the militants, who also demolished a church and set some houses on fire. Shalom and Sharon were kidnapped along with their missionary parents and two other younger sisters 10 days before the murder. The militants ordered them to convert to Islam and join them in working against Christians. When they refused, the militants first killed Shalom. Then they raped the girl and cut one of her breasts. She bled to death. The murderers left the dead bodies in a ditch, poured petrol over them, and set them alight.

The police issued a false statement saying that it was an accident and the petrol tank of the motorcycle opened while they were fallen into the ditch and a spark caused Shalom and Sharon to catch on fire and burn to death. Believers in this area are greatly distressed and fearful. The militants have forbidden them to pray or not even to speak a single word about Christ or Christianity.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan who are undergoing such severe persecution. Pray the militants and those who oppose and kill God's people would repent and serve the Living God, like the Apostle Paul did.

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